Saturdays downpour flooded the streets in the center of Tallinn

Early Saturday morning on the Tallinn hit a downpour, it seemed as if the old man of Ülemiste finally opened all the taps of the lake water to flood the capital.

On the streets of the water level reaches one meter in some places, the police stating that the cars do not try to drive through the streets Tuukri, Ahtri and Jõe. The windows and doors of many stalls and places catering posted signs: "Crash." Rain broke the bus service — the terminal is in the center Viru closed, and people have to look for other stops. Closed morning bus terminal in the center Viru open in about two hours of the day.

Most shops are closed, of which raked the water. Coffee In already open. Brave girl Iris sells the few customers coffee and cocoa. Floor wet and dirty, lots of chairs and tables stacked on top of each other. Iris went to the second shift, working up to her girl to go home in the morning. "We have been on the floor of the 10-cm layer of water, have I had never seen — says Iris surprise. — Customers are very few, because the computer is out of order, and we can not accept cards for payment and to make discounts. Customers go to other places. "

At about half past four in the bus terminal, only a few puddles, but in the underground tunnel is dark and wet. Individual daredevils trying to pass him, but he stepped into a deep puddle and wet feet, returned. Some laugh, others are scared. Go back to go around.

Most water in the streets Ahtri, Tuukri and Jõe — there sent police and crews Tallinna Vesi, the door there the houses are seen everywhere colorful pump hoses. This area is historically the most low-lying place in Tallinn, it is almost at sea level. Therefore, the water level is the highest. It is five o'clock. Water gradually decreases, but the drainage work continues even in many residential and office buildings.

Cafe may close

In the area of street Ahtri seen several machines to pump water. On Jõe Street, indoor dance school Sixtina, water pumps district manager, technical director of WTC Arman Toots. "About nine in the morning the pressure of water squeezed sewers, flood damages houses old people here who plitnyakovye foundation leak water" — said Toots, who work and care — more than enough. For 10 years, he has experienced five major floods. "House of the Narva highway 11E in the area were hit the hardest," — he shows on the building next door, still pump water from the floor. According to Toots, water protection is not possible, since the area is in the area of the collector Hyaryapea whose capacity is not sufficient, but at home there, mostly old.

We go to the house on the Narva highway 11E, which is a cafe Vahva Mees. The owner Kaupo Tiido just rake the water. Tiido who owns Vahva Mees nine months, arrived at the scene until ten o'clock in the morning — on the floor of the cafe was 15 cm of water. By one day, he went up to 30 centimeters.

"It's unbelievable what's going on here — the water was pouring out of the vent holes, at first I did not know what to do" — describes a man morning, did not begin in the best way. The main reason is that the walls are not thick plitnyakovye. On the walls are visible damage — remove paint. Under water to provide all possible equipment, including electrical outlets. "I do not know whether the equipment will work, and if the insurance does not compensate them all — will have to close this place," — says the owner of a cafe, which is seven hours struggling with water and then added thoughtfully, that's life.

Left without light

The same sad mood reigns in the house on the street Kara, 14, a resident whose love Hoppe, self-employed, providing audit services, eight hours to pump water from the basement.

She came to the aid of three neighbors. "How not to help a person in trouble" — said one of the neighbors. Hopp morning turned to the firm for pumping water, but because of the large amount of work she could not go forward. By six o'clock the water managed to pump out a little dry room, but you can see that the water has caused significant damage, damaging documents.

"The whole day was pumped out the water and very tired," — said with a sigh Hopp, to communicate with the director of the day a nearby Jewish school, which was also very concerned. Although the firm Bonahat Audit had experience in dealing with the flood, but this water is not seen before.

An even greater idea of what damage inflicted water, gave a conversation with a resident of No. 39 on the street, the Karoo, will present Marika. "At two o'clock in the morning in the house of a power outage, as water flooded the basement and containing the switchboard. No one dared to go down to the basement to turn them off, "- said the woman, who used to head the house house administration. In the morning, she called the customer service Tallinna Vesi, she heard an activated answering machine, and he was set to English. The situation grew more tense and Marika three times during the day called Alexander, but he explained that all the lifeguards on the road, and did not subside until the water, nothing can be done.

Who matter, who are the joy

"Four years ago, our company has taken a loan, we have set a new electrical panel, I'm afraid, will have to change it again," — said Marika, which continues to take care of the affairs of the apartment association, until a new Chairman is on vacation.

The street Tuukri turning into rain in the river, you can easily see the canoes and rubber boats. "I recently bought a rubber boat and decided to try it out right in the city — said merrily floating down the street in a boat Tarmo Sergo. — It is necessary to check what it afloat. Health ". According to the young man, he was genuinely sympathetic to those who bought an apartment in the area, no idea on what they are expected to attack.

Indeed, the street Tuukri these days can be taken in one of the streets of Venice. From the entrance of the house number 52 Oliver goes barefoot, carrying shoes in his hands. "We have a completely flooded basement, and all the things that are stored there, including a computer, have suffered, — said Oliver, do not lose our nerve. — If you live in a place, you need a rubber boat! "

By the way there are a married couple — German tourists who take pictures with enthusiastic flooded street. My question is not whether they scared to change the weather, the Germans said they were hoping for sunny days.

Pointing to the rain wells, the German was surprised to see that in Germany, storm sewer pipe goes into the ground, and we are right on the pavement, this approach should not be surprised by the flood. However, Estonia is very pleased to tourists, and they did not want that arrived in Tallinn ..

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