SC-32 turned on Peking duck

SC-32 turned on Peking duck

The website of one of China's leading newspaper "People's Daily" published a report on the start of production of Ka-32 Russian development in Beijing. The company "Helicopters RF"Refute this information, noting in general that the cooperation with the Chinese helicopter manufacturers have not ruled out in the near future.

"In Beijing begins creation Russian large helicopter Ka-32 "- a note with the headline today on the website of one of the leading global newspapers: Chinese edition of" People's Daily. "In the submission states that the project will start on the general aviation industry base in Beijing's Pinggu and is the first applets on production of these helicopters in China.

Newspaper said that in the first step of the project will be released 30 large helicopters, one-year production will be about 30 billion yuan, and within 5-7 years is expected to shift to a more than 60% of the fourth level of localization of parts. "Such a step will generate opportunities for independent development, design, manufacture and assembly of new types of helicopters in China," — says the publication.

The company "Helicopters of the Russian Federation" surprised by such a statement the Chinese edition. According to the source "Aviaport" in the holding company, now no agreement on the localization of production of helicopters in China is not.

A note about the Ka-32 — it is far not the first case of a disk imaging on the development of the assembly of aircraft at the Russian development areas of China. So at the end of May this year, federal media talk about the fact that our homeland and China are in talks to jointly develop long-haul passenger aircraft on the basis of IL-96. Create it, according to disk imaging of the newspaper "Vedomosti", was carried out on the territory of the PRC.

You should not assume that the information of this kind is devoid of any basis in reality. The last five-year plan in China dedicated to the development of the aircraft industry, and our neighbor is really interested in zabugornyh developments. According to the source "Aviaport" the helicopter holding the Chinese seriously expect creation The Ka-32 on its territory, and in the "Helicopters of the Russian Federation" has already received several offers from Chinese companies for cooperation in this matter. Certain names, in general, has not yet sounded. A Chinese newspaper article, the source said, "We want to quickly issue for real."

Meanwhile, on the first of September last air show ILA-2012 in Berlin, CEO of the holding "Helicopters of the Russian Federation," Dmitry Petrov said that the ability to organize the licensed assembly of helicopters on the ground of the PRC is considered. "If we, together with our Chinese partners, we arrive at the opinion, that the assembly of a model on the terrain of the People's Republic of China will be more profitable than the export supply, we will start work on the organization where the assembly plants," — quoted him as saying, "Interfax". D.Petrov noted that the company is profitable to create their assembly lines at the order of 50 helicopters of the middle class.

The potential of the Chinese air transport market began to grow briskly after authorities opened lower air space for commercial operators. Due to this market demand seriously exceeds the amount of the Ka-32, which is operated in China Today: over the last two years in China was sold only one such machine, operated by the Institute of polar research. Also, the Ka-32A11VS defeated in the tender of the Head of the Office of Public Safety of the town of Ordos, in a fire-engine variant will be delivered only recently. At this point in "The helicopter of the Russian Federation" is not ready to give a specific estimate of the market for the Middle Kingdom on this dimension, but the telling is signed at the recent "Gidroaviasalon" contract to supply 52 transport helicopters Mi-171E Chinese company, Poly Technologies for 2012-2014.

Cooperation RF and China in the development of aviation technology — a topic in the coming years will inevitably develop. China is ready to invest in the development of technologies zabugornyh because their own projects until achieving a competitive level. And at the moment Our homeland is ready to go for this cooperation, according to the first face of the country. During the APEC summit President Vladimir Putin said that with the Chinese partners are working on two fronts. "The first — on the basis of the creation of the 1st of Russian helicopters, a large modern helicopter," — he said. The second direction of the President referred to the development of wide-body aircraft. In general, he said, "Our homeland is ready to cooperate with China on all fronts." And it says that the news of the Ka-32 assembly in China can not long remain quite simply "duck in Peking."

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