Slavery begins in the west

Looking charms of juvenile justice in Canada, I threw (to pay the bank) house in Vancouver and went back home. I was lucky, because my children, I did not have time to bring, and the lessons of got basically just me. Visiting family of Russian immigrants, communication (in broken Russian) with their children, their own experience and observations promptly ruined my naive illusions about the successful west.

People (especially those who have never lived as a resident abroad), well, you finally understand: there is no prosperous West! There is just only a powerful propaganda (and beautiful picture painted by Hollywood), the alleged free society. Perhaps 40 or even 30 years ago, there really was excellent, but now the West — is decaying, suffering from senile marasmus, contaminated territory. Juvenile Justice, which simply selects your children (at best sets them against you), the terror of the tax authorities, endless litigation, of which people do not get out for years, mendacity, hypocrisy universal in human relations. Atmosphere denunciations (your new neighbors and friends do not hesitate you will pass the tax or the police, if it exists the slightest excuse.) Endless debt burden — debt for education, debt for housing, car, debt on credit cards … you will constantly need someone.

But the worst thing — it is certainly the juvenile justice system. You impotent anguish and pain that will look like your favorite child (for which you are, in fact, started this whole waste removal) relentlessly grinds yuvenalka. After 10 years of Russian in your children will be very little (only appearance), and above all it will affect your relationship. Prepare to be sure your children will familiarly call you by name, ignore your advice, laugh at your philosophy and practice is foreign to your principles. Be prepared to nursing home, where you find yourself with a high probability.

People stop you finally complexes, stop the world only to measure the amount of money you will forget about the allegedly civilized and prosperous West. No its a long time, he died and is buried in the crypt. In fact, in the world today thrives only Russia. It's here, but not in the west, there is still a real freedom, openness, sincerity and selflessness in a relationship, and that is priceless. Value is what you have and keep your family.

Valadar Ivanov

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