Personnel decision Putin commented via Twitter McCain: Returns own cronies

Personnel decision Putin commented via Twitter McCain: "Returns their cronies"John McCain south american Sen.-Republican which in 2008 unsuccessfully tried to become the president of America, once again collapsed, Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister, with criticism. Commenting destination Sergei Ivanov, the head of the Kremlin administration, McCain announced via Twitter that Putin acted like a "traditional autocrat" making this purpose.

"Putin's cronies own returns, for oppression (dissatisfaction) and once again establish themselves in power — in their own microblogging wrote a South American politician. — This makarom traditional autocrat acts in response to the demand of people to return democracy." To this post was a senator added a link to an article on December 22, the newspaper The Christian Science Monitor. This article describes a brand new purpose Ivanov reports "Herald".

Senator McCain has been a couple of times to let go of the address Fishing season sarcastic comments, which in September announced his intention to run for the Russian presidency. So, for example, immediately after the elections to the parliament of the Russian Federation and the start of the protests on his blog, he wrote: "Dear Vlad! And for you coming" Arab Spring. "

Speaking on December 15, in the "straight bars" Putin commented on these allegations, is vulnerable with all this senator, "Mr. McCain, as is already clear in Vietnam was captured and was sitting in a hole and not in the ordinary couple of years in the slammer . Such criteria at least some people will move down the roof, because there is nothing to read. " Prime Minister did not fail to point out the fact that the senatorial hands "pretty peaceful inhabitants of blood" who died in Vietnam.

These comments from McCain did not escape attention. The answer was given by Twitter. Also was given a link to an article The Huffongton Post having a title "Putin mocks and over protesters calls McCain's moronic," Senator attributed: "Dear Vlad, is not that what I read to you?"

In an interview with Fox News, Mr. McCain talked to him, he considered very violent and unusual reaction to the Russian premiere of its expression on the management of the Russian Federation. "It seems to me quite natural that the Emperor Putin has called me, Vlad, has experienced a sharp pain — said the politician. — But seriously it is clear that these uprisings and demonstrations significantly trevozhut Fishing season and oligarchs who have control over Russia. Clearly, that's why his reaction was so resounding and unusual. "

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