Personnel platforms in the Gulf of Mexico being evacuated because of Hurricane

Energy companies halt production of hydrocarbons and evacuating personnel from platforms in the Gulf of Mexico due to the threat of a tropical storm in the region, Reuters reported.

According to the National Center for Prevention of storms USA (National Hurricane Center, NHC), the probability that a cyclone in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula in the next two days will grow into a hurricane is 70%.

The company BHP Billiton, which owns two production platforms in the Gulf, evacuated staff, stopped production 170,000 barrels of oil and is preparing to end the production of 100 million cubic feet of gas per day.

Other companies began evacuating staff, but have not yet made the decision to stop production.

In particular, some of the staff were evacuated Anadarko Petroleum, the operator of eight platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, and Murphy Oi, which owns the three platforms.

Anglo-Dutch Shell said that could begin evacuating workers who are not associated with drilling and production, as well as the postponement of a number of planned activities. If necessary, the company is ready to take appropriate action.

Companies ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Chevron Corp have been monitoring the situation, but has not taken any action. In addition, suspended from a number of employees work in Louisiana oil port.

Traditional energy markets closely watching the weather in the Gulf of Mexico in the typhoon season, especially after the devastating hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which caused serious damage to oil production and processing industries in the region in 2005.

If the cyclone will grow into a hurricane, it will be named Debbie, and is the first typhoon this year, represents a real threat to oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.

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