Scientists have proposed Medvedev to create an artificial body


The leading Russian scientists, members of the new social movement "Russia-2045", appealed to President Dmitry Medvedev in an open letter in which he proposed a new national idea. In particular, experts in the field of neurointerfaces, artificial organs and systems ask the head of the Russian state to support a new project to create an artificial human body.

The researchers believe that the artificial body is to significantly surpass 2045 in terms of functionality exists to reach the perfection of form and can look "better than human." Then people will be able to independently decide on the continuation of life and the development of a new body after all biological resources will be exhausted.

The new person will get a huge range of features, it will not need external mechanisms to overcome the distance, to communicate through kilometers, to explore the world. The new man will easily be able to tolerate extreme environmental conditions — high temperature, pressure, radiation, lack of oxygen, and so on. With neurointerfaces people will be able to directly or remotely control several bodies of various shapes and sizes.

In a letter to President scientists propose to develop a system of beliefs, values, and technologies that will help a person develop intellectually, morally, physically, mentally and spiritually. According to experts, the creation of an artificial body — a project with a strong ideological orientation that can change lives for the better, to destroy many of the stereotypes and become one of the national idea, which they say modern politicians and public figures.

"The project to create an artificial body will attract the attention of the world's leading experts in the field of development neurointerfaces, artificial organs and systems. Our country will bring together scientists from different countries in addressing global challenges. We propose to do so in the framework of the International Research Center cyborgization in Russia ", — told the initiator of the movement" Russia-2045 "Dmitry Itskov.

In his opinion, this idea is now clearly in the air and if it is missing, then three to five years, this plan will embody the other superpower. "And we will be bottom-up look at the countries committed themselves to the implementation of such a project, admire and be inspired by the novelty and boldness of views that come to us from abroad," — said Itskov.

Photo: Business newspaper Look

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