Ruby Eye of the Dragon and the men in black

Capturing Earth alien civilization
and the destruction of the earthly paradise

Each of us probably sometimes wonder why our ancestors abandoned their ancient faith and why was destroyed Heaven on Earth. To this question is the answer ancient sources.

About 30 thousand years ago there was a space war asuras (gods of civilization, humans) with the "gods" of the Dragon, which reported the Bible, the Vedas and ancient Greek writer Hesiod. After this war, the gods, the planet captured defeat the dragon, aliens, known in different religions under the name of Satan's forces ("CC"). They look like bipedal reptiles that are very similar to humans. Almost all people are called it the word "dragon".

Today, some of them known to us as the "Men in Black» («men in black», or «MIBs»), which interfere with all the important events in human society. They are especially active when it comes to the landmark discovery. Then they go beyond intimidation discoverers to their physical destruction — if they did not agree to work for them.

According to historical records, in the Paleolithic era dragon does not occur, but in the Mesolithic (about 12 thousand years ago) and the Neolithic (then) — it appears, and, at the same time on the planet and all peoples.

The founder of ancient civilizations (the Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, Indians, Aztecs, Mayans), the peoples of the far north and the Australian Aboriginal art dragon is one of the main characters. This rise can be explained only by the creativity of one: our planet really was colonized Reptoid alien race.

Where are these reptiles today? Or our ancestors managed to get rid of their "care"?

UFOlogists have photographs alien driving a modern car, a meeting with him says researcher AK Pryyma, and it proves that dragons are free to ride around on our roads, in cars of our brands and people-humans perceive them as normal people.

It is possible that these invaders of Earth using mass hypnosis, described in the last century, when the eyes see one thing, and the camera captures another.

Reptoids these have not gone away: they just carefully conceal their presence on Earth.
It is clear how to call those who strongly hides its presence in human society — and in fact, trying to hide their impact on humanity.

And it is not just the influence: there is direct control of our views, values and lives. And it is — much worse than slavery. For example, according to Einstein's theory of relativity, and the Academy of Sciences of the world claim that there is no speed greater than the speed of light, which means that serious space travel — not possible and therefore, outside the Earth can not win.

However, many of the domestic and foreign scholars (eg, USSR Academy of Sciences Lebedev and V. Cherenkov) have long denied it. Thus, the theory of relativity has forbidden people to think about space travel in general has led to fundamental errors.

The meaning of this (temporary) reaching forces of Satan that slaves prohibitively think of distant worlds: they have to work and be mistaken, so they were easy to manage. Einstein himself was blind instrument in the hands of the "SS"-ovtsev.

As rightly said in Agni Yoga, "dark love more intelligence." Earthlings prohibit also know that you can get energy from the vacuum and thus be able to move in space without fuel supplies.

In the field of physics, then it has the most top-secret reports on the impact of certain frequencies on the human eye. Under the influence of these frequencies a person begins to see things through. It is clear that the Dragon Reptile these works are very dangerous: people could then see them.

Analysis of the concept of "dragon" shows that the word is associated with the root "to see": in Sanskrit "see» — DRS, Ireland's "eye» — DERS, Greeks DERCOMD — «look askance" — much earlier its value — the "look of water. "

This latter finding may indicate that detection of dragons on them to look out of the open vody.Period draconian slavery, which was Humanity, described by the Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetan, Native American and European nations.

Dragons who claimed to be gods, priests sacrificed people and sacred animals. In those days men-gods were too trusting, and strangers them easily fooled. In particular, the Dragons managed to win the support of even such deities like Indra and Vishnu.

And judging by the way some prominent religious leaders praise the Earth civilization Orions, one can assume that the dragons came from the constellation of Orion or disguised them. Over the past 50 years, the scientists and politicians who are in contact with ufology report that is external influence on mankind. The largest researchers in the field — John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Brad Steiger, Felix Siegel, AS Kuzovkin, VG Azhazha — repeatedly emphasized this in his work.

Literally to the last time (and this article is written in April 1999), the secret services all over the world were taken away all the physical traces and evidence of contact with extraterrestrials. The participants and witnesses of the contact could begin a variety of troubles — from the home to the poltergeist intimidation, mental hospitals, and murder — that they have not been told.

After contact, they could also erase the memory of it out of their normal, day-consciousness, so that a great many examples give ufology and research under regressive hypnosis. No government in the world does not officially recognize the existence of UFOs, though, almost all countries of the world have given their air defense of the order not to shoot at the UFOs, and the officers handed out instructions in case of meeting with them.

Also, no government in the world has officially recognized the occasion of the visit of the world extraterrestrial civilizations and the conclusion with some of them secret treaty. Therefore, the radio and television about it almost silent. And as soon as someone from the presidents have a desire to say about it, it immediately overthrown.

For example, the president of Grenada staged a military coup soon after before the 33rd Assembly of the UN, he raised the issue of the alien presence on Earth. Same rank people just less persecuted, intimidated or killed, as reported, for example, in his "Petition charges" William Cooper, a former military adviser of the U.S. government, who admitted that he was working with aliens under orders of the U.S. government.

Says the same Brad Steiger, and a number of other authors. In Russia, too, is sufficient evidence of destruction of politicians and scientists, who knew but did not want to remain silent.

All this suggests that, indeed, our planet captured and enslaved by an alien civilization — a real, true "dark force" and the Christian — the power of Satan ("Cc"). The reason for it is here, and everything else — their tools. And religion is right when he says that we live in a fallen world, that's when she realizes it's not the end, because they understand "Cc"-sheep muzzle.

(But, as Satan has a "resolution of God" — as the religion and says, and we agree with this — that the word "Satan" we write in capital letters, in deference to the decision of God and to that of his chosen major figures . — E.Levashov).

That land seizures and due to the fact that mankind is constantly erased or redesigns its history that are endless war and a lack of social progress. And if there are any changes, then everything turns against the people, it is noticed even educated sections of the people. Scientists and inventors to inhibit discovery that could improve people's lives — that is, "CC"-sheep manipulate our wealth and our future.

After unknowingly serving them of people they strenuously foment military and military-patriotic psychosis, as the thoughts and feelings of the masses, compacted, "become a material force" (Lenin) — that is, actually lead to wars, feeding the suffering of the people power hell (see "The Rose of the World" Dan. Andreeva).

The purpose of all this is that space coalition as humanity reasonable ground, to other civilizations as humanity aggressive, and that, therefore, humanity has not been taken into space coalition: in fact, if the invaders have to get out of the earth and transfer control into the hands of Mankind himself.

As for the Coalition, it is already applied three times for humanity with a proposal to join its ranks — not including appeals of individual civilizations. Last text "conversion" was read in 1929 on the radio in the wake of 75 meters, in English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. The text was read during the day. But the forces of Satan, and here to get out. Riots in the population, demanding an explanation from the authorities, they are subdued by presenting it radioshutkoy.

Desired "SS"-sheep effect has been achieved, and in Russia (where at this time the grandiose murderous collectivization) and in China, the government generally did not explain to the public. However, at present, the dragons, several civilizations-enemies that hinder policy to conceal the presence of dragons in the world.

This is, in part, as at the First International Symposium on the survival of humanity and cooperation with other civilizations, which took place in Perm (Russia) in 1996.
Many have seen the movie "Alien Autopsy", featured on the television program "UFO unannounced visit."

Anatomical autopsy showed that resemble humans, but in reality — the dragon. Visible characteristic biological features of reptiles: the third eyelid (in front of the alien was a black film), no navel and breasts.

Means the same media that is almost entirely controlled by reptiles, announced this film falsification and called for help from his servants, scientists who arrogantly told us silly that an autopsy showed the man-monster. However, all have seen that reveals the alien doctors were wearing protective suits because of this mutant (explained below) was based on strong radiation.

It should also be borne in mind that the stomach in mammals is a hallmark of oviparous class, and the class is included in this unit is mammals — that is, animals or people on Earth. Attracted as "SS-sheep" to explain the lack pseudoscientists navel disease or plastic surgery. They will always find something to say, because the "scientists" are, above all, for this part …
The audience saw that the body was autopsied, apparently, a female and had a rudimentary mammary glands.

And, as many facts known to the people of aliens crossing the land, it is likely that the body was just a hybrid mutant. It also points to the presence of his six fingers and toes, although modern science knows that the symmetry of Life (the words of Jesus: "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly") suggest a structure of finite odd.
Even it turns out, due to the doubling of chromosomes and is caused usually by artificial means.

The victory of the lunar cult

After the capture of the world, dragons destroyed solar cult, worshiped by our ancestors. Instead, they planted on the earth moon cult. Written monuments of the history of India, Chaldea, Egypt brought us the information that the Earth had two dynasties: the divine (solar) and human (Lunar). Over the last were alien invaders of Earth.

According to EP Blavatsky, referring to the Chaldean and ancient monuments, the dynasty of the gods (asuras) rules 4,320,000 years. Lunar cult, according to these sources, the final victory in the world for 4004 years before Christ. Unlike solar, lunar cult implies:

— human sacrifices and the sacrifices of sacred animals;

— collective orgy;

— ersatz application, that is, wine and vodka, instead of the sacred drink: Surits, Amrita, catfish, which was prepared from germinated seeds, but did not announce the fermentation, the use of these drinks soldiers during the battle did help them to withstand combat, long three days and three nights (a phrase often used in Russian folk tales);

— replacement pervoyazyka in religious services (Devanagari, which was spoken of the soul and tell people) to obscure the souls of modern languages. Therefore, our soul does not understand our mind, as a result, we can not remember their past lives;

— incest. According to Egyptian legend, the serpent people to help people in the treatment of disease, the capture of different crafts and special wisdom. It is they who helped the Egyptians to marry off all of their gods, which immediately weakened divine egregore Egypt. They helped them not only to marry off the gods, but also to incest, which led to the degeneration of the Egyptian divine egregore and all Pharaoh's dynasty;

— the use of bribery, violence, intimidation, and all that is totally rejected by our ancestors;

— denial of reincarnation, that is, the transformation of the human soul into another physical body — or derogation of this phenomenon;

— rejection of scientific knowledge;

— propaganda for war, murder and all sorts of violence.

All these areas of the lunar cult conquerors needed to change the chemistry of memory — so that the man could not remember their past lives, and especially — their divine incarnations since the Asuras, when people were masters of the universe. Personification and embodiment of the cult of the moon on Earth — is the so-called forces of Satan ("CC"), representatives of the civilization of the constellation Draco.

According to EP Blavatsky, the word "messiah", translated from Hebrew, means "good dragon." However, in modern dictionaries this word is translated as "the anointed one", and it is — is not correct. With the help of so-called messiahs, the forces of Satan are creating new religion, then their followers confronted with believers of traditional religions, which leads to wars and to the weakening of humanity. This allows draconian civilization maintain its dominance and control over mankind.

Good luck forces of Satan, — said N. Roerich — is that Satan was able to convince people that he, Satan, no. Masquerading as people and do not differ from them in appearance, dragons continue to do his dark deeds on earth. Fourth Message to Mankind aliens trying to reveal to us this fact (see Materials of the 1st International Symposium on the survival of humanity and cooperation with other civilizations. — Perm, 1996).

Satan is constantly provoked by the war, in which humanity has sent its best sons, human sacrifice, in which the victims, the Dragon Gods chosen the best representatives of the human race, people of different soldering ersatz — all this has led to the acceleration of genetic degeneration of man, as a species, which seeks the forces of Satan, seeking to own land individually.

When our true worship gods egregors using energy people can take the form of man. Today the gods began to be human beings in the form of dragon, which means that energy use egregors conquerors. Imagine how much they should be on Earth right now, began to radiate divine egregore images of dragons! ..

The invaders have created a distinctive culture in the world, which prevents people remember their past (and, above all, divine) life. No wonder Jesus told people, "You — the gods."

With the help of so-called progress, the invaders are changing people everything should remain the same: morality, religion, faith — and, at the same time, prevent the development of science, technology and psycho. Education, music, architecture, fashion is constantly changing forces of Satan, and the person comes into this world, can not remember what he had been here many times: there is nothing like him so.

Heaven on Earth "SS"-sheep nearly destroyed, and the people turned to Ivan, not their roots. To Space Coalition has recognized Humanity reasonable power of Satan on Earth constantly arrange the war, gladly showing Cosmos allegedly aggressive nature of man.

And that demonstration lasted for about 30,000 years — the period of occupation of the Earth dragons. Ways of war they developed abound: bribery and blackmail people in government, killing high-ranking persons, provocation and prophecies of impending war, mass hypnotic vision of sacred personages, calling for military action, and so on.

But — just a match, powder same — this is a war not on the material (physical) terms, it is, above all, the war of languages, cultures and egregors the prospect to go even higher — the war of the gods. But where did these invaders?

Location of seven Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx is an exact projection of the brightest stars in the constellation Orion. Accidental? Esoteric literature speaks about the Orions as a benefactor of mankind, but historical examples suggest that it is not so simple.

In Babylon, China, and the American Indian constellation of Orion (in Greek — "Hunter"), although it sounds different, but, by implication, all means "hunter". In UFO reports, there are reports of some partiality inotsivilizatsy it to hunting for people.

According to Greek mythology, Orion was hunting for seven sisters of the Pleiades, but they have turned into pigeons by Zeus and were put up at the sky. As follows from the documentary about aliens captured Swiss Edward ("Billy") Mayer, civilization came from the constellation of the Pleiades, offer to help humanity. This film was brought to Russia cosmonaut Marina Popovich.

Americans spent half a million dollars for his expertise and proved that he — genuine. A Mayer, as you may have guessed, was organized hunting … So, praise the Orions guard.
Since then, the Russian language is spoken the word "fight" (from the word "dragon") and "coolness" associated with the concepts of murder or torture.

But, in fact — more profoundly — they are connected with the property of a reptile-dragon blood temperature equal to ambient temperature. Holodnokrovie evidence of primitive reptilian body and causes their primitive behavior, prevent violence and the killing of their own kind.

Treating the Christian doctrine, dragons, though spawned commandment ("Thou shalt not kill," "Thou shalt not steal", etc.), but not reported to humanity that the murder chain incarnations killers will stop that for theft followed expression in rat and for adultery — into a tree. As for the commandments, "Thou shalt not kill" — them personally, "Thou shalt not steal" — first of all, they have …

Cruelty reptiles to humans (mammals) due to the fact that if these reptiles to mammals will be improved, those above as standing evolutionary quickly sort out what was happening, and to throw off the bondage oppressors. And, except in the world, reptiles, at present, no place to live …

Presentation of the book: Vladimir Shemshuk — Period of Heaven on Earth.
Russian-Borean Pantheon. You can download the book,here.

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