Seven people have died in Mexico as a result of heavy rainfall

Powerful torrential rains caused flooding in central Mexico and the death is seven. More than 40,000 families have had to leave their homes, which were in the zone of flooding.

Particularly difficult situation, reports RIA "Novosti", observed in the state capital of Oaxaca and Mexico City. The authorities have introduced even in these regions of emergency. To struggle with the consequences of floods thrown National Army troops and rescuers. Also sent to the disaster area physicians.

The amount of damage the Mexican authorities are not yet able to estimate, but forecasters believe that rainfall in the coming days will not end. The rainy season in Mexico begins June 1, and is now in this time of disaster has killed 58 people.

Earlier it was reported that due to the heavy rainfall floods occurred in Pakistan. There's already killed about 90 people, with 8 million people were evacuated and housed in special camps.

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