Petersburg journalist cowards can only repentance

Alexander Astafev photographer from St. Petersburg, held in detention in Minsk for three days — from 19 to 22 December. After three days of his release, he was suddenly released. And later wrote a penitential letter to the Belarusians.

In the sent e-mail to the site "Belarusian Partisan" letter, he writes:

"Free citizens of the Republic of Belarus!

With all my heart I beg you to accept my repentance.

I was not lying in the house of truth, but in a difficult moment for me — that I was not under the force — I did sin.

I chickened out and had to say what I said a video of MIA employees and bayazlivasts — one of the gravest sins.

I was repeatedly interrogated by various people in civilian clothes, and at one point I was given to understand that the Interior Ministry is reading my SMS messages and wishes to read as much as possible all that I have on the phone — it would mean that they get to know all of my contacts in Belarus.

Fortunately, the battery villages, which meant only some respite time. And I realized that I can not bear serious questioning — I'd tangled in a lie, and they will eventually be pulled out of me about third parties in Belarus, with whom I had contact. This could lead to a worsening of the situation is arrested, as well as the arrest of those who remain at large. And I chickened out — coward that I could not resist them — in fact, I am clearly aware of that — I could not hide anything from them, if they wanted to. They emerged stronger than me.

So, after another "conversation" when I was asked to say a video of me had already declared a hunger strike and at the same time give a commentary on the events on December 19 in Minsk, the witness which I am, I agreed.

I agreed, knowing that I would have to lie about the event, or they pulled me out the truth about people.

I said something like this:

— Riot police acted professionally.
— Overall, the operation was organized in the square humanely.

Saying that the riot police acted professionally, I mean that their profession — Chain Dogs, and in this sense they acted in a transcendental level of professionalism.

Assessing the overall operation of the square, as humane, I mean that in a given situation, the Interior Ministry could open fire on the crowd and is easily justified, describing the incident as an attempted coup, but was limited by mass arrests.

I also infamously falsely described the rest of what I saw. I said that some riot policemen acted very harshly. And I have to say that the individual members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs behaved differently — who brutally and who in cattle, which, however, does not exclude the probability that among the members of the MUP were also those who are not "fired." If these were — thank them for what they were able to retain its human face in the mud, and I call immediately resign — clean people have no place in such a klaatsy.

I probably uttered there something else that can not remember at the moment pamutnennya consciousness.

I knew that Ministry of Interior intends to show this video on national television in Belarus. And I realize that I've done this. And do not I have the right to excuses. The only thing that remains for me — repentance. "

PS: When I was in St. Petersburg, I apologized on the air for this "interview," but I realized that I can only apologize for the error. The same act — not a mistake. It is a sin. And sin is the hardest. "

Alexander Astafev

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