Revealed the secret of resurrection of the Savior

Scientists call the Turin Shroud — the cover, which was wrapped executed Christ — the "fifth Gospel."
— This is the greatest Christian shrines — conclusive physical evidence of the Savior — the director of the center of the Shroud of Turin Alexander Belyakov. -Methods of modern science provides insights into how was the greatest of miracles — the resurrection. Lord rose from the dead in a fiery body.

Shroud of Turin studies conducted over a decade. Coordinates the study physicist Alexander Belyakov. In the past, he has participated in the development of space-based weapon systems. Paradox, but the head of the Turin Shroud Center of the United States John Jackson in the Cold War years was involved in the "Star Wars."
— When meeting with the doctor and Jackson have figured out that, says Alexander, — then amazed that we, former enemies, to bring together the Shroud of Turin. Now together we are trying to understand the secret of Christ.

Shroud of Christ

On linen canvas measuring 4.34 by 1.09 meters preserved imprints of the body of Jesus Christ, the marks of his wounds and blood. Scientists have identified her group — IV (AB). On a set of chromosomes found sex — male. The blood of the same group was on the board which is stamped on the face of Christ immediately after removal from the cross. This shrine is stored in the Spanish city of Oviedo. Moreover, blood and pleural fluid on it coincided precisely with stains on the shroud! Isolated from the blood of the DNA molecule also coincided.
Dr. Jackson's first appearance on the computer repaired by the shroud of Christ. Petersburg scientist Boris Sapunov created sketch of Jesus, based on the description of his appearance in the Bible. These reconstruction coincided! Recently opened the face of Christ on a rock in the Caucasus Arkhyz gorge written over a thousand years ago. He also almost exact copy of the face from the Shroud.


The image on the cover of three-dimensional, it is present only on the inside of the fabric. Flash energy left exact footprint of the body, scorching fiber material to a depth of a few microns. The intensity of the color depends on the distance to the body tissues. About forty hours after death (this period in the wake calculated the cadaver secretions seep through the skin) flesh wrapped in a cloth of Jesus inexplicably transformed! The body is like a flow of energy, passed through his diaper cloth, leaving intact blood clots. Alexander Belyakov suggested that the Lord has risen in the flame. The hypothesis of the "fiery body" must be proved, and such evidence was found.
Research helped Fr Cyril Kopeikin, Candidate of Sciences.
Father Cyril found in the Scriptures confirm that God became incarnate in the fire. He is a scientist and theologian in the past fi-ZIK nuclear physicist. The perfect combination of knowledge for research.


Jackson tried to repeat the process that formed the image on the shroud, using light emitting phosphor coated with sculpture. However, the radiation from the surface of phosphorus were isotropic, that is the same in all directions. Radiation is to create the image on the shroud, had a different angular dependence, it was anisotropic. This is possible only if the radiation came from the body of Jesus, and not only on the skin.
Alexander Belyakov decided to assume that the radiation was not superficial and voluminous. He complicated experiment Dr. Jackson, a study of anisotropic radiation. Whites modeled it on the geometric shapes that are similar in shape to the body parts. Got a picture and compared it to the left on the shroud.
And he came to a sensational conclusion:
— The image on the shroud has characteristics that do not fit into the framework of modern traditional physics. The study shows that the factor that had an impact on the fabric of the shroud, unnatural nature. After all, he did not obey the laws of classical physics — the diffusion of the light!

Without God, you can not know the world

Comment Archpriest Cyril Kopeikin, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences:
— Classical physics generates a representation of the world as tangible, unshakable. The study of how the world works in wisdom, inevitably leads to the idea of the Creator — everything is so useful! There are many wonderful events, the physical nature of which has not been explained to anyone. For example, the Holy Fire, which does not burn, he goes every year at Passover in Jerusalem. Or the image of Christ on the Shroud of Turin — we only come closer to understanding the mechanism of its occurrence. More recently, you thought the possibility of science limitless. That physics is about to reveal the secrets of the universe. These hopes were not realized. Everything in the world is more complex and more harmonious than it seemed. Science has reached a milestone — 30 years in physics is not made any global and fundamental discovery. There are lots of scientific theories, but there is still no unified picture of world order. In particle physics, for example, a theory that can predict the results of experiments. We do not understand why these are the results. We got to the door, and how to cross it, is unclear. The desire for knowledge is indestructible. The Lord himself told the world to know. But an objective way of learning, when the world is investigated in relation to the world itself, is exhausted. Without God, know this, the world can not.


Alexander Belyakov and Cyril Kopeikin argue that this unknown factor was the energy of the direct action of God. At the time she filled resurrection body of Jesus Christ, speaking for his range, or surrounded his body, repeating its shape. After studying the texts of Scripture, they noted that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was not similar to other cases of resurrection of the dead people, the description of which is in the Old and New Testament. The authors of the theory of "fiery body" believe that the energy that left a mark on the shroud was a direct act of God in this world, creative something is new.
— Creature before him melts like wax before the fire, — explains his hypothesis Belyakov. — But he that fire does not spread spontaneously and does not apply to the laws of physics. That is why not only the shroud sealed body of the crucified Jesus Christ and died, but his body after the resurrection.
Physicists have suggested that fiery body impacted the nuclear composition of the tissue. That is why the content of the carbon isotope C-14 are abnormally high for a web-first century.
Scientists believe that the "fiery body", leaving a golden mark on the shroud, was similar to the fire, which, according to the descriptions in the Old Testament, the people is the power of God.
— When God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai, Moses saw the burning, but do not burn the bush of thorns, — gives examples from Scripture Alexander Belyakov. — The fire was burning, but did not cover the whole bush. When Elijah ascended to heaven, Moses saw as it were a fiery chariot, which picked up Elijah and carried it. In the light of our theory, filled with precise meaning of the words of Jesus Christ for the purpose of his coming into the world: "I have come to bring down fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!"

In this graph, we see that the imprint of the body with the precision resolution, like that on the Shroud, is formed only in modeling the processes of "fiery body" (the curve on the left)

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