Russian elite thinking about emigration

Russian elite thinking about emigrationSupport of Putin's regime is crumbling in Moscow — the Russian capital. This follows from the survey conducted by the Moscow "Center for Strategic Research."
According to the findings, 34% of the province is increasingly express their discontent public authority. In Moscow the number of dissatisfied reaches 46%, and in the middle and upper class — 49%. Among them is the elite — a group of 500 000 people, consisting mainly of the upper-level managers, and senior officials. "They are dissatisfied with their limited economic freedom, and the poor business climate in the country", — says sociologist and one of the study authors Sergey Belanovsky.

"A gang of thieves"

Moscow is now the public is discussing the question as to whether this will lead to the formation of a new discontent ability of opposition to oppose the current government? "This is a state — a gang of robbers, — the owner of a Moscow design bureau, who declined to give his name. — For me, there is no point in the expansion. Since all the big agencies should share with officials involved in extortion. "

It has long been opposition to the authors of the pages of high-quality magazines for men «GQ» and «Esquire» express their dissatisfaction with the lack of legal guarantees for entrepreneurs and that the Kremlin. "The worst thing about Putin is that he can lie with a straight face," notes superelitarny magazine "Snob", published by metals tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov, whose fortune is estimated at $ 13 billion.


However, these glossy pamphlets political analysts believe the political lightning rod for Moscow's "cream of society." In 2003, the oil billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky had dared to speak about corruption in Putin's immediate surroundings, and soon after that the entrepreneur has been accused of tax evasion and sent to prison. Now none of the oligarchs do not dare make a serious criticism. This also applies to the middle class in Moscow, where wages and rent is three times higher than in the province, and hundreds of thousands of city residents can lead a carefree life by renting out their apartments for rent.

"Much of the middle class in Moscow could well agree with federal and local authorities", — emphasized in the current study. "These people are not interested in politics — says sociologist Belanovsky. — However, many are thinking about how to get out of the country. And many do not invest money in Moscow, and buy a property in Bulgaria, Poland and Germany. "

Author: Stephan Scholl, «Basler Zeitung» (Switzerland)

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