Ross Kemp in Afghanistan watch online

Ross Kemp in Afghanistan watch online
Discovery Channel offers you a virtual tour in the hottest point and behold it with our eyes, how they live British troops during the development of military action. Place, which will be discussed in this series — Afghanistan, on the ground that the years do not stop the bloodshed.

The film team of British actor Ross Kemp and renowned documentary filmmakers, will open doors for you in the most advanced, where there is blood and noise bursts. The spectacle is, speak out so far is not for the faint of heart. Here the air is blowing constant threat of the latest attack.

Survive in such criteria can only the strongest and strong. Debilitating heat under 50, the hard desert conditions, limited supplies of water and every minute can be the last. And these criteria British peacekeepers are struggling to maintain a shaky peace that provision, which is already installed on the areas entrusted to their care.

Chechnya Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

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