Snakes live in one of the kindergartens in Yaroslavl

Viper.  Photo:

The family of snakes, presumably, vipers, settled in the territory of one of the kindergartens in Yaroslavl, the second week of the children do not go on day trips.
According to one of the workers of the kindergarten "Goldfish", the first snake in the playground last week saw one of the children of pre-school institutions.
"We did not believe him — after all, a child called worm snake can. But then one of our staff member saw two snakes basking in the sun. By all indications, this is a viper," — said the agency interlocutor on Friday, who asked that her name not mentioned.
After that, we are told employees kindergarten, snakes were seen regularly. Teachers and parents are concerned about the situation.
"We are very afraid that snakes can bite children. Called to various authorities, both in the Emergencies Ministry and the police, various specialists, but until the situation is resolved. Our kids can not even go out for a walk in the sun," — said the mother of one of kindergarten students Natalya Vinogradova.
Head of the kindergarten Marina Jidkova confirmed RIA Novosti that day the children do not go for a walk.
"Only at night, when the kids have less, we go out with them on the asphalt in front of the kindergarten playground", — said Head.
The parents believe that it is necessary to close the garden for a few days and eradicate snakes chemicals. The representatives of the Department for the protection and use of wildlife different opinion.
"Too bad the snakes — they are useful, and are best to catch and take to the woods, the swamp" — voiced his opinion Department Head Victor Shabanov.
Specialist of the go-to place, but the snake did not find him.
"We assume that the snake came along with a bunch of land and peat, which was brought to the territory of a kindergarten for beds in the fall. If this is the viper, the turf they could be already fallen into hibernation and wake up in the spring and spread to the area. A if other snakes, the turf could be their eggs ", — said Shabanov.
He stressed that in any case, "the company is a dangerous" because children can cause snakes to bite, and from reptiles to get rid as soon as possible.
The representative of the Department of Education Hall of Yaroslavl told RIA Novosti that the snake catch experts agreed the city zoo.
A similar case occurred in February of this year in a kindergarten in the Novgorod region. February sixteenth there was found viper, all kindergarten students were evacuated. She departed for catching snakes rescuers regional emergency department failed to catch the snake, and therefore the pre-school was temporarily closed.
Kindergarten in the village's Court Novgorod region is separated from the marsh road, where in summer the residents are finding the Vipers, crawl on the pavement.
By the assumption of local residents, snakes settled in the basement of the kindergarten abnormally hot summer of 2010 — where they found a cool. Because the garden is well heated, viper winter not fall asleep as their wild counterparts. How to find people's Court, in the premises of the kindergarten one of them on February 16 forced to crawl out of the cold subfield established in the anomalous region with morning frosts reduced temperatures to around 40 degrees.
For the first time one of the vipers crawled into the room Dvorishchensky kindergarten in December last year.

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