Riddle of the Pyramids from the Edgar Cayce

According to Peter Oreshkin, author of "The Babylonian phenomenon" on the mummy of King Tutankhamun in the pyramid of Giza is an inscription on the Old Slavonic:
"In the century bear living the truth that you are trying, that placing barriers."
What kind of truth mean the creators of the pyramids and this line?

It seems that it has solved the great American prophet Edgar Cayce.

This man was a true sensation XX century.

About him dozens of books, dispersed millions of copies, and countless articles in the press. He was able to not only predict the future (all of his predictions came true with amazing accuracy), but to see past incarnations of people .. [More]

He claimed that all of us, modern mankind, came from Atlantis. The first group of the U.S. population lived in Atlantis, Egypt, Rome and the early American period. The second group — Atlantis, Egypt, Rome, France, the American Civil War. Of the two and a half thousand entries Casey on "reading lives", a third was devoted to Atlantis. All these records are collected in a book of his brother, "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis."

Edgar Cayce claimed that it was in Egypt, the pyramids, is the story of Atlantis. Copies of all documents Atlantis about its history and civilization have been transferred to Egypt Atlanteans and hidden in the Hall of record — in a small pyramid, located between the Sphinx's right paw and the River Nile. A repository of a body of immigrants from Atlantis. When Hall chronicles in the pyramid of Cheops is discovered, there will find decorating the sanctuary Day, tables, printing, surgical instruments, medicines, textiles, musical instruments, banners, golden treasure of Atlantis.

E. Casey predicted that in the Yucatan in America will find the Temple of Ishtar, which stores the record of Atlantis.

Atlantis in the Yucatan at the time the ships arrived and samoletami.Keysi claimed that the pyramid of Cheops was built between 104
90 and 10,390 years BC Around the same time, a Sphinx.

Casey adds:
"The information is to be found at the base of the left forelimb Sphinx, but not in the tunnels under the Sphinx. It is located in the cornerstone of the foundation of this paw "in the pyramid of Khufu is found all information relating to the period when the prehistoric Egypt was made great progress since the advent of advanced Atlanteans."

Information in the Great Pyramid covers human history up to 1998 AD. On this date Casey says:

"The period when the Earth has changed its position, when the Earth will appear again the great Messiah to fulfill the prophecies that are displayed in the store."

Casey called the Pyramid of Cheops' Pyramid of Understanding. " It is, according to him, was created using levitation, that is, universal laws, which allow the iron to float in the air. In this pyramid is the Hall of dedication and purpose of the pyramid is much higher than a burial place. Inside the pyramid are the mathematical and astronomical calculations that the Earth completes its cycle in 1998. In the same year can change the poles. The appearance of the Messiah in 1998, will make the world change. In the pyramid, there are indications that it will be for a change. All of them are encrypted.

Writer and researcher Himalayas Andrew Thomas, in his book "Shambhala — an oasis of Light" writes: "In the last quarter of the XX century, humanity has to prepare for the arrival of Maitreya and the Arhats. When Sphinx of Giza will announce his warning, we should be prepared for a great event. Guardians of the cultural heritage of lost civilizations, we will open a secret vault in Egypt and show the existence of a highly developed science and technology in the past. On their television screens, viewers will see the stunning success of the civilization that existed thousands of years before us. The conclusion of this opening will be clear: "You can bring the same destruction as the ancients."

Laser and a second catastrophe of Atlantis

In 1934, during a session of trance Casey told his patient that she lived 29,000 years ago in the land of Atlantis, when there was the development of electric power, with which the crews moved when I read entries through walls, when the photos were made at a distance, when it was overcome gravity and preparing Crystal — a terrible and mighty. Much of all this has brought destruction.

Casey claimed that Atlantis was located between the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Mediterranean on the other. Proof of the Atlantean civilization can be found in the Pyrenees, Morocco, British Honduras, the Yucatan and parts of America, especially near Bimini. And also in the Gulf Stream on the coasts.

Casey shared the story of Atlantis into three periods:
about 50,000 BC, 28,000 BC and the last period of total flooding — between 10,500 and 10,000 years BC Atlanta belonged to the red race.
Many readings Cayce spoke of Atlantean period when there was a struggle between the two factions. One of them is "Children of the Law of the Sole" (forces of light), the other — the "Sons of Belial" (dark forces). The war between the continent was destroyed.

"There were those who questioned whether it was worth a mere mortal to know the application of spiritual principles to material laws, for this is the enormous destructive power of the wings — said Casey. — When the Atlanta produced special facet to enhance strength of solar radiation ¬ to create energy for vehicles and electricity, the power to access an element of the Earth caused by the first accident. "

In May 1941, Casey in one of the readings said that the destruction of Atlantis to the first mainland used force, which now only open. They can be used for communication, transport and destruction. December 2, 1942 g was first released nuclear energy, which Casey said several times previously.

In 1933, the patient, he said: "The subject of Atlantis at a meeting of the countries discussed the question, what about the giant animals that inhabit the earth. Were invented by means of changing the environment to make it unsuitable for life leviathans. These funds deadly radiation emanations superkosmicheskogo character from different points of the earth. These rays — said Casey — to be invented within 25 years. "

When asked when the meeting took place,
Keyes replied, "50,722 BC." If we add 25 years to 1933, we find that in 1955 he opened an antiproton in 1957 — antineutron — Casey writes Doris Agee. In 1958, let alone the antimatter and its destructive power, it does it react with the substance. In 1958 was invented the laser and maser.
Casey's remarks about the second and third periods of Atlantis marks the opening of the crystal, which is very similar to the crystals used in lasers.

In one session, Casey said:
"In front of the second destruction of Atlantis, when the continent was already divided, this subject was among those who deciphered the messages received through the crystal and the fire that was to be the nature of eternal fire."

In 1933, Casey said about the technological
the development of Atlantis, described the complex method of construction of the building, which housed Firestone or above Crystal. By mistake, it is too high, which is why there was a second accident, dividing the islands of Atlantis.

About Crystal Casey also said:

"Record of how to create a crystal, is in three places in the world today: in the sunken Atlantis or Poseydonis, where the temple is still uncovered by bottom sediments near the place now known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida.

Second, in the Temple record in Egypt, where the subject together with others, to sealing records brought from their countries of origin.

Third, the records were delivered to the present Yucatan, where a few years ago, archaeologists discovered an ancient stone building. The stones have a logo. In future, they will be transferred to the State Museum of Pennsylvania, USA. Part of them will get to Washington or Chicago. "
Casey claimed that many of those who left the crumbling Atlantis, settled in Egypt, the other — in the Pyrenees, Europe, Africa and America. It was in Egypt, he believed, is the whole story of Atlantis.

Esoteric knowledge of the pyramids

Generally accepted among Egyptologists is believed that the great pyramids were built as tombs of the kings of Egypt, and had no other purpose. The true goal of construction is still a mystery, but some documents provide a hint that the construction of the pyramids was done in anticipation of some incredible cosmic catastrophe, that period of the X-planet solar system was well known to the priests of Egypt, who foresaw the coming Noah's flood.

But does not bind Egyptologists pyramids and the Great Flood with Atlantis, while the esoteric writings, hidden in underground bib ¬ liotekah Himalayan Brotherhood of Shamballa, say exactly that. It is reported, "The Secret Doctrine" Helena Blavatsky.

M. Čiurlionis. Sonata pyramids:
"The Chaldean sacred literature has disappeared from the eyes of the same vain as the lost Atlantis … The builders of the pyramids, of course, had this knowledge, and it is on this knowledge was based program and a number of the mysteries of initiation. Hence the construction of the Pyramids — the eternal symbol of the record and the Mysteries and Initiations on Earth, just as the passage is that of stars in the heavens. Cycle initiation produces a miniature grand series of cosmic changes, astronomers called "Star year." At the end of the cycle, the Star of the Year (25,868 years), the heavenly bodies are returned to the same relative position which they occupied at the beginning of it, that is the conclusion of the cycle. Dedicated to the inner man regains its original state of purity and divine knowledge, with which he began his cycle of earthly incarnations. "
(EP Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine)

The word "pyramid", according to esoteric sources, derived from the word "feast", "fire", which means a symbolic representation of the One Divine Flame of Life of all creatures. Devoted the past considered a pyramid ideal symbol of the secret doctrine and institutions for its distribution.

"The square base of the pyramid is a constant reminder that the Temple of Wisdom — The main pyramid of Atlantis — was based on unshakable laws of the cosmos.
The base of the pyramid represents the four material elements, which are created from a combination of four-dimensional body. From each side of the triangle is raised, representing a three-dimensional divine being enclosed in the four-material nature. If each side of the base is seen as a square in which one dimensional spiritual power, then the sum of the four sides of surfaces — 12, and the sum of four hypothetical squares — 16, which is the foundation of 28 — a sacred number of the lower world. If this number add up to three sevens making up the Sun — 21, you get a 49 — square 7 and Chi ¬ word universe. "

"The twelve signs of the zodiac, like the ruler of the lower worlds, are symbolized by the twelve segments of the four triangles — the pyramid. In the middle of each face — a beast of Ezekiel, and the structure as a whole becomes the Cherubim.
The three main chambers pyramids relate to the heart, brain and reproductive system — the spiritual centers of the human constitution. The triangular shape of the pyramid just like the position of the body that it has taken during the ancient meditative exercises. "

(Manly P. Hall. Initiation of the pyramid)

Mysteries taught that the divine energies from the gods descend to the top of the Pyramid. Absolute permeates man through Axis Mundi in the higher plane, is through the centers — chakras. Mundy axis penetrates and pyramids, mountains, buildings pyramidal shape. All the sacred mountains — Meru Gerizim Dept., Tabor or Olympus — form a bond with the high cosmic energies. Mountain peak or a pyramid — a point of contact with air, which descends cosmic energy in a spiral downwards …
In this figure, the triangles intersect human heart chakra Anahata. Kabbalah and other sacred teachings of ancient withdrawn Anahata is a receiver of the Universal Logos, perceiving higher cosmic energy.

In meditation the human body takes the shape of a pyramid with the apex at the Sahasrara chakra (crown) — thousand-petalled lotus.

Great Pyramid of Giza was built with amazing geometrical arrangement of the 30th parallel from the equator and on the meridian, which is divided into two equal parts, all parts of the world, made from water. Pyramid crosses the highest point in the Nile Delta and shares with very high accuracy, and intersects the diagonal.

Such precise calculations cosmogonic could know only advanced civilization of Atlantis dedicated descendants founded a colony in Egypt.

Recently, UNESCO, French scientists have presented very interesting information about the pyramids at Giza. Academic Philosophy, Academy of Art, the artist Luis Ortega, founder of the World Foundation L. Ortega USA — Spain — Italy — Russia — reported it to the International Congress on alternative medicine in August 1995:
"Between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid was earlier Gallery Arcana. Twenty senior major arcana were located on both sides of the gallery, and they are made up of minerals existing arcana. Neophyte, touching an obelisk lasso, get knowledge directly. "

Above the sarcophagus, which is located in the chamber of Pharaoh, is a strange structure, resembling a beehive. The structure is composed of the four elements of the same shape but different materials. They are superimposed on each other and form a galvanic cell. This feature, and now emits strong vibrations that register not only devices, but any pendulum. Radiostezicheskoe radiation of this element corresponds to the green to the negative pole.

Scientists recorded the blue emission at the main pyramid in the night. This vibration was the wave of the life or death of a wave, depending on whether the Insider who was next to the pyramid. Egyptian priests knew how to relay to model this wave for treatment. Egyptian, past dedication to the Great Pyramid, to stay connected to it, to others his very presence becomes healing radiator having both human and divine cosmic nature.

Dedicated transformed the lower nature, has reached the highest spiritual perfection because to be in harmony with radiation pyramid. In the Temple of the Great Pyramid, he has been able to recognize all the waves of the spectrum to filter them.
Negative green and emitted radiation Pyramid have an extremely powerful impact effect on the human body. Radiation method but dry up and mummify it. However, radiation can also update the dead tissue, as indicated by the experience of modern Kabbalist Enel. His real name is Mikhail Saryatin (1883-1963). He conducted research in Egypt, and came the conclusion that the pyramid heals tissues affected by cancer. This involves using the battery, which consists of four elements, framed by 10-centimeter-hemisphere of mahogany (a structure similar to the one found on the sarcophagus chamber of Pharaoh). Then — a similar number of pyramids stacked one on another. The very shape of the pyramids allows them to serve as a galvanic cell. Enel found that a beam of green light is negative and healing rays to cure tuberculosis and other diseases.

Applying the "pure wool" for treatment, Enel found that the result of recovery appears more quickly and efficiently. The detailed description of his book, "The radiation forms and cancer" (Paris, Dangl, 1958).
The work of two other researchers L. Schomer and A. Belizal "Essay on vibration radiostezii" (Pa ¬ the Riga, Dangl, 1956) also confirms that it is possible with the help of the pyramid to create and receive waves whose strength qualitatively and quantitatively superior to that by what have our modern appliances.
Deaths Howard Carter expedition now be explained by radiation pyramid.

Images of Thoth-Hermes Trismegistus and statues of King Tutankhamun show that they hold in their hands the rod or vril able to emit a ray of vibration and focus cosmic energy.

Modern science is different from science of ancient Egypt, is devoid of spirituality and so far unable to reveal these secrets of influence forms of space and time.

Age pyramid mystery.

But when the great pyramids were built?
There is no consensus on this issue among researchers still do not. Some call the third millennium BC, others — 10 thousand years ago, the third — 70-80 thousand years ago. K. Smith Piazza sets justified the question: "Was not until the invention of the Pyramid invented characters and before the origin of Egypt ¬ tion of religion? Time would show that the upper chambers of the pyramids hide secrets, dating back to a time before the kingdom of Egypt, in the light of the secret philosophy of Egyptian W. Harmon on extremely delicate calculations determined that the first ceremony was held in the Pyramid 68,890 years ago, when the star Vega sent its rays directly the passage. The pyramid itself was completed in ten or fifteen years before the event. "

"The pyramids of Egypt were built about 200,000 years ago, for 10 thousand years before the second catastrophe of Atlantis — says HP Blavatsky. — About 850 thousand years have passed since the big island diving Ruta — part of the continent of Atlantis. Dayita — a small island inhabited mingled rasoyu was destroyed around 270 thousand years ago … "(EP Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine).

These numbers do not appear in any of the works of contemporary atlantologists who attribute a term Atlantis Poseydonis death, the last remnant of the great ¬ a continent of Atlantis, described by Plato ¬ tion in the dialogue "Timaeus" and "Critias".
"Plato, repeating the story passed Solon — the priests of Egypt, intentionally confuses, as I have done to each initiation, the two continents (Lemuria and Atlantis) and assigns a small island (Poseydonis) all the events related to the two enormous prehistoric continents … Yet Plato should have known, as every ¬ sacred by Adept, the history of the Third Race after its fall …

Approximately 300 million years left on the presence of the first two races before the Lemuria and Atlantis. " (EP Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine)
"Around 200,000 years ago founded the Shambhala Teachers Empire Egypt … White Lodge demanded a cleaner environment, and therefore was transferred to Egypt, while the desert, sparsely populated areas. At this time there appeared the first groups of immigrants from Atlantis ", — says the book" Space legends of the East "by S. Stulginskis, which is a summary of" The Secret Doctrine "E. Blavatsky," Agni Yoga "Roerich" Mahatma Letters ".

In the 60 years of this century, the world excited the other card

Map Turkish admiral Piri Reis 1513g.

On it was a picture of part of the coast of South America and West Antarctica, connected by a neck. The map was not the Antarctic ice sheet. The map was found Turkish archaeologist Hililom Eden in 1929 in the library of the palace Topkani in Constantinople.

Assumptions about this card it was a lot, but one of them is important — on the map shows the situation is more ancient than we can imagine. Cards — this is an area of knowledge where accurate information passed down from generation to generation, and these documents confirm the hypothesis of a vanished civilization. Piri Reis map was drawn on parchment and dated 919 a year according to the Islamic calendar, and her name was Turkish Navy admiral Piri Reis.
There is evidence that the Piri Reis used about twenty cards
mainly, Alexander the Great, and the maps drawn on a strict "thematically" — writes Charles Hepgud, Harvard University, in his book "Maps of sea kings", where he comes to the conclusion that the Piri Reis map was a copy of the card some ancient civilization as maps Orontes Finney, evidently in a miniature depicting the four continents.

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