Scientists continue to study the mysterious rings on the ice of Lake Baikal


Scientists plan to in the near future to go to Lake Baikal, to answer all the questions concerning the mysterious rings that appear on the ice in the spring. Press Service of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences reports that this year's funding for the project, RAS, in which these works are carried out, finished.

Mysterious rings on the ice saw astronauts international research station in 2009. This has caused concern not only for researchers — and in the media, the topic was discussed very rapidly. After studying pictures of previous years, scientists have found that these rings with a diameter of a few kilometers, and appeared in the spring 2003, 2005 and 2008. The public and the media have advanced the most incredible version: some believed the ring antics aliens, others wrote off all the activities of shamans. Surge in public interest was the impetus for the study of objects scientists, which began in 2009. The money allocated to the integration project of the RAS Presidium. As part of this project to investigate the mysterious rings were attracted scientists of the Institute of Limnology, physics and mathematics.


Scientists have managed to figure out the cause of the rings. Of course, it's not aliens: the mysterious objects appear due to upwelling. In this process, the vertical stratification of the water column of the lake changes and generates annular flow, reduces the thickness of the ice cover. Investigations showed that the circulation of the water masses in the clockwise direction. Thus, in the center of the circle appears recessed surface and the temperature rise is observed ice water. At the periphery of the same — two kilometers from the center — the ice thins. This is not due to increase in temperature, but because of the strong current, making the vertical water exchange is more intense. Dark rings in images from space due to the fact that the boundary of the water close to the surface of the ice cover.

The appearance of the rings, scientists were able to explain from a scientific point of view, however, to be seen, for whatever reason, is formed a circular current, which reduces the thickness of the ice. There is a theory that in this place there are gas outlets. But in the appearance of the Rings gas flares, which are many other places of Baikal found have never been.

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