Sodom and Gomorrah LPC

"Go back to my podsobochku molodenkay, I'll there barbarysok nasyplyu and toy show!"

Family Wii Artmane, oppose the promotion of homosexuality, fell out of favor to the Metropolitan Alexander

Son of actress Vija Artmane Kaspars Dimiters publicly berated homosexuality, and his wife League Dimitere fell across the road "Riga Pride" and sprinkled them with holy water, calling to renounce his sin. The head of the Latvian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov) demands to punish L. Dimitere for alleged embezzlement.

Rare case: Latvian Orthodox Church chose to endure dirty linen in public. For the preparation of the negative stories were called journalists highest rated newscasts Nek? Person? Ga (not personal) channel TV3.

As we know, until now the family has been primarily known for its great mother — actress Vija Artmane, in his later years became Orthodox and religious name "Elizabeth." The mother brought her son to Orthodoxy Kaspars Dimiters (53). His wife and daughter Wii Artmane League (in Orthodoxy Anna) Dimitere hitherto been known for its fundamentalist position, so she sprinkles the holy water and makes the sign of the cross "Riga Pride", lay it across the road, called for homosexuals to renounce his sin, and smeary paint supermarket advertising, which was depicted the Virgin.

Now both fell out of favor with the Metropolitan Alexander. It seems that there is a desire to internal intrigues and Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov) to punish him unwanted active Orthodox. Both were close to unwelcome Metropolitan priest Janis Kalnins, who even published a critical book about Metropolitan. This active priest was not to his liking, as he thought, wrong sexual orientation Orthodox ruler. However, J. Kalnins obviously forgot that Latvia — an active member of the European Union, so that the Church must also reckon with, especially when in her head so progressively oriented lord as Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov).

For indecent criticism itself Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov) deprived of dignity priest J. Kalnins. And now the turn to his supporters, active members of the Orthodox Church of St.. Nicholas in the village of Kos Cesis District Caspar and the League (Ann) Dimiters. Both settled here 15 years ago, and their efforts abandoned and inactive church was restored. It also again many years later began to occur worship.

Now, however, the Latvian Orthodox Church (LPC) accuses family of stealing and trying decried it to the world. Provost Valmiera District Archpriest Nikolai Tikhomirov says:

— I can not say anything good about them.

According to the LPC, League Dimitere allegedly appropriated five thousand lats. Since the disputed amount of money came from the state to support the Latvian churches, the Church wrote a letter and the Office for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (KNAB). He has not commented. In general, it is not clear where does KNAB, and, most of all, he tries to get rid of such a controversial case, transferring it to someone else.

League itself (Anna) Dimitere says:

— I was accused unjustly. Also, many times I have donated the church of his own money. I have a report of all the money spent.

True, checks it has not at all costs, and what quarrel Metropolitan Alexander. Expenses in the amount of five thousand lats (ten thousand dollars), no checks. The money was allocated from the state budget for a particular project — the new church stained glass windows. But gone, according to L. Dimitere on the roof and bell tower.

TV spots for Metropolitan Alexander and his cronies drove them and loyal members of the church of St. Nicholas, and the Archbishop blessed the congregation for defamation against Dimiters family in the media.

Strange that LPC, where he himself its leader, Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov) is widely suspected as a plunderer of church property and the appropriator of paintings and other valuable assets of the former Metropolitan Leonid, suddenly decided to ring the alarm honesty. Most likely, the reason for this — some carefully hidden Metropolitan personal motives and antipathy to the family of the deceased Wii Artmane, his family is nice as active citizenship including negative attitudes towards homosexuality. Plus family supported the priests who hast Metropolitan.

"Moskovsky Komsomolets" on Latvian priest: "Sodom and Gomorrah"

June 20, 2001 the newspaper "HOUR" edition published an article, "MK on Sunday," about homosexuality in church circles. Here are several excerpts from this publication:

"It is not always possible and gagged porn pedoskandaly. The most powerful of them unwound not long ago in a sovereign Latvia.

Former commander during the Soviet border in the Far East boat captain Janis Adamsons, he also later interior minister of Latvia, published evidence of strong pedophile contacts supplier firms and the Latvian government. Boys 10 to 15 years supplying gourmet "chelovechinki" over the Internet. Haired masters of politics and the church had fun with them in saunas, massage rooms, villas Riga seashore and even in offices.

("MC" says that there is evidence of involvement in orgies and head of the Latvian Orthodox Church. — "The Hour.") The said Bishop Alexander was put on the Latvian Department in 1989. The right person in the right place with a well-regulated moral flaw …

When Latvia gained independence, grateful lord forgot his benefactor — Deputy Chairman of the Council for Religious Affairs of the Republic of Alexander Ishchenko. Especially for this Fund was established the Latvian Orthodox Church (registered as "three points" — LLC), where he first appeared founder, then director, then "shadow" with a dummy guide. This fund, by the way, all unsubscribe "Orthodox property" of Latvia for 49 years of the lease.

A twisted contacts buddy Kudryashov and Ishchenko fellow-breeder Korostylev Alexander (alias Redhead) forty-something years, almost all well-known "blue" ecclesiastical elite of Russia.

With enormous difficulty in the government scandal was hushed up, sacrificing the Prime Minister, Attorney General, as well as the author of the scandal — Interior Minister Janis Adamsons. Such is the level of free in a free country! (Here the author clearly mistaken — Minister Adamsons ceased to be in 1995, and "pedofilgeyt" erupted only in 1999. — Note. "Hour".) "

Another quote from the publication of the newspaper "The Hour":

"As Bishop Alexander is currently away, yesterday," Hour "managed to get the opinion of only one of the persons mentioned in the article. Here's what we found it possible to inform about the publication of the MC Alexander Ishchenko:

— The impression is that the custom paper. And that's it. In the part that relates directly to me, distorted information is incorrect. I do not know — either intentionally or simply out of ignorance … and comment on all of these boys, I categorically reject, it's not my question, and even touch on this very nasty. In fact, I would not want to write about it, did not want the article on pedophilia, even full sun side, my name is passed.

— Note that you personally being involved in "pedofilgeytu" nobody blames …

— But even in that part, which I have mentioned, they intentionally or unintentionally distorted everything. Distorted, in particular, that's what fact: there was a specific person the fund. I would then expanded the topic. Return of church property in the early 90's meant a lot of work. (Who privatized the apartment, he is well aware of how much need — files and cloud all references.) In principle, the workload is large even for the same object, and if say, they returned dozens of churches, this implies a very, very considerable number of different Affairs.

— That is, the priests themselves could not do it …

— First cases were without any foundation. And then he was really created, but not for any man, and as required by law. After all, there is a law on religious organizations, and it is clearly written, with speeds of over 500 times the minimum wage is not the church itself may engage in such activities. When it is necessary to create the legal structure.

So in the end, in agreement with the Ministry of Justice (Department of Religious Affairs), and such was organized — the Foundation of the Latvian Orthodox Church. The sole owner of this structure — the church, the synod. I've never been to the founder. Since its inception (June 96th) to March 2000, I was director of the fund. During this time, much of the church failed to return. But now there is another director — Valery Krasnoselsky. And I'm so far to the fund management relations have not.

— What is your official title is called?

— In the church — nothing. I now have a private entity, which is engaged in the affairs. However, take into account: Synod is not itself engage cleaners, plumbers, electricians. For these needs, there are firms that serve the church property. Such firms — about a dozen. One of them — mine.

In addition, it says that the church property is (unsubscribe) for 49 years. And while I do not do it now, but I know for sure: the fund've never unsubscribe. The sole owner of the property is the Synod Synod …

But there it is: all of this information, which is concentrated in the article MK — numbers and names — it is not Moscow's origin. This surge — obviously Riga origin, somebody wants it. Maybe Bishop Alexander to salt or something.

— If we start with the version of "order." What goals do you think, could pursue customer article? Blackmail in order to get the money? Career and job ambitions? Personal insults?

— I agree with all three motives. Comment is specifically I can not "

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov, "Latvian Metropolitan Alexander — a lover of boys" (video)

In a television interview with a famous Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov the list of Russian bishops of pedophile named second in the Latvian Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov)

— It pornokollektsii three thousand images of naked boys and girls.

Obviously, the venerable journalist had in mind "pedofilgeyt" in Latvia beginning of the 2000s, was considered in closed court. However, if you talk to Janis Adamsons, or, if you're lucky enough to go to the staff, for example, the Latvian special services, "oversaw the process" — you can find out about what I said Nevzorov, and more. Supposedly there are even some video tape on which someone is lying to someone and engaged homosexual act. A very powerful tool to influence someone … By the way, the sex video was made during a visit to Riga Nevzorov said the former head of the Diocese of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Metropolitan Nikon (Mironov) …

Sodomy Bishop Nikon

Secretary of the Synod of the Latvian Orthodox Church (LPC) Alexander Nagle told the newspaper «Vakara zi? As» that insult Metropolitan — is an insult of the whole Church. I beg to differ with this postulate. In 1998 in the Sverdlovsk region terrible scandal broke: head of the Diocese Bishop Nikon (Mironov) has been convicted of sodomy.

As we reported, LPC intends to sue Kompromat.Lv. The publication accused of disseminating information about the possible involvement of Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov) to the scandal of pedophilia. Really have at our disposal the video: a man like Mr. Kudryashov comes into contact with a certain gay young man. The authenticity of this material is currently being tested by experts.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Synod of LPC Alexander Nagle told the newspaper «Vakara zi? As» that insult Metropolitan — is an insult of the whole Church. I beg to differ with this postulate. In 1999 in the Sverdlovsk region terrible scandal broke: head of the Diocese Bishop Nikon (Mironov) has been convicted of sodomy. Note that Mr. Mironov happened to be in Latvia, at the invitation of Mr. Kudryashov.

Here is an excerpt from the article "Komsomolskaya Pravda» (№ 82, May 7, 1999) "sodomy Bishop Nikon":

Uralic group of priests made a statement: For five years, they ruled a homosexual bishop.

"Our bishop — bugger!" With these posters last month were at a church in Nizhny Tagil angry believers. Culprit events — Bishop Nikon — had come to worship. "Nikon — bugger! — Chanted the demonstrators. — Do not Let the goat in the temple! "Sodomites in the tradition of the Church are called homosexuals. From the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah: their people addicted to sodomy, and the Lord has drowned them in the bottom of the Dead Sea. Lord of reported riots halfway. He turned and went to Yekaterinburg.

From the file of "KP"

Ruling Bishop Bishop of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Nikon — in the world, Oleg Mironov, 38 years. For approximate — Myron. By nationality — Mordvin on secular education — accountant. As the head of the Orthodox Yekaterinburg, lord painted nails with varnish. Rumor has it that he wears a robe pants like ladies tights.

Nikon has appeared in Yekaterinburg in the 94th, and first liked. Then he began to notice something was wrong. Once Bishop stole antique vestments XVII century. Rector of the church of Alexander Nevsky Nizhny Tagil Father Gennady Vedernikov begged robe embroidered with gold in the museum for a day. Lord saw: "Give!" Long priest lay with the director of the museum in the legs: asked to forgive debt …

Vusmert reveling, Nikon beat priests. Once, during a visit to one of the monasteries, he and all the fluff given a slap and a representative governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast Verkhoturov Alexander Kapustin. He did not know how to act accordingly.

In the refectory of the higher ranks of drinking vodka with Nikon and screaming guitar secular songs. One bishop tore chairman of the regional government order, dipped it in a glass of vodka, and demanded: "lacked teeth." And then splashed with vodka into the sky and asked God, "Who are you? And I — the bishop! "

But worst of all were the rumors of sexual inclinations Nikon …

From the file of "KP"

Orthodox clergy is divided into black and white. White priests can marry. Black has to live in absolute celibacy — of these is the tip of the church nomenclature. But, alas, there is the "blue" priests.

In front of me sits a young man of twenty-five black eye. Sergei was Mordovtsev Verkhoturye servant in a monastery.

— Our bishop, — Serge thumb sticks out — this is a girl! In terms of oral sex, no woman so I was not satisfied!

Had no qualms guy tells how he was summoned by a monk: "You can please the bishop?" "What's that?" — "Fuck it." Serge chastity did not suffer, "For the money — no problem."

Every time Nikon came to Verkhoturye Serge regal ruler allowed himself to do blowjob. For five heavenly bliss Mordovtsev received six million old.

Sergei nobody here condemns. Going to bed with a fat guy, he saved from dishonor all the brethren. Before Mordvinov agreed to work as a prostitute, Nikon extorted his bed virgin and chaste monks.

Here's the story of the monastery. "In October, the 95 th year we arrived Bishop Nikon. I went up to his chambers for a blessing, Bishop was in his underwear, was standing beside my brother, a priest Oleg Fedotov. Lord was pretty drunk. When he went, he said: "Pimen, let me fall in love with your brother, and I am his wife."

Abbot refused to give his brother, and the bishop has reduced demand, "Bring me some monk. Unfortunate Pimen long had to convince the ruler that all went to the service. Nikon then pulled his trousers and crawled to him.

Since that day, the bishop demanded the abbot boys comfort.

For information: the chain of command in the church — more rigid than even the army. Do not obey the order — a terrible sin. Followed by severe penalties.

Diocese learned what a "career with legs." Married priests Bishop hated (as women do). Appointed to the leadership of "their".

Diocese shook case when the abbot of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Kamensk-Uralsk put Archimandrite Klavdiana. 25-year-old boy received a monastery … a day vows — after spending a day not a monk. He admitted that he was the lover of Nikon. Priests call him "Claudia Ivanovna."

"Training ground" for Nikon has Yekaterinburg diocesan seminary. I was able to meet with two of his former students. Both are 17 years old came back, hoping to "serve the Mother Church." Both solicited master. Alex luckily escaped that fate. Sasha could not.

— Entrance exam was not. Were selected for appearance: height, weight, face … Dali test: four questions. "Do you like to read in a mirror their private parts? Love to touch him? Use makeup? "

Boys not selected for study. That they are not required at all.

— They said, "You are our poor things. Such downloaded "In the fourth year we passed the" tails "of the first. And receives letters "For excellent study"!

A month later, Lech and Sasha was taken to the cottage to Nikon.

— We were told to work with. We: let's take a rake! And they bought thirteen bottles of vodka, two cases of beer …

Even the guys in the car began to drink. Carried clearly confusing road. In the country "seminarians" struck a luxury — bath with pool, "seksodrom" five by five meters … Lech realized in time for what is, and managed to "hang." Sasha upoili almost unconscious.

— I went to the bath — he says, — I look naked Nikon sits. I was so stunned that sober. I then church in pink seemed. About anyone would have thought — but not about Bishop …

Nikon hover asked him back. And the guy still pouring.

— I was almost unconscious on the bed planted to Nikon …

Sobered up, the guy with the priests could not see.

From school children escaped. After a while at night a car came for Sasha. Nikon waited in the temple. Raised his hand at the altar: "I swear — if you tell someone, you are buried under the coffin of the deceased. No one will find your corpse! "

Even now, a year later, the boy close to hysteria. He drank glasses of valerian, eating tranquilizers. Hiding, does not live at home …

Maybe it was his destiny was the last straw. In the summer of '98, 52 priest (exactly half of the diocese) complained of Patriarch Nikon. All the facts set out in the reports of ninety. Delegation of five priests took them to Moscow.

In January, the commission arrived. According to the results of its work on April 1 Holy Synod ordered to liberate the most active fathers troublemakers from office. Bishop Nikon reprimand … but provide direction. That is punished for that priests dared to complain!

Father were in shock. According to church law, you can repent of murder — you will be forgiven. But the one who caught homosexuality excommunicated for 15 years! Bugger just can not be a bishop.

Orthodox Latvia in order to fight against homosexuality asking Moscow to intervene

Son Wii Artmane Kaspars (Elisha) Dimiters Moscow Patriarchate urges to create in Riga stauropegic arrival to avoid the worst scenario, so believers brought Latvian former waiter of the restaurant "Tallinn" in Riga Metropolitan Alexander, in the world Kudryashov.

About Metropolitan Alexander predilection for males back in the 1990s, many Russian press wrote. Archbishop of the Latvian Orthodox Church recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. Have you changed that? .. "Blue scandal" is no longer the case — the last was in the early 2000s, landing in jail "suppliers yard" Ingus Tunxi and Ainars Eysaksa.

Manned by security forces the trial was closed and officially Metropolitan nothing was caught, but the name of Alexander widely sounded informally: investigating and doing investigative commission of the Diet with the inherent desire to let the politicians and the informal public. Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov), however, is well known and on the other hand, as a capricious tyrant leader with features.

The last of his conflict with the son of the late actress Vija Artmane Kaspars (Elisha) Dimiters week ago resulted in a television program telecast Nek? Peron? Ga, where the wife Dimiters League (Anna) Dimitere accused of dereliction of church property. However, as it became known KOMPROMAT.LV, telecast was just another milestone in the long history of misunderstanding and Latvian Orthodox Bishop.

Even before the right people decried Metropolitan Alexander of unwanted family Dimiters, Kaspars Dimiters many times appealed to the Moscow Patriarchate with complaints of arbitrariness ruler.

These should not had any effect, but, on the contrary, applications and requests back to the table Archbishop (according to unofficial information, the lord Alexander (Kudryashov) covers the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Kliment, who was lord of the Latvian suitably grateful for that.)

We publish one of the letters Kaspars (Elisha) Dimiters the Moscow Patriarchate, dated 30 November last year. It eloquently shows Batyushko abuse alcohol, the sale of church property for corruption and tyranny of the Church leadership "himself" and his entourage.

In Orthodoxy taken to avoid criticizing management. On the other hand, the crime must be disclosed. Which of these theses are true? ..

His Holiness,

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia


from the Latvian Orthodox

Caspar (Elisha) Dimiters

S I D E T E L L S T of G and P R O W E N E.

Your Holiness!

Solved this long letter I was inspired by your public speaking.

I'll start with a good piece of evidence — about what grace in a relatively short time of his stay in Orthodoxy felt my mother was actress Vija Artmane.

Mother's testimony

After one evening service at the Trinity-Sergius Monastery of Riga September 17, 2002 my mother accompanied my eldest son James. At a tram stop she told him the amazing words that the son came home, immediately wrote. Here they are in translation:

"It's beautiful singing nun. Evening service personal. This gives me peace, because I feel a direct connection to God. I ask God for strength. Force, which gives me the peace of Christ. Force, which gives me the ability to not be angry at his detractors and enemies, and the state, and its operation. Force that gives me humility transfer difficulties. Strength, which helps me to keep in the heart love, and respect for his enemies. Force, which does not allow in my heart creep rage and anger. Only the God-given power and the world gives me joy in this world to live and love. Prior to his death, want to keep this grace of God and the love of peace. That tram on his way … "

My mom rested in the Lord at the end of last year and his will was inveterate in the Cathedral Hristarozhdestvenskom Council of Riga.

About me or how I became Orthodox

Both of my parents were actors. Mother, actress Vey Artmane (in Orthodoxy Elizabeth) knew in the entire former Soviet Union. I am 52. My vocation — poetry and ballads. Became a bard and have about 20 albums, several books of poetry and three opera librettos. Has written and acute journalism on current topics related to moral questions of society. Married 30 years. I have two sons — James (24) and Stephen (15). Baptized at the age of 27 at the Lutheran Church, but only one visit to the evening service at Trinity-Sergius Monastery of Riga completely changed my spiritual life. I realized that for me, my father's house is Orthodoxy. That evening served Abbot asked me what hurts my heart. One inexperienced but explicitly said he was looking for a spiritual father. Looking at me with a kind smile abbot replied, "You need a priest for softer," and sent me to Bauska — in town, where he served as the spiritual son of Archimandrite Tavriona (Batozsky) Abbot Eugene Rumyantsev. This is the place for many years to become an island of salvation for my family. In Orthodoxy, my family for 20 years.

In the early roots of faith were still weak and on the rise of national awakening in Latvia as an independent state family undertook the restoration of the oldest stone church in Latvia, taking a step back to Lutheranism. But received the grace of Orthodoxy is not allowed to return to the teachings of the Lutherans. Over 7 years of this church, we created a Christian commune for addicts, alcoholics and ex-prisoners "Krusty Scola" (School of the Cross), which studied the writings of the Fathers of the Eastern Church. Creating a commune was natural, because I myself have tried to escape from his addiction to alcohol. Thank God for everything — in 1995 as a family (wife and two sons), we returned to the bosom of the Orthodox Church. Us to Orthodoxy and joined my sister and her daughter. The thin, and good counsel Abbot Eugene Rumyantsev, a little later on to Orthodoxy and joined my mom Via Artmane, choosing his angel holy Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. Despite the fact that we all Latvians, it was our Church Slavonic tradition of Orthodoxy. Of those who have been through the experience of the "School of the Cross", 80 Latvians became Orthodox.

The first knockdown in the zone mode LPC

After casting our Exodus from Lutheranism we moved to Cesis district, 100 km from Riga, where they decided to revive and renew the small abandoned Latvian Orthodox Church in the town of Kos. With difficulty obtained permission to open the house of God, to bring it into order. Inside the real chaos reigned. Rotting priestly vestments were razbrosheny the temple. On the left the choir from the Holy Sepulchre we got wet and rotting ball of rags brocade. It was wrapped in communion vessels and antimensia. (!) Little was known about the "possible / impossible" the Constitution, but the heart realized that it all can not leave it. Looking at the altar, saw chaos and there. On the altar and on the throne lay overturned vases, lamps and dirt everywhere rats. Prayed and went to clean up and that part of the church. God knows — we do not know that we should have a special blessing on entry to the altar. For this we have taken the voice of conscience lay carelessly previous owners neglected spiritual home. These works, and we filmed the video, part of which is presented and the leadership of LPC. Also, they were returned with purified church affiliation. Even manage beautifully restored Parish Gospel.

When everything was put in order, were invited to visit us and the Lord Alexander. He did not refuse. The triumph of his arrival posted ads in all the nearest center of our parish. Many people came. Lord came to accompany him, listened to our evidence, assessed work and … the mouth of one "experienced" Archpriest carried my sentence: "Kaspars Dimiters made the greatest desecration of the church in the history of Orthodoxy in Latvia …". And this is after many days tidy before abandoned temple. Did not expect gratitude, but at least support.

Second knockdown in the zone mode LPC

Over time, our parish priest was appointed, and once a month the service began. Took everything as well-deserved punishment, for they knew that in the future it is necessary to add and subtract emotion judgment. Restored hope that with the help of the priest will begin our little mission in that black hole of unbelief countryside. But my father was a man of formal approach and began to baptize: young and elderly, without catechesis.

He also tore the service without warning because of his addiction to alcohol. Since he had experience in dealing with this addiction, try to understand it and to forgive. But disruptions continued. We both frequented and churches in Riga, but local parishioners irregular service was not good. We decided to just say this priest. He became angry, and as close to the Lord, to organize everything so that the service in our parish for two years ceased altogether.

A third knockdown in the zone mode LPC

With God's help, and it survived. Two years later we were assigned another priest, Latvians, not young, but more recently has become a priest. Returned again to hope. Became concerned about his church and financially investing in repairs to the roof, floor, walls, and installation of forests and special oven your family means (ten thousand dollars). Of its assets over the years and the fees paid to the priests, and others help pokosnikam in different works. But it turned out that this priest the same problems with alcohol, and he also began to tear so rare service. He once served as a drunk. Then we have not had the courage to prevent this. On his arrival another similar courage appeared, and drunken priest, who could not even get up on a hill to the church, put back in the car and had brought him to go home. Do not be angry, for they knew how much we are all in this time ill.

Despite the hard life of the parish, in one night the church approached people with flashlights on their foreheads and started something mezhevat. Over time we have learned that the leadership of our parish LPC sold land, right under the nose of a living parish. Appealed to the Secretary of the Synod (who at that time was our first father) with an oral request at least half to share with the arrival, but the secretary replied calmly: "Well, you all understand …"

Fourth knockdown in the zone mode LPC

In addition to all the cases and non-cases with the arrival and relationship with the LPC, and I continued to my creative work. After the success of the opera based on Victor Hugo, "Notre Dame de Paris", the composer Zigmars Liepins suggested I write a libretto based on Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita". This was announced and the press. On the feast of the Assumption of his family, I was in the service at the Trinity Cathedral in Riga.

Even at the same confession archpriest, who publicly documented and declared me "the greatest defiler", acutely pointed out that Bulgakov's novel "The Gospel of the devil." Tried to explain to him that I have a plan, how to Christianize the job, but he would not listen. When standing in line for Communion, holding his youngest son, Rev. again came to me and said sternly, "to approach the Communion I forbid you … Until such time as will not abandon its evil intent …"

Over time, things have turned out, so that the work I did not have to write at all. Of course, I was grateful that archpriest, because I persevered and the weakness of the human was not disappointed in the hardness of the foundations of Orthodoxy. But as with the other — those who because of such a bold approach to personal Laity could not stand? I have met plenty of people from the sect "New Generation" ["charismatic Christians" with American roots], because we and they are active in the fight against the ideology of sodomites. Most of them are former Orthodox, who just said, "We were also Orthodox, but for us there is no one paying attention, just scared and teased."

Knockdown in the fifth zone regime LPC

I have a friend with whom I started the path to Orthodoxy. He became a clergyman, I — the laity, layman. His calling, and the blessing of the former Metropolitan Leonidas was and is the publication of Orthodox books in Latvian. On this day, thanks to the enthusiasm of my friend has published more than 50 books. For our size is a huge number. But from the very first editions of the blessings of the current bishop for publishing the works he could be very difficult. Over time, it became impossible to do. Formal responsibility shifted to the shoulders of other people, publishing, he has not left. He just tried to continue with success in the 19th century and St. started. John Riga extended deal Orthodox mission among Latvians. Fr. John Kalnins (the name of my friend) also tried to raise interest LPC leadership to the Latvian temples that left without parishes were destroyed. Over time, and this guide its initiative to neutralize LPS. Constantly leaders created a myth that Fr. John Letts Kalnins provoking a split type of Estonian as artificially to the republic was drawn to Polish patriarchy.

Such an interpretation of its efforts to fully false. Both of us, as Christians, were born in the bosom of the Russian Orthodox Church. We are both first sip Truth is absorbed Church Slavonic tradition. We were both in awe aware that the ROC rises in the blood of the new Russian. We both honor the spirit-bearer righteous Archimandrite. Tavriona (Batozsky) and Archimandrite. John (Krestyankin), who were the spiritual leaders of our spiritual father. Any "Estonian" version there can be no question.

Two years ago, Fr. John Kalnins rude and canonically deprived of his rank, put in a corner and those of his children, who, as Latvians, barely overcame the standard cliches narrowly nationalist attitude of all things Russian. But, with the help of Fr. John, they did overcome their prejudices. After the prohibition of their spiritual leader to continue deepening the Slavic Orthodox tradition it was impossible, for the most part they are very young mentally. Defrocking their father they thought was lawlessness on the Russian side. Trite but true.

How many letters we may write in the ROC, no matter how much you were looking for support through the various figures of the ROC. On the verge of despair, Fr. John Kalnins appealed to the Administrative Court of Latvia. I understand that the priest to seek justice in a secular state institutions is not proper, but it was his last cry. In his defense publicly raised his voice and my wife League (Anna) Dimitere, but no changes are forthcoming. After that, the authority of bishops in the eyes of patriotic Latvians had fallen to zero.

Knockdown in the sixth zone regime LPC

Realized that to continue so harmful for the soul, my wife went back to the old spirit of the mission and continued quiet little village takes care of two churches, saving them from destruction. Also tried to clear the total sediment from conflict with the leaders of LPC. Christmas is coming, and in one of emptying churches in the village of Mali (in which we also have invested — about five thousand dollars, not to the central tower collapsed) we had a larger Bethlehem Christmas icon in the center (before the church building was a warehouse store ). On the opening night of Bethlehem in the West Christmas and inform the Secretary of the Synod. Suddenly, at the appointed time came he Secretary of the Synod, Fr N., accompanied by others to serve him. At the prayer service were about 15 local Latvians with children who were in the Orthodox Church for the first time in his life. After the prayers, and the young priest peny N. sermon. Not a word about the essence of Christmas, not a word about the love of God, not a word about the Great Joy! What says the secretary, hardly was clear only to my family, because he spoke only of heresy, schism, referring to the deal with John Kalnins. Hieromonk scared all words that "the dissenters do not wash away your sin, even the blood of martyrdom" (!). A hint of cleavage was not completely clear to us, because Fr. John, in his book "Historical comment," for which he was convicted, he wrote about the sale of church property. But the local and ordinary people, we have created a festive Bethlehem Nativity of light from the Orthodox priesthood and did not learn anything. Them this day is remembered as a "celebration" of threats against heretics and schismatics.

Knockdown in the seventh zone regime LPC

In the following year, we gathered for manure (Sabbatarian) in the temple town Zaube. This temple is remarkable in that it did not stop the service throughout the Soviet period. They stopped only with the beginning of the Board present Bishop. Today, the church is in a dangerous condition. But toloka was. Before that, learned that the land of the parish LPC sold some lord, we did not hesitate to invite and Saturday. He came and showed that the Church now belongs to only a narrow range of band width of two meters. He also told how much to pay for the deal and how much officially pocketed Archpriest Synod Secretary K. It was the archpriest, who told us already know the words of the "perfect understanding": "Well, you all understand …"

Knockdown in the eighth zone regime LPC

For several years my family and I are actively protesting against the ideology and parades sodomites. In 2009, my wife came to the heart of all mothers issued a call to come in white kerchiefs and create a wall against the Baltic Pride 2009. Formally LPC collected signatures under protest testimony for all the churches, but then never sounded as they were collected, and how their instances presented. The passivity of the major religions of Latvia, including the LPC, in relation to processions sodomites, is widely known. The only active protest church figure is a Catholic Cardinal Janis Pujats and … former Orthodox sect of "new generation". (!) And this time, no support for the initiative on the part of my wife's LPC followed. As a result of the call to respond only she and another Latvian Orthodox. In such a situation, the wife had a plan "B". She tied herself to a large Orthodox cross and barefoot asked that the police let her into the protected zone of the participants sodomitskogo parade. Let her. (!) When the parade began, it became front parade, a person (or cross) to the participants and the back swing in the front, trying to stop the march. In several sections of the route she did it, and rally stalled. When she realized that it was impossible to stop the parade will be, she went straight across the street, under the lens of the world media.

How then she told herself, it was her sacrifice, because she was ready to die, indicating that the cross of Christ will always be a barrier any iniquity, every perversion, as well as a sign pointing out the way of salvation. Cross beamed to the whole planet, replacing the standard display bright processions in the world media.

This step she was the last straw in a container patience LPC leaders. After its ban on Communion (for public defense Fr. John Kalnins) followed penance: a reference to two weeks in a monastery. (!) She — not a nun and not a widow, and also cell attendant Bishop. She — my wife and the mother of my children. Did Bishop has the right to shut the married woman without the consent of her husband? Does our church like this in the Constitution? It should be mentioned that before the Secretary of the Synod demanded a letter from her with remorse for what he did. She wrote a letter, repenting that dared to publicly rebuke his Archpastor in iniquity against Fr. John Kalnins, but that it protected our family friend, it certainly does not repent, nor repented that the Cross protested sodomites.

Her remorse assessed as unfit and asked to write a more suitable. From the secretary, she learned that, going to the Cross the street and standing in front of sodomites, it is, and I quote, "polluted the church sanctuary." But knowing that it will continue to act according to conscience, it reduced the term of the gate for two days, which she sang, for access to the Eucharist is considered above all these differences.

By this I want to add a certificate to meet my wife with senior people from the Latvian security services, when she turned to him with a request that they refused to protect the parade sodomites. At her request responsible manager answered the question, "Why are you with the same force do not fight against the 'blue' at the top of your church (LPC)?" Surprised this question, in response to his wife suggested: "You help me." Responsible person to answer it (and I quote): "They have too much ass is covered …".

Knockdown in the ninth district LPC mode

The audience in Latvia already used to that, compared with the leaders of other faiths, too LPC leader stands out, filming next to the presidents, millionaires, politicians, and other persons with a high rating and secular influences. Many common and not so crafty Latvians think that Orthodoxy — is the cult of personality of the ruling bishop, and jokingly call him "Dad Riga." It is a shame for us. Before the last parliamentary elections in Holy Trinity Church on Zadvinskoy ambo before the Royal Doors in a jacket and tie speaking politician-businessman from the party BOB Andris Ameriks [official rather controversial reputation, having an informal nickname "Mr. Twenty", which hints at the amount of interest like "good"]. Reading the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, I found that even the pure in form is part of the Church is not allowed.

A couple of years ago, our bishop publicly honored the opening of his image — a picture in which he is seen against the background of the panorama of Riga and the blue sky. In people, this picture also has a name, which by reason of this name is embarrassingly not dare announce here.

Peak cult leader LPC has been made the celebration of its 70th anniversary. Scanning the official site of LPC, with only one impression — the bishop and his merits were fully replaced out of our Lord and His saints. Even Salaspilssky wonder (reflected image of the icon of Our Lady of the glass) was construed as if the Virgin appeared to remind us how the Orthodox in Latvia disobedient to his Archbishop.

Appeared recently in Latvia and "Bishop" street, for her once lived and our bishop. Has an interview with the auxiliary bishop, where he shows the hierarchs as if he is already in eternity, and it comes to his canonization.

Knockdown in the tenth district LPC mode

A couple of days ago we learned that in the village church in Mali, where once created Bethlehem, already held the second service during which the priest (the one from intoxicated he could not rise to our church in Kos) re communion unbaptized Tatar. Although we have repeatedly reported LPC leadership of the "activities" of the priest. But who are we to our appeals guide has awarded us with their attention. We do Latvians and even those who are protesting. And such a favorite bishop has no place.

Will there be a knockdown or knockout soon follow?

Much learned to endure for personal humility, like a cross, deserved his little faith or lack of faith of the people. But morally political situation is changing not only in the world, not only in Russia but also in Latvia. To take effect the new amendments of the law on religious organizations. Now anyone can create in our parishes any omophorion. In healthy LPC authority among many Latvians have not. On the mission of Orthodoxy in Latvia can not be considered. There is no Orthodox websites or blogs priests missionaries. There is only one official, with only one "mission" — to write about the solemn services, visits and meetings of the ruling bishop.

If the Russian changes that began in the mission of the ROC is not reached and the Gulf of Riga, the split between Latvians and Russian, or between Russian inevitable. This is not John Kalnins, who must be suspected of being splitters (in his book he published facts sale of church property), it is not the Latvian National filetisty (heresy ecclesiastical nationalism), which creates an atmosphere for the split.

This is the "merit" of many years of church-political regime leadership LPC. For the above symptoms are similar to "Orthodoxy" can already be suspected of heresy. It feels like it's in the heart after watching a film about the life of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh "Apostle of Love."

About as "missionary work" in the area said LPC mode and testimony, recorded my wife at a meeting with the archpriest, to which it sent the Secretary of the Synod Fr N. The aim was to show the direction of my wife in her place, certain her "missionary" LPC. Archpriest he expressed directly: 1) the best mission for this mixing of the Orthodox in their churches or homes for private prayer, 2) to act against the sodomites do not, because here the European Union, and everyone there has already been decided without us, and 3) would win Muslims for they fast and pray more orthodox.

Recently, a conference was held in Riga in honor of the memory of Archimandrite Tavriona. Try to find a single word about this site LPC. Will not succeed. K gold frame cult ideology of the ruling bishop is not appropriate. But as you know, arhimandrtit Tavrion not afraid to be a missionary of love even in the long years of exile. Unfortunately, due to an already known failure of the conference organizers did not get the blessing of the ruling bishop. May not need such metropolitan devotees of Christ which his testimony cast reproach such Pharisaic approach to church life, which actually exists in the area of LPC. Last year in Moscow, St. Tikhon Institute was also carried out a similar conference on the Archimandrite. Tavrionu on the 30th anniversary of his death. Metropolitan Alexander, too, there was not invited. Obviously knew his attitude to the martyrs and confessors of Russia.

Attention! Risk of legal lawlessness!

Hope that the leadership of LPC to change his style of government, there is no reason for the system raised an army of acolytes Bishop. Many (but not all) broken person. They, like their Master, they like to scare and anger. Been to several episcopal services, where I had to witness the anger Archbishop. He did not hesitate to loudly and publicly berate his subordinates, which are electrified, to do all the vagaries of the Lord. Anger that the virus has spread and his assistants, secretaries itp

Do not raise the alarm anymore. The situation in the state law says about herself. Recent changes in the law on church property reads:

"The rights to return illegally confiscated from the estate facilities in accordance with its charter (constitution) is religious organizations, which in 1940 were registered in the lists of the Church and Faith Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Department of Press and Society of the Ministry of Social Affairs, if they did not cease their religious activities and resumed its legal status. Registration of a religious organization until 1940 certifies certificate from the Latvian State Archives. The resumption of the legal status of the registration certificate shall certify religious organization. "

Where is the hidden danger. It is known that, historically, at 1940 Rolling Mill was under K-Polish omophorion. Once in Latvia, Soviet troops entered, LPC back under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church. Although the ROC is a historical womb LPC, but it is impossible to deny the fact. It should create some kind of activist comes to the Polish-patriarchy, produce a certificate from the State Archives — and will begin a national political shake-up a showdown that had never happened. Another real threat comes from so-called false bishops Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church Victor Kontuzorova. Obtaining legal registration, he can also take advantage of the changed situation in our legislation.


On behalf of all those Orthodox who consider their spiritual womb of the Russian Orthodox Church, please take action to change the situation in the LPC. We do not want splitting, or "progress" to the Polish-omophorion. Want to stay in neraskolotoy LPC in the bosom of the Mother Church of the ROC.

I propose to create stauropegic arrival in the Latvian capital under direct your leadership. I am sure that it will immediately spiritual revival of the Latvian Orthodox, revitalize missionary work, will show that we are not left on their own, and help many frustrated people to really see what the Orthodox Church.

Asking your holy prayers and blessings

Kaspars (Elisha) Dimiters,

Orthodox poet, singer and writer

November 30, 2009

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