Serdyukov promoted as own?

In the middle of war, Anatoly Serdyukov courted fame as the most unpopular defense minister in the new history of. Despite this, in the old part of the cabinet he ottrubil as much as 5 years. Security of the country from that not a lot that I won, but the environment Serdyukov — very even. Who are these "encirclement"?

Serdyukov promoted as "their"?

Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg in need of emergency care. In January, the governor ZHore Poltavchenko received a letter from the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov to move the Academy of unique center in the suburbs of St. Petersburg — a Sestroreck. If this happens, the ancient place will be elite construction and MMA itself is almost destroyed.

— To the place where you plan to move the academy, it is difficult to reach. The coming station — 16 km, and on the road in the direction of the tube such that no ambulance will not make it just right, — said the "interlocutor" Alexey Smirnov, assistant deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Anatoly Krivenchenko. — Deputies against the population, doctors.

Specifically, MMA rescued life Lyudmila Putin when she came 90th in the tragedy. Now pleas of doctors to save lives is their academy president ignored. With the request for a meeting with Putin addressed even one surgeon that Lyudmila Putin pulled from the dead, and he was refused.

It turns out that Serdyukov Putin expensive wife? And who is close Serdyukov himself?

Serdyukov promoted as "their"?
In the center of Alexander Sukhorukov — the right hand Serdyukov


Work on the "deportation" MMA is engaged in the "Group LSR". The board of directors of the company comes Lev Vinnik, in 2007-2010 served as adviser to the Real Estate Serdyukov. Since 2009, the "LSR" concluded with the Ministry of Defence contracts for a total amount of 39 billion rubles. Price relocation Academy can add to this piggy bank has 20 billion. The founder of the company — Senator Andrew Molchanov. His father, Yuri Molchanov, to nedavneshnego time was vice-governor of St. Petersburg. In this position he was responsible for large investment projects and has worked extensively with the Federal Tax Service Serdyukov.

Billions of Defense contracts accrue and JSC "Voyentorg", which in 2010 topped the previous partner Serdyukov about the company, "furniture store" Eugene Vechko. Earlier Vechko has worked with Serdyukov and the tax, and in the military.

The ex-partner Serdyukov on his other company — LLC "Dialogue" — Oleg Chuchle. Now business partners Chuchle also earn on military contracts.

Serdyukov promoted as "their"?
Andrey Molchanov — Senator and builder


In the middle of a protege of Serdyukov in the Defense Ministry and other businessmen were lit. Four years back shot himself acting chief of the quartering and settlement Victor Vlasov. Friends General hitherto convinced that it has pushed for this new environment minister. Place Vlasov was a close friend and fellow countryman Serdyukov Leonid Sorokko, managing St. Petersburg stroyfirmy "Peter the Great". Soon Sorokko headed the General Administration of the Ministry of Capital Construction (his previous post was taken by ex-Senator Gregory Naginsky, which, through its own construction company "Titan-2" has also been linked with plans to eliminate the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg).

But in fact, the MoD with Serdyukov became a subsidiary of the Federal Tax Service. Manage it are not military, but more tax. 1st Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov in 2006-2007 was head of organizational and inspection department of the Federal Tax Service. Another deputy Serdyukov, Dmitry Chushkin previously was also his deputy, but only in the tax. Another last deputy. head of the Federal Tax Service, Igor Golikov, with the arrival of Serdyukov's Defense Ministry became deputy. Director of the Federal Service for defense order.

Of the former deputies-fiskalschikov not only lucky Mokretsova Misha, who was deputy Serdyukov still in control of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of St. Petersburg. In 2010 Mokretsova appointed first chief of staff, then — Deputy. minister of defense, but in January 2012, he was — just only assistant presidential envoy in the North West neighborhood. According to rumors, the dismissal came after his altercation with Lena Vasilyeva, a former adviser to the Minister and the control of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense.

Serdyukov promoted as "their"?
Tatyana Shevtsova Serdyukov has worked with in St. Petersburg


Solutions Serdyukovskaya Defense military in general they say, "I wonder girls dance." Such number of skirts in the military, and even on the main posts, to Serdyukov was the country's history.

Chief own apparatus Serdyukov announced Lena locally, press secretary — Ira Kovalchuk, the head of the department finobespecheniya — Olga Vasilyeva, manager of the Department finplanirovaniya — Anna Kondratyev responsible for the state order — Daria Morozova, a military education — Catherine Priezzhev for pricing for military products — Alla Yashin, for legal service — Marina Balakirev, etc. Some protégé at the time of destiny fulfilled only 26 years old, many have gone through the Federal Tax Service.

The last deputy. head of the Federal Tax Service Tatyana Shevtsova, familiar with Serdyukov, the joint service back in St. Petersburg tax, in May 2010, was appointed adviser to the minister of defense, and in August — the deputy minister.

Under the supervision of Serdyukov's still working on the Neva River and an expert on accounting in agriculture Hope Sinikova. In 2004, with the mission of its own patron head of the Federal Tax Service, Sinikova management department headed by Moscow, and in 2010 — Rosoboronpostavki. Past Deputy Serdyukov in managing the FTS in St. Petersburg Lyudmila Vorobiev at the end of last year also took the positio
n of bread — topped Rosoboronzakaz with an average one-year budget of $ 2 trillion rubles.

Serdyukov promoted as "their"?
Viktor Zubkov in-law brought in people


The closeness to Putin, Serdyukov has created hearing, as if his son is married to one of the daughters of the president. He really has a son from his first marriage — Sergey, contemporary of Putin's youngest daughter Catherine. Not counting the offspring have Serdyukov still have two daughters — reception Nastya (student) and the native Natasha (schoolgirl).

Segodnyaschy Serdyukov's wife Julia Pohlebenina rules aqua club, and currently involved in real estate. Specifically, after meeting his future wife Serdyukov ran out of the business to the tax office in St. Petersburg.

Office then ran Pohlebeninoy father, the future Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, who, of course, contributed to the career-in-law.

Serdyukov's sister, Galina Puzikova, the founder of several companies, namely, LLC "Klinlayn" which earned intensively on the orders of the Federal Tax Service at first, and then the Ministry of Defense. His wife Galina and Valery Puzikov, became CEO of FSUE "St. Petersburg Engineering and Technology Center Defense Russia "received billions of dollars in orders from Serdyukov at inflated prices.

In short, maybe for the Ministry of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov and not tried, but for his own personal guard managed to do almost everything.


Anatoly Serdyukov was born in 1962 in New Jersey. Orphaned early. In Leningrad, he specialized in economics and a couple of years engaged in the sale of furniture. In 2000 he ran for public service and for the 4 years of the Deputy Governor of the ordinary tax office has grown to the heads of all the FNS. In 2007 he was appointed Minister of Defense.

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