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When the world was not yet dinosaurs, it has already moved machinery. These are the results of analyzes of unusual discoveries made by Russian scientists.

And the object of sensation was the most common … Stone!

However, everything, including the "ordinariness" of the stone — in order. Dmitry Kurkov habitual traffic already picked up a stone and initially looked at it briefly then returned for secure examine him bystanders Lila Kuleshov. She brushed the dirt stuck to the stone and …

Describe in as much detail, because then I am often asked — and I am sure that the stone was actually found, not tossed some wags-forgers … Excluded. Search area until recently was a secret for almost everyone. On what particular field will scour, I announced just before, so that could not throw anything in advance …

So … Kuleshov brushed dirt adhering to the stone, and almost immediately saw something.

Right on the face surface of the laminate of flint stone was clearly visible somehow got inside .. ordinary bolt length of about an inch! As he was in the stone? Fell from a tractor? Lost a drunken mechanic, and then somehow trampled, indentation in the rock? But even with the naked eye, even a layman could see that bolt with a nut on the end (or, in this thing, too, was like, rod and reel with two discs) sitting tight. So, got into the stone back in the days when he was just a sedimentary rock, bottom mud.

With the boat down! Nonsense — who also then had to drag him from the bottom of a river or lake here, in an abandoned collective farm in the southwest of the Kaluga region? And — most important! — As our spetsialistgeolog said authoritatively, this stone can not be younger than 15-20 million years! Mean? ..

Since then, the stone (and I with him) consistently been in paleontology, zoology, physics and technology, aviation and technological institutes, paleontological and biological museums, laboratories, CB "Salute", "ZiHa", "Geochemistry", "Exploration" , MAI, Moscow State University, as well as from a few dozen experts in various areas of buildings.

What did we find out?

Paleontologists have removed all the questions regarding the age of the stone. He really was not a "younger 15-20 million years." More precisely, he was much older — the age at 300-320 million years old!

Then it was firmly established that the "bolt" hit the rock just TO ITS hardening, and therefore his age no less, if not more, than the age of the stone. To get to the stone later (for example, in the explosion, including nuclear) "bolt" could not, because the structure of the stone they are not broken. Yes, and it is not deformed accordingly, confirm that all demolition specialists, will review the attached pictures.

By the way, X-rays clearly showed — inside the stone, there are other, now hidden from view, "bolts". Visible in the present sample was also once inside until the stone is relatively recent in geological time scale is not as split times blotches — both concentrators.

That's all that has so far been firmly established.

And then — darkness …

As it turned out, the expert on this finding was not. As there is no consensus as to the origin of our "bolt." Or, say more precisely, there are supporters of the two opinions.

The first believe that they are dealing with obviously man-made product, which met all dimensional standards, known and used and our modern technology. All technical institutes did not have a single specialist, doubting that the artificial product in front of him, somehow got into the stone.

However, doubts were first of all, but they quickly evaporate after microscopy and X-ray studies. The more so than "bolt" and next to it themselves skeptics found a few man-made structures, including two strange microscopic world with square holes.

Second, the group argued that the "bolt" — neither more nor less than the old fossil animal. Some even called the most likely combination — crinoids — sea lily. But .. except that an expert specifically on this most crinoids after inspection said he had never seen such large and such form crinoids.

Perhaps we are dealing with a giant mutant crinoids? But there were giant dragonflies? Yes, but this "crinoids" was created out of iron! For thorough chemical analysis revealed that although over time the iron atoms Fe diffused, that is passed into the stone, and in their place stood the stone came from the silicon atoms Si, — trace metals have not gone away. The iron atoms are gone from the original's place no more than half an inch, resulting in an oval glandular "cocoon" around "bolt", and is now perfectly visible to the naked eye. For paleontologists, this phenomenon most common in their practice: they know that everything inside the stone for millions of years, sooner or later becomes a stone. Same stone and became our "bolt." But iron also will not evaporate.

So, the "product" or "beast" of a metal alloy of more than 300 million years ago (when the dinosaurs that still have not won a planet) accidentally fell to the bottom of an ancient ocean, and in a few million years, firmly soldered in petrified sediment. But the main question remains: who is still "littered" with metal objects on Earth Devonian or Carboniferous period of the Paleozoic era?

To determine the most reliable hypothesis is difficult, or rather impossible yet. But there are several versions of the basic groups:

1) UFO — the easiest to understand. If a UFO in our time fly anywhere, then why do not they appear on the earth for a thousand, a million years ago? Even a billion years ago the universe could already be many civilizations capable to fly to Earth and namusorit here. Arrange, as written Strugatsky, Roadside Picnic!

2) VERSION OF DEBRIS — the most "high-tech" hypothesis. In order to "trash" the Earth manmade debris does not have to arrive to us. Other civilizations could simply go into space, and then the stellar wind, coasting in a million years would spread to the Galaxy, bolts and nuts to the exhaust of the rocket.


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