Russians over the mammoths?

Was there ever a unique civilization of Hyperborea? And if so, where it was located — in Greenland, the North Pole, in Siberia or in Karelia?

Map legendary Hyperborea

Doctor of History and director of several expeditions Valery Dyomin believes that soon we will find out the answers to these questions.

"The evidence of the legendary country for centuries poets chant can be found among the ancient historians — says Demin. — However, where it was located and what time there, is not known. Most researchers believe that the Hyperborean civilization — 15-20 thousand years. Despite such hoary antiquity, this amazing people are thought to have had in its arsenal aircraft, with which, using aerial photographs, created, for example, a map of Antarctica. "

But is there any credible evidence to support the existence of an amazing country? One possible evidence — the images on old engravings. The most significant of them — English navigator map of Gerard Mercator, published by his son Rudolf in 1595. This map is shown in the center of the legendary continent Arctida around — the coast of the Arctic Ocean with a quite recognizable islands and rivers.

However, the ancient maps differ from modern and not very accurate, so the version of Mercator and open to interpretation. If you trust her, then maybe Hyperborea was located on the Kola Peninsula. However, if we assume that the water area under the "Scythian Ocean," as it is called Mercator, meant the Kara Sea, the wonderful country to be found in northern Siberia, presumably on the Taimyr Peninsula. There are other versions: mysterious land located at the North Pole, and for some reason, went under the water, as well as ancient Atlantis.

There are other maps of the period. One of them made up a Spanish monk of the Order, Fra Mauro Kamalgulov and dated 1459 year. It marked Riphean Mountains: perhaps this is the Hyperborean mountains, which writes the historian Pliny the Elder and the location of which is still the subject of fierce debate among scholars. According to this map, the mountains extend from west to east, cutting through northern Siberia. Mountain range in the area is preserved to this day.

"The name came to us Hyperborea is in Greek transcription — continues Demin. -" Hyper "means" outside "or" beyond anything "." Northwind "- the north wind. Hyperborea -" land for Riphean mountains a wicked north wind Boreas, "as it describes the ancient Greek historian Pliny the Elder. He even points out the" straight path "in Hyperborea: Hyperborean north through the mountains:" In these mountains, on the other side of Aquilonia, lives a happy people called Hyperboreans. The sun is shining there for six months. Luminary back only once a year at the summer solstice, and come only with winter. This country is all on the sun, with the soothing climate and is devoid of any harmful winds. Death comes only from satiety life. You can not doubt the existence of this nation. "

No less fantastic describe Hyperborea other ancient authors — Aristeas, Herodotus, Dalmast later — Homer, Ovid and Hesiod. According to historical records, Hyperboreans visited ancient Greece and the gods were worshiped there. The cult of Apollo, came to earth to Greece from Hyperborea. Hyperborean Abaris and Aristeas taught Greeks ability to compose poems, hymns and music, they discovered the foundations of philosophy and medicine. Under their leadership, the Delphic temple was built.

So, let's assume that at least some of the incredible descriptions close to the truth. Then how in these northern latitudes might have a subtropical climate?

"Hyperboreans could be a contemporary of Pliny, — said Demin. — The warm climate could exist only in the northern hemisphere to the Ice Age. This means that the unknown civilization older than mammoths. Possible? If we are talking about events dvadtsatitysyacheletney ago, the climate on Earth could change significantly. Perhaps mainland was washed by a warm current like the Gulf Stream. In this case, the version of the Greenland or the Kola Peninsula is more likely. "

In 1922, the area Seydozero and Lovozero Murmansk region to the first expedition led by Barchenko and Kondiain. The idea to dispatch experts was supported personally by Felix Dzerzhinsky. Now it is difficult to establish which goals were set before the expedition. Hardly the only science: later were discovered large reserves of rare earth elements. On his return expedition materials were studied in the Lubyanka. Its leaders while keeping under lock and key. Soon Barchenko was arrested and shot, Kondiain sent to the camp, where he died in the early 30-ies of the last century. Anything on this expedition appears to have survived.
However, when 75 years later, in 1999, the search engines under the direction of Valery Demin returned to this area, we found: detachment Barchenko then stumbled on a strange hole, leaving the ground. This hole is preserved. Penetrate the scientists then, apparently, could not — prevented irrational fear, just chilling them hand and foot. Local veteran — 85-year-old Theodore Ignatiev, brings back in 1922 searchers bread and milk from the village, said: "It felt so like a skinned you alive. If someone decides to make a move to the dungeon and fell, unable to to move. " In addition, he spoke of the rocks found in the ancient images of some animals and deities. The old man found a rare picture: near mystical manhole are 13 members of the expedition, among them ten Fedor.

A week expedition Demina got strange cubic stone of enormous size, as if some unknown instrument carved out of rock. In a few kilometers directly on the rock was visible 70-meter image of a crucified man as if to remind the negative picture. How the image falls on the rock, is unclear. (These are the outlines, like a shadow, usually remain on solid surfaces after a nuclear explosion.) Something like this is a well-known and the image on the Shroud of Turin.

Giant rock images of man locals called in their own way — "Koivu old man." According to legend, it is defeated and imbedded in the rock "foreign" god. But what kind of God and how he came here, no one knows.

Right next to the "crucifixion" in hard rock are several regular pyramids tetrahedron-shaped, resembling the Egyptian, only in miniature. As tombs of pharaohs, they are oriented due north. Similar pyramids have been found near the Arctic Circle in a number of countries in Northern Europe. When the researchers tried to strike the northern pyramid drawing a map, we got almost flat triangle. Coincidence?

Most recently added to the list of northern findings by enthusiastic researcher from Voronezh, Associate Professor Technical University Igor Tkachev. Traveling to Nyukhcha River, in the northern Karelia Igor discovered a strange pyramid, though carved in granite. "The top element of the pyramid has undergone significant erosion by atmospheric processes, which provides advanced age structures — says Tkachev. — However, the lower element that is under water, kept perfect shape and sharp corners. Is not part of the mysterious pyramid structures located near the Arctic Circle ? "

The researcher was not mistaken: the Karelian pyramid perfectly blended in a triangle on the map. Moreover, it was remarkably similar to the ancient statues of Murmansk icon in the Karelian rocks. Here is his "crucifixion", the images of unknown animals and strange designs reminiscent of a modern missiles and aircraft.

What does it all mean? Hyperboreans were aliens from other worlds, leaving us some information on the trail of the ancient rocks? While there are more mysteries than answers.

"These and other findings suggest that sometime in the north of our present homeland advanced civilization flourished — said Demin. — It could be lost as a result of a powerful natural disasters — such as the fall of a giant meteorite that gave rise to earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. consequence could be a disaster and a nuclear explosion. If so, Hyperborea not disappeared completely: she left behind children — Aryan, and they, in turn, — the Slavs and Russians. This may mean that we — the descendants of the very ancient and mysterious civilization on the blue planet. "

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