Question — when there were secret societies, where their source?

More and more people are learning that in the history of mankind from the earliest times to the present, there were various secret societies. Many have heard of the Masons, Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Priory of Sion, and other organizations that have played a significant role in the history of Europe.

The question is — when there were secret societies, where their source? We will not be diving into a sea of mythical civilizations, like Hyperborea and Atlantis, as yet know little about them. All data on these civilizations are contradictory, often invented, need years and decades of hard work of historians, archaeologists and huge cash investments.

Dwell on what is known from ancient history. It is clear that almost all the followers of most secret societies are the usual extras, tool life management implementation in human society ideas. All of them are building a new world order of the lord — "a great architect." It has many names — Baphomet, the Tetragrammaton, Adonai, Amon (Amen, Amun, the name), Seth, etc. These names lead us to the appearance of the Jews and Ancient Egypt.

Who is Seth? It is not only the ancient Egyptian god of the desert, but the lord of death, destruction, chaos and war, the antipode of light (dark god of the sun). Thus, it becomes clear that most of the secret societies worship the dark (although the rank and file members of this may or may not know). Incidentally it should be noted that Seth (his later name — Satan) master of chaos, and it, most people believed haphazard phenomenon, element. Must themselves understand that chaos — at the deep levels of the system, it has its own hierarchy.

Approximately 7000 years ago began the process of destroying the sun (light) of the priesthood and replacing it quackery, which focuses on the moon, dark cults (gods egregors). Prior to that, the world is completely dominated superethnos (civilization) Russes, the Old Russian language and Russian faith. Russian civilization occupied a vast territory from the Indian subcontinent, Mesopotamia, Syria, Surya, Kemi-Egypt in the south to the ocean of milk (Arctic Ocean) in the north. That is why the modern Russian and Slavic mythology of pre-Christian Rus Rus hidden secrets millennia, a single civilization Russes.

At that time, a number of the Ukrainian borderlands degree of hybridization (mixing with the descendants of the Rus archanthropines) has achieved a high degree, and the priests began to simplify hybrid Russes cult, some went on the "dark path" (if, in the terminology of the cult film "Star Wars" — "The Dark Side force "), began to worship the One dark alter ego. As a result of aggression by the information, the simplicity is always a lot of supporters — to fall more easily than rise, Russian civilization was torn apart, thrown into a series of civil wars that continue to this day. Russ always triumphed in direct war, he had no equal on the battlefield, but lost on the field of information warfare, politics, and diplomacy. Just one example, the Poles, the Germans (in the first place — the north-east) and Russian — being the direct descendants of the ancient Rus, the kernel superethnos not just been thrown into a fratricidal war. The forces of darkness are trying to completely destroy the offspring Russes, because only they can return the planet to normal world order dominated by the justice, of conscience, reason, love and creative work.

Pseudo-priests played on instincts, desires crowd — sex, joy belly. Create artificial religions, cults, egregors, simplifies the great truths. In the southern and western regions of Eurasia became bloody sacrifices, including human, although this only Russ praised the gods, brought the bloodless sacrifice.

The source of most modern secret societies, various Masonic lodges, clubs, lies precisely in the sorcery of ancient Egypt, the ancient cities of Mesopotamia, Babylon and India.

Special, played a huge role Kemi-priests of Egypt. His potential was simply a universal scale, it has been programming the future of humanity. That the Egyptian priests created a phenomenon as a Jew. In Kemi were very strong position of the priests of the Sun (Horus-Aten-Ra of Heliopolis). The priests of the Sun is going to stop a wave of Semites ("men of death"), which shaft for shaft rolls on towns and villages, and hybrid Russ Russ from Arabia (spring desert). For this single out one of the tribes and had a huge selection work, programming, instilling future Jews that they "elected" (they did elect). Jews were to become teachers for wild Semites, lead creative work among them, vaccinate "people death 'production skills. For this widely used occupational therapy classes (constant creative work does not give people degrade). Jews were required to conduct hybrid tribes on the ladder of evolution.

But, apart from the priests of the god of the sun, for the Jews undertook and healers from Thebes (the cult of Amun). They wanted to make a tool of the Jews to gain power in the world. Jews were close rusam and other white people in the racial and spiritual planes (a legacy of the priests Kemi) so easily penetrated to the North, where they were still strong ancient traditions. Was a process of failover. Pseudo-priests led humanity on the path of degradation, making it a "dyavolochelovechestvo." In contrast to the light of the priesthood, which led people to God, to the stars, the evolutionary ladder up, performing the divine program. Psevdozhrechestvo able to "clean up" the management structure of the Jewish tribes. In the end, the Jews, in large part, has become a tool to enslave the planet and its many narrow-minded patriots consider the source of all evil. Although it is only a tool in the right hands. Besides, the Jews have not fully in the service of darkness (of the knee immediately splits and scattered among Indo-European peoples), so far we have seen some of the representatives of the people are on the path of creation and creativity, millennia later performing the covenants of its creators — priests Sun God (though they do not know about it.)

As a result, the priests of Set-Amun became the area for the region to seize the land and their sons, Russ ethnicities. Management went through religious faiths, various oracles (like the famous Delphic Oracle). Further trace their way quite simple: Palestine — Babylon — Assyria — Tyre (Phoenicia) — Carthage — Athens — Rome (both pagan and Catholic Vatican) — Venice — London — Washington …

Their main center has long been the Mediterranean. It was there, in roughly the same epoch arose once more than a dozen different occult cents (two thousand BC. Oe.). It was the kind of network management "brains" of the rulers of the time.

The structure of the forces of destruction

All the forces of darkness closed on Seth-Satan, lord of chaos that embodies the universal law of destruction. On the ground, it is served by the "black priests" — direct descendants of the secret knowledge of the priesthood of Amun, Seth. They are top of the "pyramid" of knowledge and power. The core of the structure. All the others, regardless of rank or title, only artists.

The performers are the curators, embedded in all religions (one of the most famous centers of control — the Vatican). Is part of the "Order of Darkness" Banking Clan — Sc. 'Financial International. " Higher Jewish elite, which has long been merged with the royal houses of Europe and aristocratic clans. In the same system the various Masonic lodges and political clubs, institutions and other structures (including all kinds of mafia).

Almost all of them consider themselves "the navel of the earth," the lords of the cities, provinces, regions, nations, countries, although in reality — it's just a pawn in the hands of the true owners. At times when the tool is "blunt", especially the political elites and their "cut."

The main methods of influence on human civilization

Concealment of basic knowledge of the laws of the universe, the universe, the nature of our world and man. Not knowing the laws, not understanding their nature, people are very vulnerable and weak, easily transformed into a puppet. It can be programmed to implement any program. Lead to the path of destruction, as individuals, and all of humanity. Lowered to the level of people's intelligent animal, blocking the higher manifestations of his psyche — humanity, compassion, and of conscience, reason, and love.

— Occult and magical effects, which covers the communication channels with light hierarchies of the universe, the One God, Father, Mother Earth and the natural elements (angels, spirits of earth, water, fire, air). It goes through various artificial religions, cults, sects, mass pop culture that embed suppress human consciousness. One example of this influence — holiday celebrated in Europe and Russia. Almost all of them are dark, used to drain the energy of people (fueled by dark egregors) whee base instincts of people — lust, gluttony, drunk and other drug intoxication, thoughtless wastage etc.

— Impact on genetic programs races, nations, and generally on the gene pool of humanity. Is a mixture of races and peoples, the destruction of the White race, including its core — superethnos Russes. It is the white race is a creative potential, so it is destroyed in the first place. With the dissolution of white on the planet, their decline, development potential falls, humanity will stop and as a result, it is waiting for the complete degradation and destruction. One of the most famous "pocket", where they create a "gray" mankind — the United States. That is why, famous actors promoting mixed marriages, adopt Negro from Africa (although you can find and white orphans in Europe), etc. This is the aim of powerful machines media, pop culture.

— Historical precedence factology. With the distortion of the history of peoples memory is destroyed, distorted the country's past, entire civilizations. Eliminated the possibility of a single person and nations rely on the strength of their origins. Using deception to make BEZRODNY human being without memory and the homeland, which is easy to manipulate. Such people can be made to kill brothers in kind, for example, so were forced to kill each other Russian, Swedes, Poles, Germans, even though they are included in the core disaster race — are the direct descendants of superethnos Russes. In the last two centuries have done a great job to create a nation "Ukrainians" and bleed them with the Russian. Although, the "Ukrainian" is Russian, who live in Ukraine, the outskirts, in Little Russia.

— Information of a factual nature. Modern media make black white and vice versa, the villains turn into heroes, and normal people "bloody tyrants." TV "brainwashed" with great efficiency.

Management through the economy and finance. The most famous example — the Federal Reserve System of the United States. On paper the Fed owners were able to buy real resources, politicians, the media (forming public opinion), whole countries, industries, mineral deposits. Or another tool — rating agencies, which could derail their analyzes markets, a country's image.

— Genocide means that affect not only the body but also the mind, not only all living people, but also the future generations. Is alcohol, tobacco and other dope food with GMOs life in metropolitan areas, etc.

— Of force. This is war, terrorism, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, etc. Direct violence typically used when other options. Take the situation with modern Syria. This state is subject to liquidation, so it has a powerful informational impact. Bashar Assad's regime survived it, the president resigned voluntarily, so added the financial and economic priority — the sanctions regime. Then in turn went "ardent revolutionaries" with bombs and machine guns. Trying to organize a rebellion, revolution, revolution. In that case, if you do not come, then maybe and foreign military intervention. Most of the rulers of Western civilization can achieve their goals purely psychological, informational pressure, although it is easy to go and direct aggression, if you believe in the weakness of the victim.

Alexander Samsonov

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