Russian defense industry has developed a mobile meteorological complex

Prevent catastrophic disaster strikes, as well as optimize the military's actions in difficult weather conditions designed new development of the Russian defense industry, said

This is — a mobile weather center. It can be deployed anywhere in the world in just one day. It forecasters — data from satellites, radars powerful, modern computer database.

Tests meteokompleksa girl entrusted to Lieutenant Helen Milutin. Engineer forecaster military airport copes with the task quickly and easily.

All you need for work — maps, weather reports, information from sensors, satellite imagery — is Always at hand, shares military meteorologist. The only wish — to have more free space.

One of the advantages of the new complex — mobility, the developers say. Its easy to transport and deploy — meteosystems collected in one day.

Complex definition of the weather — it is such a weather station on wheels. A kind of military fighting machine forecaster. Its main weapon — this one meteorological radar. With his help, for example, can lead meteorazvedku hurricanes or snow on the ground in a radius of 200 kilometers. This information, even in peacetime — a particularly valuable information.

The new system can determine the temperature, wind speed, clouds, pressure, not only at the airport, but also along the route of flight, and even in a landing aircraft, wherever it takes place.

Alexander Hars, Chief Hydrometeorological WEST: "We can actual weather anywhere in the world to determine. Station collects data and ground-based observations, and satellites."

To provide more precise weather forecast from meteorologist and have more information, and time — all the data is received electronically and processed by a powerful computer.

Elena Milutin, engineer forecaster: "The speed increases we reserve the time required to evaluate the situation and based on that give more accurate recommendations."

These recommendations for civilian pilots — one of the most important components of a safe flight. And for the military — and even the key to successful combat missions.

Eugene Dorofeev, researcher main hydro Observatory named Vaitkova: "The weather — it is the context in which decisions to fly or not to fly. Generals who make decisions about the military operation should take into account the weather conditions of the area, the time of sunrise and sunset, the moon. All military operations begin with these factors. "

Operation of the new military meteokompleksa happy. Forecast accuracy — a measure of the quality of the station — close to 96%. Such accuracy is sufficient to perform any tasks. Their forecasts in the form of meteorologists are ready to share with colleagues and of civil airports and weather stations.

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