Personnel answer. Presidential Envoy to the Urals — Igor Kholmanskikh

Personnel answer.  Presidential Envoy to the Urals - Igor Kholmanskikh

President Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced his own envoy in the Urals Federal environment.

This Igor Ruricovich Kholmanskikh, chief assembly plant Uralvagonzavod them. Dzerzhinsky.

Igor Ruricovich was born in Nizhny Tagil in 1969. There lives. Higher technical. Uralvagonzavod began regular loader and later rose to the head of the site and in the end — to the superintendent.

We congratulate Kholmanskikh with a new destination, and we want him to productive work. Although not much about him is clear — we can say about it for sure one thing: he does not belong to the so-called elite. According to today's times it is almost all over dignity.

Creative reaction of the public, the administrative elite and intellectuals of this destination We will not even try to predict in full.

Instead, we want to offer readers pochetaemym just share experiences.

From myself can add only one thing. Obviously, one destination "No person of the elite" no weather does not and can, if desired — but the desire is bound to be, and many — construed as usual populism. With all this the fact that the personnel issue is one of the main problems of the president — also written more than once.

Yet, we are pinning hopes that "Putin's call for" the need for which read as long as our creators and readers — is accomplished.

In any case, a promising start.

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