Seduced by the Land of the Soviets watch online

Seduced by the Land of the Soviets watch online
Premise encourages Western intellectuals become adepts of the Soviet Union, were similar, regardless of the social origin and wealth. For their Bolsheviks embodied standard of social justice, of the person's own abilities, humanism. As the fate of "seduced by the State Councils"? Was mutual love? What is the cost of having to pay for your hobby?

movie 1 — Our little Internationale in Siberia

On the attempt of creation in the twenties South American communist commune of settlement in the Kuzbass. The tragic pages of executions over the South American schemer.

movie 2 — Bread and Circuses

History the creation of the "Trust Münzenberg" in Russian Russian Federation 1920. The activities of the film company "Mezhrabpom-Rus" agitational cinema. Fighting hunger of 1921-1922 in Russia. Help Comintern and Willie Münzenberg.

movie 3 — Overseas birds in the gardens of the revolution

History Seduction of the communist idea of Isadora Duncan, Tina Modotti, Frida Kahlo, Margaret Bourke-White.

movie 4 — Pilgrims at the throne of the leader

Visits to the Land of the Soviets recognized the Western Writers: HG Wells, Romain Rolland, André Gide, Henri Barbusse, Alberto Moravia. Their relationship with Stalin.

5 movie — The Adventures of Italians in the latest RF

Scientists Roberto Bartini, Umberto Nobile, Bruno Pontecorvo in the service of Russian science. Seduction and frustration.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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