Severe flooding occurred in southern Norway



Due to severe flooding caused by prolonged rainfall and river flood of Gaul, the Norwegian authorities evacuated dozens of people from the city of the southern province of Olena in Trøndelag, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the television channel NRK.


"The situation is very dramatic. People evacuated using cranes and helicopters. However, there are some houses where people caught up in the elements, and rescuers still can not get to them, "- NRK reporter from the scene.

About the dead and injured have not yet received the information, say "News". Meanwhile, in the nearby town Aunegrenda about 50 people were isolated because of the bridge collapse and is reported on the destruction of bridges, and in other cities and towns of the country.

"Highway between Roros and Sterenom closed in both directions, will be closed and provincial roads. Rescuers are trying to help people who are stuck on the road due to flooding and can not get out on their own, "- said the TV channel transmits Expert Online.

According to the Norwegian hydrologists like floods in these areas was more than ten years.,

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