Scientists scan the Black Sea


In May, underwater archaeologists will begin to look into the depths of an abandoned metal structures and traces of unknown civilizations. The rumor is that at the bottom of Ponta Axinus lie submerged ruins of the mysterious Atlantis, is haunted by the many fans of history. Each year, foreign drivers-goers trying to find any evidence of this hypothesis.

— The "Coast of the Gods" starts in March and is aimed at debunking this dubious information — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Director of the Department of Underwater Heritage Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine's Sergei Voronov. — At a special boat equipped with sonar, robots and other scanners we will pass along the Crimean coast 410 kilometers from west to east.


All measurements will be taken at a depth of 170-200 meters — the water level is at such a level even when the Black Sea was a lake. The fact that we find the remains of ancient buildings, a large number of shipwrecks, and the hypothesis will be dispelled, I do not doubt it.

Explore the seabed are the top ten Ukrainian specialists. According to the scientists, the whole expedition, under good weather conditions, do not take more than a month.


Photo courtesy of "KP".

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