Sergei Dubovets. We lie on the shafts of currents … 24.12.2010

Society In the words Camus, "we are living too long" to be so hard not to notice the changes. I mean the No new buildings and, unfortunately, not the population shifts in the direction of becoming a nation, culture, people. I mean the such a trifle as the evolution of their own understanding of what is happening to us. Especially after the recent presidential "election".

Last spring, meeting somewhere in western Germany, the Belarusian intellectuals "stormed" themed bastions of national culture. In the present socio-political situation. This situation it was necessary to somehow call. Someone said — "bloody regime." Hehe. Intellectuals tend to avoid pathos th klikushnitstva, do not like the political angazhavanastsi, for their quest — a bundle of supposedly unambiguous. Therefore, the "brutal regime" sounded from their lips ironic and sarcastic, a double, a "sense of humor". But there is nothing better and more accurate to describe the situation of intellectuals was not found. And so, it took a little time, and flown irony, and "humor" was again nyasmeshny. In the spring of this mode does not look too bloody. Thus, in the spring of 1996.

Now he and the "regime" does not appear, only — "blood." Country the right one character. Who is he? I will now make him a compliment by calling him at his own value system — "Hitler."

Continued …

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