ROC tore into power. Already robe ride up!

Patriarch Kirill allow priests to stand for election

Bishops and clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church may be eligible to stand for election, including the State Duma elections, but only in cases of "extreme necessity of the church."

In the case of "extreme necessity church" Holy Synod or the Synod shall determine the persons to stand for election to the state authorities and individually to give a blessing, according to a draft document "Practice statements and actions of bishops, clergy and laity during election campaigns."

The project was approved on Friday at a meeting of the Inter-Council Presence ROC held by Patriarch Kirill.

Participation in elections and participation in political parties, and even the public support is currently disabled fifth chapter Basic Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is entitled as "The Church and Politics."

"At this historic moment bishops and priests can not stand as candidates in elections to all bodies of representative bodies of all countries and all levels (national, regional, local). Exceptions to this rule may be made only at the church for reasons of necessity "- says the project.

The Bureau has stopped to take a draft document in the first reading, send it for review in the diocese and are published to solicit public comments.

Council Presence was established in 2009 by the decision of the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, the supreme body of the church authority. It is intended to promote the highest ecclesiastical authorities in the preparation of decisions on the most important issues of internal and external activities of the Church.

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