Russian version. Secret of Hyperborea

Hyperborea — in Greek mythology, and it inherits the tradition of the legendary northern country, the habitat of the blessed people Hyperboreans. The name literally means "for Boreas," "for the north." Hyperborea along with Ethiopia, Phaeacians, lotus-eaters are among the nations that are close to the gods and loved them. As well as their patron Apollo Hyperboreans artistically gifted. Blessed life is accompanied by the Hyperboreans songs, dances, music and feasts; everlasting joy and devout prayers are characteristic of this people — the priests and servants of Apollo. Searches for and finds Hyperborea in the Russian north.


These (Riphean) mountains on the other side of Aquilonia, happy people called Hyperboreans, reaches a very advanced age and glorified wonderful legends. They believe that there are loops of the world and the extreme limits of handling bodies. The sun is shining there for six months, and this is just one day, when the sun is hidden (as that'd ignorant) of the vernal equinox to the autumn, stars back there only once a year at the summer solstice, and come only with winter. This country is all in the sun, with the soothing climate and is devoid of any harmful winds. Homes for these residents are groves, forests, the cult of the gods handle individuals and society as a whole, there are unknown and all the contentions of the disease. Death comes there only on satiety life … You can not doubt the existence of this people.

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