Scientists predict forthcoming meeting with the aliens

No sooner had the British authorities to publish government data archived on contact with the aliens, as a conference in Dublin, where European scientists discussed what to do when the aliens visit Earth. They believe that the meeting will happen to them in the coming decades, according to Daily Mail.

According to statistics, about 44% of the inhabitants of Albion believe that aliens exist, and just over 30% believe that people have to continuously look for extraterrestrial life, and try to get in touch with them. However, the participants of the Dublin conference believe that, even if the contact with the aliens will soon happen, not the fact that people will be ready for it.
Thus, the British astrophysicist Dzhozelin Bell Burnell said that at a meeting with the aliens we just will not know what to do: settle at home? Locked up in the laboratory for research? Eat? Determine the zoo? Her colleagues hold a pessimistic point of view on this.

They believe that it is not, we will decide what to do with the aliens, and they will dictate their terms to the people. Some participants believe that most likely, the aliens want to colonize Earth, just as the conquistadors invaded America.
Dzhozelin Burnell believes that life can be on the planet, in an atmosphere containing ozone and carbon dioxide. However, she said, speaking of the possible contact with aliens, people have more questions than answers. For example, even if aliens exist, how to contact them? And if they arrive on Earth, who should say to them: the politicians? Clerics? Journalists? Astrophysicist believes that this issue should be solved now.
Be that as it may, according to recently declassified archival documents of the British authorities, ufologists such matters are set already for decades. However, the Dublin conference participants came to the conclusion that human contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations must occur before the end of the XXI century.

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