Revealed the secret construction of Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids


Vladimir Lagowski

An engineer from Iceland guess what trick used 5000 years ago. Stonehenge — the world-famous monument of Paleolithic times. Located in the county of Wiltshire, about 130 km south-west of London. Several tens of hewn stone blocks form a circle of diameter 33 m height of these columns — 4.1 meters, width — 2.1 m, weight of each — about 25 tons. On top of these stones are laid-jumpers: length — 3.2 meters, width — 1 m, thickness — 0.8 meters. The total height of the building above the ground — 4.9 meters. The stones are secured by a system of grooves and spikes.

Stonehenge was built about 5,000 years ago. What for? Answer to this question so far.

And to the question "How?" Scientists find it difficult to answer unequivocally. We only know that the stone blocks weighing 4 tons delivered nearly 300 kilometers. And not portage, as one would expect. And not on the "sled". After all, no sign of movement found.

— Blocks were transported via baskets — says an engineer from Iceland Harry Lavigne (Garry Lavin). — They are, of course, were not. And rolled the.

Engineer Lavigne began experimenting with small — rolled in a basket small stones

According to the hypothesis, Avalanche, the ancient builders of Stonehenge obkladyvali blocks of stone beams and elastic branches entwine. The result was a such springy cocoons. They rolled from place to place.

Could harness and pets. For example, the ox. Or horses. For this purpose, it is likely sticking to the sides of the boards wound rope. As the coils. Pulling the strings, "coil" unwound — rolled blocks. Such mechanization allowed several times to reduce the number of workers, which is clearly not enough in that distant time.

Lavigne tested his hypothesis in practice. First, braided and ride alone small stone blocks with a diameter of half a meter. And with a couple of friends were enough to roll the stone weighing a ton.


It turned out that the trick is applicable to heavy stones

In the nearest plans of the engineer — experiments blocks similar to those of which built Stonehenge. And it is not just a show, but the real transportation by 300 kilometers. Part of the route Lavigne, however, hopes to "cut off" by sending a basket with a block on the water.

— Braided stone flies, — says the engineer. — I've already calculated how much to bars and vines, that he kept on the water.


Thus, according to Lavin, delivered blocks of stone for the construction of Stonehenge 5,000 years ago


Lavin believes that the baskets can enjoy the ancient Egyptians in the construction of the pyramids. First they rolled out braided blocks from the quarries, floated down the Nile. Finally, the rolled body in a pyramid.

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