Russians are better than others are Belarus and Germany

Three-quarters of Russians (74%) are in favor of strengthening and expanding relations of Russia with the West, only 18% of calls to keep your distance, Interfax reports with reference to the "Levada-Center".

At the request of sociologists call the 5 closest and most friendly countries in Russia in the first place respondents indicated Belarus (35%), Kazakhstan (33%), Ukraine (21%), Germany (20%) and China (18%).

The five unfriendly and hostile to Russian countries, according to the answers of the respondents, included Georgia (50%), Latvia (35%), Lithuania (34%), the U.S. (33%) and Estonia (30%).

In the survey, which was conducted in mid-May in 130 towns from 45 regions with the participation of 1,600 people, 75% of respondents said that, in general positive attitude towards Belarus (17% — poor), two-thirds said so about Ukraine (27% — bad ).



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