Snowfall in Rostov-on-Don will continue until Sunday

 Snowfall in Rostov-on-Don, which began on Wednesday and paralyzed traffic in the city, will continue until Sunday, told RIA Novosti the Rostov Regional Weather Service.

"Had the half of the monthly rainfall. But soon such a heavy snowfall is not expected to be a loss of a small amount of snow, and it is expected to end on Sunday" — said the agency.

The level of congestion on a scale of service "Yandex", reached a peak of 10 points.

The site search engine in the comments about the congestion said: "Walk faster."

According to RIA Novosti analyst service "Yandex" Leonid Mednikov, estimate traffic jams in Rostov-on-Don is the service from March 27, and a high road traffic has since recorded for the first time.

"Usually the load even at peak hours is less than seven points. Only four times in the observed period of" Yandex "recorded nine points, the last of which occurred in the environment. Next day snow again violated the traffic in the city, and already at 15.50 MSK Tube valued at 10 points. maximum score lasted more than four hours and traffic jams in the city held out until late at night. At 21.30 MSK "Yandex" still showed 7 points instead of the usual for this time of one point. Today was even harder yesterday. Already in the morning for more than 5 hours service captures a 10-point road traffic in Rostov-on-Don. Expected improvement is possible only after the termination of the snow will be cleared, and when even the basic backbone "- said Mednikov.

According to the drivers and witnesses, the average speed on the roads of the city is less than 20 kilometers per hour. However, some car owners have decided not to travel by car, as time has not changed the tires.

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