Selfishness is dangerous for mankind. Give ourselves a chance

More recently, some forty years ago, the company provides a person with a more or less coherent system of values. Socialism was as socialism, steady, solid, with decliners, but quite articulate ideals. Capitalism was all beautiful, especially through the Iron Curtain to admire him.

For people — users value system — the world seemed packed in a well defined blocks of concepts. Albeit sometimes it looked quite primitive. For example: "We have, of course, it's not that, but the fact that they have — it's just awful, so we are still the norm and we are proud of it." Or conversely, "How would they have any case it's not that, but we have the same here in general lawlessness, so be there — of my dreams."

And yet, in spite of the primitive, and the world was to be understood. Modular design of the world looked very solid, man, in general, it would not hurt that he himself immured in it. On the contrary, he enthusiastically helped her builders, "the powers that be" for her to invent new recipes and new adhesive solution: morality, religion, and ideology.

Effective "spark of altruism," living in the soul of each, were announced just a moral and builders used to strengthen the solution. And tell someone that sparks these — the law by which there are all natural systems — for the construction of a crash and victorious march, and he will not hear.

Meanwhile, the process was not stopping — the process of development of the internal material of creation, of selfishness. Development it entails increased selfishness, that is, increasing rejection of each other people and ideas. And in a world that sees people outside, and in his inner world arise gradually unbelievable many details in the absence of structure. With other people already drinking beer, and the fate of the case're on the line bet, and its no one does not think of her. And as a result — the former, the world and the concept are gone, leaving us with an effort to remember who they were such, and write stories about them — the good, scary and magical.

Were replaced by an era of legitimizing anything. Crushing, destructuring and the sharp depreciation of undergoing all — and values, and social institutions. All parts of wild mixture of concepts, which we find ourselves as a result, tend to equivalence. There is no longer our idea either plus or minus, is not great and there is low, there is neither good nor evil.

But, strangely enough, it is this chaos and entropy victory today gives the opportunity to see our "secret sparks' altruism and evaluate them. After all, they are no longer depressed blocks of concepts and values created by human society, the yeast vskhodyaschim selfishness.

So — we are free! Choose a these 'sparks' and see that just because they can survive, say, without fear, "Love thy neighbor — it is not a religion, it is a law of nature!" — And build according to this law of life — and his company — when History provides another kind of freedom for each of us?

The man finally free to see in society is not a reliable old enemy, the suppression apparatus of his character, and not an auxiliary mechanism must contribute to his personal achievements. People can now see that the human race — a living organism, taking care of all the particles of which, without exception, will give him a chance to feel, finally, the taste of freedom, freedom from slavery to selfishness.

In addition, the confusion of concepts and values in which we are trying to cook selfishness, and makes it possible for each of us and the society also reveal the true character of our "Chef". Today we are already able to assess the risk of self-interest as a major factor in the ongoing development of the real man and civilization.

While we were dutifully continuing to cook in his mess, let him be the master of the situation, he will act according to the principle of "divide and rule". Anything else, he just can not, because he's just stuff. He has his own pattern of development, and if we do not inquire into its essence, it will continue to divide us, to play off each other, and lead us down the path to self-destruction.

If we understand that any system (in our case — our world-sufferer) can exist only to the extent of self-giving, "altruism" of its elements, it will give us the strength to use egoism "for peaceful purposes." And it will not be against, it's only material that has long been waiting for, when the owner takes it in his hands and make him something worthwhile.

Thus, in our time in the field of view in the "field experience" person has the real factors that enable decision-support — and the public and to each of us.

Using these factors, we are able to properly assess the ego as our common enemy, the evil world. Will be able to evaluate the principle of "love thy neighbor" as a law of nature, which, like any other natural law, we must know and be able to use for the common good — that is, able to exploit the situation with maximum efficiency.

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