Proved: Ural elk — the oldest on the planet geoglyph

Scientists are faced with new mysteries around an ancient image

Last year, the local historian Alexander Shestakov led blagoustroytsvom National Park Zyuratkul. And casually opened the artifact world significance keen eye of the scientist did not disappoint.

For example, the famous ancient city of Arkaim in Chelyabinsk region, archaeologists have identified with the floor look. While up to them in these steppes visited hundreds of ordinary people. A similar story happened with geoglyphs elk.

— Walking at the foot of Alexander noticed — it was too uneven grass growing — told fellow archaeologist Shestakov Stanislav Grigoryev. — Signs and the forgotten. At home, decided to see what it looks like from space is the place where he worked — now it is easy to do on the Internet. Opened online satellite images and could not believe my eyes: irregularities at the foot of mountains form the silhouette of an elk.

Take part in a unique excavation gathered prominent scientists from around the country. And guess confirmed — the contours of the beast is not a joke of nature. Under bald elevations found stonework.

— A year later, were able to establish the approximate age of the finds — told CP archaeologist Stanislav Grigoryev. — His message to us ancients left in the period from the sixth to the third millennium BC.

The run great, but you can definitely say that it is the most ancient on earth geoglyph. For comparison, the age of the younger brothers of the Nazca desert — the spider, the condor, the monkey — not more than two thousand years.

What kind of people lived in these parts, historians can not say yet. There is still a lot of dark places on the "body" of the stone elk. Since some species of minerals used in construction geoglyphs, in the province not found anywhere else. And indeed the masonry rather difficult for our ancestors. Stones are not just piled up and hammered into the ground and fastened between a clay and obtocheny one hand … Can still our ancestors were extraterrestrial helpers? The more that are found only near the hoe, which can not be used for crushing stone. Ahead we expect new research and discoveries. So while on this site will not build anything like arkaimskogo museum.

Even after millennia of animal contours razlechimy satellite
Photo: Google Maps

Andrei Abramov

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