Russia topped the list of corrupt

Published its latest rating of countries in which the most flourishing corruption in the conduct of international trade. Like last time, the first place in the list of Russia won, the most corrupt sectors which cited the construction and state orders.

All in the list — the 28 countries that are leading in the world in terms of foreign trade and foreign direct investment. Russia showed the worst results: her 28th place in the rating of the index and the index of — 6.1 on a scale of zero to ten.

Promote your business with bribes Russian businessmen have bypassed their colleagues in the BRIC group, which also includes India, China and Brazil. However, the Chinese are in the ranking right behind Russia with an index of 6.5. Indian and Brazilian businessmen were 7.5 and 7.7 points respectively. The best results have shown the Netherlands and Switzerland, the two countries reached the level of 8.8 and were considered the most favorable countries in terms of the absence of corruption.

The study showed that the situation in Russia with bribery remained at the same level as in 2008 — has not worsened, but not improved. In addition, it became clear that the situation in relations between private companies as disappointing as that between business and government.
"The place of Russian business in the report for 2011 is not a surprise for us, as in Russia is still trying to find a way to counter corruption in the system. It would be strange to expect improvement from businessmen when officials continue to take bribes. It is hoped that adherence to the new state anti-corruption legislation and international obligations to help change the situation in the coming years ", — quotes the director of the Anti-Corruption Research and Initiative Transparency International Russia Elena Panfilova RIA Novosti.

Most of all bribes in the Russian business thrive in government contracts and construction, and the least — in the light industry and agriculture. Methods of redress experts say the introduction of a new state anti-corruption laws and its international obligations. Also need to recognize the formation of the knowledge of the inevitability of punishment for all offenders.

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