Simferopolets recorded UFO battle


Marina Yakimova

Photo courtesy of Eugene Killeen


They say Demerji often visited by aliens. The man saw flying objects in the photo that made this Sunday

Self-employed Eugene Killeen walking this Sunday in the Plateau area Demerji and photographed nature around.
— In place of anything unusual I did not see, but when looked through the pictures at home, I noticed some spots in the sky — said "KP" witness the incident. — It's like a battle of two unexplained matters.

On the frame, made in 18.04 in the sky hovering over the Valley of bringing two unexplained diffuse object.

And, in the next frame, set down in two seconds, the sky is clear.



— It is said to have seen UFOs Demerji times — said Eugene M.. — Perhaps there is an anomalous zone that can not be felt and seen by the human eye, but its fixed cameras.

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