Scientists have invented the machine that causes the rain


Swiss scientists on the basis of development of the former Soviet Union established by order of the ruler of Abu Dhabi installation which can cause the rainfall in the desert. This is reported by the British media, referring to the data published by the Swiss company Meteo Systems.

"In the area of the city of Al Ain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, we are introducing an innovative technology called Weathertec, aimed at increasing the volume of rainfall. We began work in June 2010, and we managed to cause a few showers" — said the founder of Meteo Systems Helmut Flyurer .

Works finances president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi. At the core technology behind the development of weather-management by the ionization of air, which were held in the Soviet Union.

Scientists have found in the desert surrounding the city of Al Ain ionizers 20 — Plant-like giant light bulbs on poles. They emit into the atmosphere of a huge number of ions — electrically charged particles. The ions are attached to the dust grains, which are huge masses of air in the Arabian deserts. Clouds of dust carrying an electric charge, rise up with the hot air from the hot ground. The ions attract the particles of water contained in the atmosphere. In turn, the clouds of dust absorb water, turning into the storm clouds that are spilled on the ground showers.

This process can only be started when the humidity rises to 30 percent. This often happens in the United Arab Emirates, located on the coast of the sea.

Over 122 days, the scientists 74 times included ionizers. In 52 cases, followed by falling out in the desert, heavy rains, accompanied by lightning and squally wind. Abnormal weather this summer was very surprised residents of this desert region.

According to scientists, the rainwater flowing streams in the desert, you can collect, clean and use. Technology developers claim that the technology is much more economical than installing a desalination.

Experts warn that the experiences of Swiss firms should be subject to additional verification. However, the results have received positive feedback from colleagues, including the prestigious Berlin Institute of Meteorology at the Max Planck.

The USSR had developed the technology to prevent rainfall in the major cities, based on the spraying of ionized particles in the atmosphere, causing the precipitation outside the city. The experiments on the ionization of the air in the 30 years spent eminent scientist Alexander Chizhevsky. In October, 2009 in Moscow, conducted an experiment to prevent precipitation with air ionizer, known as the "chandelier Chizhevskogo." Scientists expected that due to the operation of the plant rain clouds will rise to the upper layers of the atmosphere and dissipate there. However, experience has failed, possibly due to low power ionizer.

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