Post-hurricane Ivanovo



Ivanovo, June 21. In the Ivanovo region of more than 15 thousand residents of the regional centers remain without electricity because of strong wind and rain, held the day before.

As the press-service of EMERCOM, strong winds also felled trees, damaged roofs and advertising bilbordy.O possible victims not involved soobschaetsya.MChS Hurricane

Source: Rosbalt, YouTube


Hurricane Ivan in


20 iyunya.Vchera passed in the next hurricane? Honestly, I was waiting for him a week ago.

Recently, I began to notice that the hurricanes in our area are almost at the same time. Searching the Internet for dates and that's what I got!

According to the schedule you next hurricane (tornado) had to wait on 13-14.06.2011, but everything went according to your script! Schedule a bit jumped up! Okay … take into account the next time! In the meantime, look at what happened yesterday in the city:


Videos uploaded by user sergeymashkevich, date: 20.06.2011

Author: Sergey Ivanovo

Photos and video's.

Source: Kosmopoisk-Ivanovo


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