Polar bear in Svalbard killed a man and wounded four

A polar bear attacked a group of people on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard (Spitzbergen), one person was killed and four others were seriously injured, reports AFP citing local authorities.

The incident occurred on Friday at 7:30 am local time (9:30 am MSK).

"One person was killed and four were wounded. Their serious injury" — leads the agency officials said Liv Asta Oedegord Svalbard (Liv Asta Oedegaard).

She said the victims were traveling in the "British group," but she did not specify if they had all just British citizenship. Also unknown purpose of their trip to Spitsbergen.

All the wounded were taken to a nearby hospital, where a helicopter ambulance to cross over to the hospital in the north of Norway.

As the representatives of the local authorities, the bear was killed.

Svalbard archipelago is located in the Arctic Ocean, and is the northernmost part of Norway. He has a special status: the economic activities carried out in the archipelago, Norway and Russia, with the island of Spitsbergen Russian settlement — the settlement of Barentsburg. Economic and scientific activities of Russia in the archipelago is in conformity with the provisions of the international treaty on Spitsbergen in 1920.

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