Prisoner of the Caucasus

In war, a different case. You can die. Get injured. And, you can be in captivity. When the enemy is free to dispose of your life. Naturally, there are different conventions and rules of the proclamation of prisoners. But what if the enemy did not read? It is hoped in God and believe in yourself. And try to stay human …

Prisoner of the CaucasusFor border patrol guards Zheleznedovsk special purpose day August 23, 1995 started out as the most ordinary. On that day the Chief of Staff Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Novozhylov squad, head of the detachment motomanevrennoy Colonel Oleg Zinck, head of counter-intelligence, Major Alexander Dudin, Dr. PMP, seconded from Kingiseppe border guard, Major Victor Kachkovski and chauffeur Private Sergei Savushkin went on a member reconnaissance. Border detachment was covering the administrative border between Dagestan and Chechnya in the highland town of Botlih.

In August, 95-Chechen gunmen tried to test the strength of the border, attacking one of the border posts. Border guards successfully fought off the attack, and from that time on the border tense silence reigned. Needed to constantly poschupyvat neighborhood. For this to Chechnya at times walking reconnaissance detachment, clarify the situation. On one of these reconnaissance — Major Novikov had come across a group of Novozhilova. The group reached the Vedeno and now vorachivalas in Dagestan.

The meeting was accomplished in a mountain lake Kazenoyam. It is a beautiful alpine lake still called Blue because of the incredibly rich color water. In the Russian time there was even a holiday home. Now he stood abandoned.

Faced with scouts and received information Novozhylov ordered vorachivatsya. Scouts went on foot into the mountains. The car with the officers drove toward the lake, where the driver wanted to turn around.

No one suspected what exactly there, the site was the enemy. As it turned out later, the scouts brought with him from Chechnya tail. A group of fighters chased a group of Novikov, but could not catch up. The militants were about vorachivatsya when they heard the noise of the approaching Oise. They ambushed. When the car on the road seemed she first shot right rear wheel. On the road jumped 10 militants, and
"UAZ" collapsed dense fire. The enemy apparently shot so that the border guards seize alive, but still a major Dudin was wounded in the leg, and the chauffeur Private Savushkin in hand.

Border guards jumped out of the car and spread out. With all this Zinck, who was sitting in the middle, was obliged to lie down on the road, the car.
Victor Kachkovski: — We were both on the hands. Fire by the Chechens was very tight — do not raise the head. When there was a pause for a second, I clicked on the Chechen: "Do not shoot, we have wounded!" Chechen I know from childhood — he lived in severity. Militants fire ended, suggested: "Come, let's talk." Zinck rose to meet them. They came and immediately began to beat me. For consider him that I Chechen, appearance is right. Thrashed legs, butts. Smashed face. Only later, looking documents and realized that I was an officer behind.

First, the Chechens were asked: "How many?" Novozhylov said four. He beheld that the wounded Dudin was able to crawl over the mountain, and his hopes that that will avoid capture. But the Chechens found the wounded man and began beating Novozhilova — for cheating.

Alexander Novozhylov: — For sure, I had to shoot himself, because never in the history of the Border Guard officer rank such prisoners did not get … "The border guards do not give up" — all right … But it was a different war.

The wounded militants were taken to Chechnya, to his base — excellent fortified stronghold with caves, shelters of stones, the ANC. The militants were strong, perfectly suited up. All as it states smertiniki, "gazavatchiki" — with dark bands on their heads. As it turned out, it was one of the divisions of Shamil Basayev, the militants who by that time had accumulated a lot of experience in Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Shirvani Basayev led the insurgents.

Alexander Novozhylov: — When we were led to Shirvani, at first he gestured that we will cut off your head. But after learning that a prisoner were senior officers ordered to transport us to another base. There we drove a few hours, got to the place was dark …

Prisoner of the CaucasusThe search for the missing began almost immediately after their disappearance. Were hastily formed search and reconnaissance groups are headed to the area Kazenoyama. Obviously, the Chechens were ready for such a development, and organized by the lake ambush. It landed one of the groups led by the commander of the reconnaissance platoon squad lieutenant Vyacheslav Sisenko. Heavy battle ensued, during which was destroyed by a squad of armored personnel carriers and killed several guards, including Lieutenant Sisenko. Militants have also suffered loss. After that, the battle position of the captives was complicated because the relatives of those killed Chechens wanted to vent their anger his animal. The prisoners were hastily transferred to a subsequent point where passed so called "the special department of the south-eastern front."

Alexander Novozhylov: — These "special department" eyes blindfolded us and took off into the woods, where the cells are put into steel, covered with a tarpaulin, we were kept in the cells for a number of days were frequent questioning … actually we constantly transferred from place to place. In total, we have replaced some places sixteen points.
Another point was that of an old Achhoy where prisoners transferred warlord REZVANI. About Native learned the whereabouts of prisoners case. They were held in the basement of an old school. Protection from time to time give to read the tattered book, which was stamped on an old school Achkhoy.

The prisoners were interrogated and constantly thrashed. During interrogations, the Chechens read as prisoners of war and those that do not need anyone that Russian shoot them as traitors. And, of course, declined to transition to Islam. They fed in the main similarity paste of flour, diluted in warm water. From time to time the physician (Kachkovski) allow to cook for all the mess.

Victor Kachkovski: — for some reason I like the doctor, the Chechens trusted more than the others, from time to time been able to overhear discussions on the Chechen rebels. It turned out that we constantly found. Border guards could even go Rezvan and begin negotiations on the exchange. Later learned that the officers of the Caucasian border neighborhood of special even raised money for the ransom. But Rezvan was very mean.

With each day or in the basement of the school got all new prisoners. Who here just was not: CSKA, veveshniki, feesbeshniki, builders and energy from Volgodonsk, Stavropol and Saratov. There were even two priests. 1st prisoners do not want to remember, as a prisoner, he sank rapidly, losing the human form. In particular, he could not forgive a loaf of bread. Her priest gave some of the Chechens. So he did not share with anyone … But another priest — Father Sergius earned respect as captives, and Chechens. In the world of his name was Sergei Borisovich Zhigulin. He honestly was ca
rrying his own cross — how could support the prisoners, anyone baptized anyone burial service …

First winter federal forces came to the old Achhoyu. During the battle rounds and then flew into the country. And, as luck would have it, often exploding next to a school. After one such break the building was destroyed. Fortunately, basement, in what at the time were held captives survived. After that option militants captured an increase to the mountain, towering far from the village, and forced to dig a hole. In these burrows prisoners lived another month. There was no stoves or fires — the Chechens were forced to comply with the blackout.

Prisoner of the CaucasusVictor Kachkovski: — Very soon all began seizing lice. Oleg Zinck of the night by the light of oil lamps clicked 20 100 of these parasites. But here, as — you crushed one, instead it was got 100. Then we came up with to spend the morning and evening inspections, otherwise we would have eaten at all.

At the request of the prisoners to arrange a bath Chechens have responded in their own style. In December, the prisoners kicked out of the holes in the cold, were ordered to undress and fifteen minutes to hose with warm water. The prisoners dubbed that copes with "bath Karbysheva."

In the middle of winter the prisoners out of old Achkhoy drove into the mountains. On the way to the column twice bombed by his own, Russian, attack. Missed the first time. But during the second bombing raid was "successful": on the spot lost six prisoners, and later died of his wounds the next fourteen.

On the new site we could here the Chechens organized a concentration camp. He was a healthy pit, flooded clay muck. In the pit drove 100 20. People are stuffed so tightly that it was impossible to even sit down. However, over time it became a lot of places …
He commanded a concentration camp Aman Dudayev, a relative Johar. Security consisted of "advertisers".

Victor Kachkovski: — "advertisers" Chechens among themselves called militants who escaped the fighting but vengeance put on airs its own militancy. Such a hung bandages stripes and let's make fun of the prisoners, they say, look what I have "hero"!

Soon after arriving at the camp, six prisoners tried to escape. They catch on the same day. Three immediately beaten to death. The other a week later shot down the line, for the instruction. Also, all warned if someone else run away, shoot all the prisoners.

In general, there was nowhere to run. Range of mountains covered with snow. The prisoners are exhausted and hardly able to get even a couple of miles. Hunger and disease almost mowed down their ranks. Every day someone buried. Two months later, left 50 6 prisoners. For all this they constantly forced to work — digging bunkers for protection. Depletion of people just put one foot.

Alexander Novozhylov: — One log dragged eighteen people, the Chechens were cheering us with whips … There were guards at such a great, strong whips …

And the captives seized almost fleas and lice. Many stopped to look after themselves, as hopes to get out of this hell alive remained. Dampness and slush causes pneumonia, which finished off quite feeble. Novozhylov found himself at death twice.

Alexander Novozhylov: — Both times I was helped out by our doctor, so it was that Victor was the only doctor in those mountains. He took so many from the dead. No pharmaceuticals, without the clinic. I remember, was that of a young man by the name of Shargiin. He had no outside help, even on small need could not go. Kachkovski took it out. Or another young man — Karapet twice "left", the day could not get up. Have all — rattle of bones. The doctor and his rescued.

The Chechens were allowed Kachkovski arrange something like a medical unit — shelter with bunks. There he nursed captives. At some point, medical care was useful and the Chechens themselves. They appealed to the Russian doctor. He made it a condition, that they were allowed to use the rest of the healing medicine for nursing Chechen prisoners. Chechens agreed. However, pharmaceuticals fall to low: paracetamol, bandages of "humanitarian aid", some tools.

Victor Kachkovski: — One day I brought a wounded insurgent. Next to him, a mortar bomb exploded. Shrapnel in the head and legs. I do it as long as "mending", asked: "Are not you afraid that the" wrong "can not"? So he says: "You, if you want to slaughter — zarezhesh. And our, that doctors have acquired a diploma, and cure zahochut — still going to be killed! "

And he cured the prisoners debate as a psychoanalyst. Many of his past as if descended from the brain. Bringing up the rear, stopped talking. Kachkovski tried to shake these, return to dialogue. He is helped by a huge Novozhylov suddenly turned good psychologist. Many of the prisoners called it his "daddy" …

Evenly in the middle of the captives started bundle. The fact that some of the captives were ex-cons builders. They are not ashamed of it, boasting of whole iconostasis of tattoos. At some point, we tried to insert his prisoners, zonovskoy, orders, tried to take away food from the feeble. Novozhylov Zinck and were able to reverse this situation by combining a huge part of the prisoners under his command and entering the army almost discipline.

Alexander Novozhylov: — We are not given to people to transform into a herd, explained to that we can only survive all together, either — no way! Chechens also stood up to our side, not zekovskuyu. When there were some products, they were given their Oleg Zinkovu, that he distributed between all equally.
In April, the commission came to the concentration camp of Dudayev's security, led by some Abubakar. What I saw angered them, because for each prisoner could obtain a ransom or to change it to the captured Bewick. Abubakar gave the order to transfer prisoners to another camp.

Alexander Novozhylov: — the eighth or the ninth of May we really moved. 50 6 survivors with rifle butts and whips drove the truck GAZ-66. Can you imagine what it was cramped! We drove a few hours. On the way from the hustle of three died. Upon arrival, we poured out of the body as wood, no one had the strength to stay on his feet. In the following days are still thirteen people died. After such exhaustion and transport them was no longer saved.

A new concentration camp commander Movladi one. Here the captives were treated to a bit better. Not thrashed fed. In one case, the 1st prisoner by the name of Fadeev one of the guards hit a dagger. Shot hit the neck, just below the neck. Fadeev survived, though, and spent a number of days unconscious. Militants struck him flogged with sticks and frames home.

Regarding the measured life ended after the camp was Movladi Federal artillery fire. Militants have transported prisoners to the area of Roshni-Chu. There camp was located deep in the forest. Because the supply went very badly. To supply the camp Chechens had to carry bags of food under constant shelling. After one of the Chechens died during all of this, the supply ran out completely. The prisoners were again golodovat. To get out of the situation, Victor Kachkovski suggests Chechens output — a hunt for wild boars, of which there were many in the forest. He was a good hunter. In response, the Chechens have given him a gun and ammunition and sent into the woods.

Prisoner of the Caucasus
Victor Kachkovski: — I went for a day or even a day. He brought a wounded boar. I could not get away for three reasons. In 1-x in the camp were hungry comrades. In-2, in the case of my escape, they could be shot. B-3, the Chechens, was known for my home the address. They were throwing up in the mailbox of the note from me, addressed to his wife. One such note even released in the middle of the 96th in the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".

Around June 12, several builders could escape from the camp. The next day the camp was subjected to a massive artillery bombardment. Trees crush, like matches in the air flying debris width of a finger. Shaking with fear many small tremor. After that Chechens increase captives toward the Georgian border. But there's no rest gave federal aviation, and NIGHT MODE days of patrolling neighborhood. Then the head of the concentration camp prisoners led in the direction of Ingushetia, where was even quieter.

The new camp was established on the border of Chechnya and Ingushetia, in the deepest valley, where a helicopter can not fly. At that time, the prisoners remained little more than 30 people. They were again forced to build shelters. Siberian Zinck was able to construct on the banks of the creek very real bath. For the first time in a long time, the prisoner managed to properly wash and wash wear. In the bath, Oleg was even able to arrange a steam room.

Cases from the guards here were applicable. Above the prisoners no longer bullied, no one is thrashed. But escape from the camp was unreal — a way out of the gorge was the only one. Those Days dragged one by one. Imperceptibly came in September 1996. Shameful Khasavyurt peace ended the first Chechen. And all the prisoners were sitting in one of the holes, with no hope of release.

Salvation came in the form of a man in the uniform of a colonel-Army men. He appeared in the first camp of September. Alone and guns.

Victor Kachkovski: — At first we thought it was more One prisoner. His name was Colonel Vyacheslav Pylypenko. Need to pay tribute to this man — a true officer! With Pylypenko the camp arrived two mediators from the OSCE, but they were afraid to go into the gorge. And he — had come. He hugged each of us and said, "Now everything will be fine. For you guys expect to remain for long. "

Same day Pylypenko without any criterion took the first prisoner — Eugene Sidorchenko. The other day he burned his very feet, dropping the kerosene lamp. Pylypenko took him to the hospital, and a week later came every day to the hospital, brought the captives suhpayki.
It turned out that all this week has been talk of liberation. After a lengthy bidding Chechens transferred to the federal forces on May 20 prisoners, including border guards captured.

Alexander Novozhylov: — We were blindfolded and taken to a suburb of severity in the factory area. Housed in trailers Energy, the ones that have been with us in captivity. On the way we met journalists from NTV. Interviewed, and for the next day came without a camera, they brought food. Good all the same guys. It was the fifteenth of September … In these trailers we tried to put himself in human form. Shaved, hair cut, even in some places found the cologne. One senior Chechen us into the van stopped and clicked his tongue — can be seen at once, gentlemen officers.

They have changed on September 22. After the press conference for foreign journalists were taken captive in Khankala, where there were federal troops. Over the border guards command had sent three helicopters at once. They initially moved to Vladikavkaz, then to Moscow. On the way, in all parts of the border liberated greeted as heroes. But they were heroes. Go through the most terrible tests and remain a man — is not true heroism?

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