Russia heats twice as fast as the rest of the world

Russia heats twice as fast as the rest of the worldOver the last decade, the average temperature in Russia has doubled more than the rest of the world. This sensational statement was made at a meeting of the expanded board department head Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

"Over the past ten years have been the highest recorded in the history of instrumental observations of surface air temperature anomalies" — quoted Frolov "RIA Novosti". According to director of Hydrometeorology, this record was set for the territory of Russia and the whole world. But, if the planet temperature anomaly was 0,43 ° C, while in Russia it has reached the value 1,1 ° C. According to Frolov, amid rising temperature anomaly at 7% increase in the number of severe weather.

But anomalous heat of the summer in Russia Roshydromet recognized major disasters caused by meteorological factors, in the northern hemisphere for the full year 2010. "Abnormal heat, steady summer of last year in Central Russia and held for more than 50 days, caused a massive fire and destruction of the environment over a wide area of the Central and Volga federal districts," — said in a January report agencies.

The second largest natural disaster in 2010 — the most powerful in 80 years floods in Pakistan caused by downpours. It claimed the lives of several thousand people. Floods due to heavy rains that caused massive loss of life and destruction of infrastructure, took place in the past year, and in West Africa, Thailand, in the north of South America and the Caribbean, in the Balkans. Devastating hurricanes, comparable in strength to tropical caves in the continental regions of Europe and North America.

But experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States recognized the last in 2010 the hottest ever weather observations. This title he shared with 2005, which was previously believed to record (the observations are from 1880). In 2010, the average temperature of the land and sea exceeded the average temperature on the planet for the XX century. by as much as 0,62 ° C. Exactly the same amount deviated from the norm (+13,9 ° C) and 2005. Third place still hold in 1998, when the average temperature was exceeding 0,6 ° C.

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