Sapelka: Sannikov — in serious condition

Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov badly beaten and "is a horrible sight," said attorney Paul Sapelka policy.

Sapelka met with his client in the evening on December 20. Sannikov beaten and "practically can not move," said the lawyer BelaPAN.

"Leg it either strongly vdarana, then dislocated. He was not even put the diagnosis, although I got the impression that it can be broken. Besides, he was beaten on the head, so the long-term effects are felt. Injured his hand and — they hematoma "- talked about Sannikov's lawyer.

Sapelka does not know when the next time will be able to meet with his client: "The fact is, Now that lots of detained in the KGB detention center and the committee has a limited one-time choice of visitors. I'm waiting for is the next investigative action. "

Minister Interior Anatoly Kuleshov told reporters today that the arrested former presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Nyaklyayeu "perfectly healthy, perfectly normal, feel comfortable,"

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