Pundits see a fly, but miss the elephant


Our vision of the world depends on the level of intelligence. This is the conclusion of psychologists at the University of Rochester (USA). They found that people with high IQ tend to pay attention to the little things, but ignore the larger objects. Conversely, the lower the IQ, the brain is more inclined to fix the "elephants" and ignore the "fly".

In the study, 65 volunteers whose IQ ranged from 80 to 140, offered to see a video that appeared on the screen and disappeared moving black and white pieces. In this experiment, participants had to quickly determine which side is moving a particular object — from left to right or right to left.

The figures were presented in three sizes. The smallest objects are grouped together in the center of the field of view, which detect the movement easier. As they appear in random order, the subjects could not prepare for the task and consciously follow the movements of a figure. According to the head of research of Professor Duje Tadini, participants had to estimate motion at an unconscious level.

It was found that the higher the IQ test, the better he managed to track small objects in the foreground and the worse — large objects in the background. As a predictive factor reduction, the opposite pattern.

According to researchers, the high IQ helps the brain to better filter the information, therefore, intellectuals are more attentive to detail. In certain situations, such a feature of attitude brings practical benefits — for example, if you want to focus on the work at a computer while in a public place (for example, in the office or at the airport), or to drive a car on a busy street. This allows you to keep track of the fact that before his eyes, and concentrate on the task at hand and not be distracted by other people or flashing past the house and advertising signs …

At the same time, the habit does not take notice "Elephant" is not always a positive influence on our lives. Recall that many of the professors and academics completely adapted to the practical life of the people. They can admire a flower in a pot, admire the beauty of the landscape on the wall or any statue, but did not pay attention to the elapsed ceiling, broken cabinet door, dirt in the apartment (although one single spot on the clean surface can literally bring them out of themselves) or absence of food in the refrigerator. But "neintellektualu" all this for sure will be evident.

The sad thing floating in the intellectual "wilds" often overlook the emotional states of others, and it may become the cause of grievances, problems and conflicts. Male intellectuals may not respond to changes in the appearance of their partners, if it is not about some small details is evident — they are likely to notice the intricate pendant than a new dress … Take the anecdote about his wife, who in unsuccessful attempts to attract finally , the attention of the spouse, was wearing a gas mask on his head, and he asked: "What are you, a new hairstyle done?" Typical of the "genius" behavior … However, it is usually attributed to distraction and easy to put up with the likes of "eccentricities" …

From the store intellectual can return with a bag of things of questionable usefulness to the type of processed cheese, toothpicks or disposable tableware sets (all of which are usually bought them astronomical amounts), but he would not guess to buy meat, fish, sausage, cheese or toilet paper. Purchases are made on the original, only he understood the logic … As for cooking, our "genius" may know how to brew coffee or tea in twenty different ways, but have no idea how to cook porridge or soup elementary.

So very often, "geniuses" can not do without a personal assistant, which usually becomes a wife, housekeeper, secretary or someone in the household. This person goes shopping, cleans the apartment, preparing and solves all the problems of a practical nature. A medium high intelligence, meanwhile, is working quite effectively over the discovery of the century itself …

Irina Shlionskaya

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