Soothsayers and astrologers of the Third Reich

Karl Ernst Krafft, William Wolfe

As you know, many Nazi leaders had sympathy for mysticism and astrology. However, despite this, the fate of the astrologers in the "Third Reich" was not too happy, regardless of their political views expressed. All press down under the political regime itself demanded total, unrestricted monopoly in the "domination of the spirit."

Soothsayers and astrologers of the Third Reich

Interesting testimony given German archives. So, before the arrival of the Nazis to power in the archives found mass predictions about Hitler, who, according to the author of the book "Occult Reich" J. Brennan, "literally all … known for their inaccuracy. " But from the start of 1934 — not a single prophecy, which would affect the Fuhrer. Public thinking this kind have become a dangerous affair. However, the Nazis abandoned the use of astrology in their purposes. However, with one exception, though substantial: astrologers had to work for them.

According to astrologer Wulff, Himmler told him in a conversation face to face, "in the Third Reich, we must ban astrology … We can not afford to follow their own astrologers call, excluding those who work for us. In the National Socialist State astrology should remain the lot of a privileged minority. It is not for the masses. " Interesting example of this kind is an astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft. Before World War II he lived in southern Germany.

Kraft was an ardent admirer of Hitler. It so happened that on November 2, 1939, he wrote to his friend, who served in the institution Himmler rather strange letter that determined the fate of the "seer." From the letter indicated that the astrological calculations indicate a danger to the life of Hitler, from 7 to 10 November. Officials did not attach much importance to this letter and sutured it to the papers.

But when the November 9, 1939 in the beer hall in Munich bomb, the letter recalled. Kraft was arrested and taken to Berlin for interrogation. The logic was: star stars, but not too many people know that predicts such an event? Under the dictatorship of shrewdness excessive and unnecessary knowledge — is the surest way to destruction, that there could be a special secret for Kraft. To survive, we had to prove to those who depended on his life and death, that he has not "done his job" and can be useful to them.

The solution was found. During his visit to Berlin involuntary Kraft spoke about the possibilities latent in the mysterious prophecies of Nostradamus. Goebbels, although not particularly mystical awe by the will of the stars, once praised the idea of a possible propaganda effect Kraft, who directed and go to work. So the famous French poems were used to demonstrate the inevitability of Hitler's rise to power and the German victory and predictions that were previously attributed to Napoleon, were regarded as prophecies about. future greatness of the Fuhrer.

This tactic gave some effect. Poetry French astrologer to interpret Kraft have been translated into many languages and even got to Iran. However, it was clear that the work is sewn with white thread. In the newspapers of several countries (and especially in Britain, where most sad prophecy promised future) published articles with headlines, asking: "Who is Nostradamus?" Several days later, the same was printed a clear answer: "Nostradamus is Hitler."

The author of these interpretations, Kraft, his interpretation of Nostradamus did not return the full freedom and only a few years to prolong life. In late 1944, he fell ill with typhus and in January 1945, died on the way to Buchenwald.

Kraft was not the only astrologer to have been accessed by the Nazis. Even more famous William Wolfe, author of the memoirs "Zodiac and the swastika. Himmler's astrologer before the court. " This was a man whose advice is listened to Himmler in 1943, and until the end of the Third Reich.

William Wolfe was born in Hamburg. After the First World War he studied painting at the School of Arts and dabbled in astrology, which gave him much more than painting. In hard 20 years he had a rather favorable "astrological practice," his clients were powerful politicians and the military.

But in the 30 years of his practice was closed. A month after the flight of Hess early June morning in an apartment Wolfe broke four people in uniform. They dropped the book from the shelves and turned everything upside down. Wolfe, like others, was sent to prison, where he was interrogated. But soon guard learned that the prisoner — astrologer, and the position Wolfe changed at a time when other prisoners were clearing debris, it withdrew to the side and asked about astrology.

After a while Wolf was released thanks to the efforts of a former client. In March 1942, Woolf was hired by the institute, which had not heard before. From the beginning, this war Berlin Institute research conducted operations, intended for military agencies. How did the astrologer got there?

In the words of Wolfe, in Berlin, he, to my amazement, I heard that the National-Socialist leaders have proposed the use of such "research centers" to harness "in harness, not only natural, but also supernatural forces" — from modern technology to black magic. All this was to be used "in the interests of final victory."

Wolfe brought to work at the Institute, as it, along with astrology and studied Vedanta, speaking his own language, "the Buddhist yoga." That's where the Zen Buddhist faith and decided to use the Reich to develop the qualities of the German soldiers, such as those held by the army soldiers Mikado. In Hong Kong, these "indifferent to the death," Japanese soldiers covered their bodies enemy throats, resulting in strong fortifications fell unexpectedly quickly. As we see here, it was not so much about mysticism as the use of international experience psychological training fighters, especially fighters bombers.

However, there were examples of a different kind. Thus, the institution used, and for a long time, no one Shtranyaka and his "colleagues." Former architect of Salzburg Shtranyak claimed that he had only seen photos of ship, he finds his location on a map. They said that, in fact, after he was shown photos of "Bismarck" and "Prince Eugene," he is using a pendulum discovered the location of these two ships. Well, these "skills" were just in time — for caravans English courts, in spite of everything, went hard to the coast of Russia.

But all hopes of magical power pendulums can freeze over the desired location on the map, to no avail. "Researchers", sitting with pendulums to exhaustion in his hands, and could not help neither the German submarine fleet, or the Luftwaffe in their hunt for English ships. Some have suggested that the reason for the failures — interference inherent in the atmosphere of Berlin. Employees with pendulums was transferred to a special island, reducing them to the same business day. But the results were still "less successful" than before. Apparently, in his hasty promiscuity Nazis did not bet on the wrong horse and "harnessed" not the power.

Astrology in this regard was luckier. An underlying desire for it has given way to outright interest in a period of dramatic events in the Apennine peninsula. Went critical in 1943 In May, the Italian forces in North Africa surrendered. July 10 British and American troops entered the land of Sicily. A week later, on Rome was made the first massive raid by U.S. aircraft. Hitler at this time to help his friend Benito could do nothing, as its main force was employed in Kursk.

In this situation, the members of the Grand Council of the Fascist Italy began to realize that you need to take urgent action to prevent a disaster mode. So it was decided to sacrifice himself Mussolini. Duce was accused that his "dictatorship undermined fascism." Waging war under his leadership has been called "stupid." July 25 Mussolini was arrested. Traces of it for a time lost.

However, Hitler continued to believe in the omnipotence of government figures. Feverish search for the missing Duce. These queries used all that promised any hope. Indeed, think of Woolf. July 28, leaving the house, he saw two Gestapo sent him on behalf of high-ranking officials of the Reich. Wolfe, in his own words, was able to determine that the dictator is stolen (as it originally was) not more than 75 miles from Rome. Wolf then met with Schellenberg, which discussed the horoscope of Hitler and Stalin and the "astrological perspective the UK and the U.S.." Judging from the astrologer, who is difficult to check, he shared his thoughts on the Schellenberg sad future Führer, which is waiting for him to sign:

"It will probably fall by the hand of an assassin … and that mysterious, in the circumstances in which women play a leading role. The world, apparently, will never know the exact details the circumstances of his death … "Touching upon Stalin, Wolf said:" If Stalin's birth date is accurate, then we can expect a large number of very favorable planetary indications in the 1945 — 1946 G. They indicate the defeat of the Soviet Union. "

Be that as it may, after preliminary meetings Wolfe was in the castle of the Alpine Himmler, a man who has spent his life trying to make up his own mediocrity by mystics, attributes which he used to emphasize his greatness. As soon as it was called either! And "Henry Kaiser," and "The Black Duke"., And even King Arthur. Emanated from the spirit of the mystics of many rituals taken "order selected" — SS. Romantically colored mysticism and sadistic brutality combined in Himmler with sentimentality, which he did not mind when the opportunity to demonstrate. At the table, the "Black Duke" loved to speculate about what can not stand hunting — a spectacle of suffering animals. And at the same time, he could enjoy the voluptuous human suffering and humiliation.

Here is this man, and then had a chance to get close Vul-fu. The start of their first meeting was a dinner in the presence of SS officers, admiringly hearkeneth speeches astrologer. Not without affectation Woolf wrote that they looked at him like children on Santa Claus. After dinner, the conversation was continued in office Reichsführer …

Spacious room, devoid of cumbersome and luxurious furniture. Round table with easy chairs — in the corner. Small monochrome carpet on the floor and striking single picture: Viking ship, risking descend the cliffs, fought with stormy sea. As noted by Wolf, the picture looked symbolically: the ship sailed between Himmler's fate dangerous reefs in the stormy seas of the Nazi policies.

In the ensuing conversation, Himmler shared his own experiences in the field of the occult and observation phases of the moon, expressing knowledge of astrological terminology. But nothing is more interesting — Himmler revelations about politics.

So what is broadcast Wolfe this "all-powerful" man with pale eyes, hidden behind his glasses, and bloodless lips thread carefully trimmed mustache?

"For us, — argued Himmler, turning in his chair — policy means the management of people in the fullest sense of the word. This means the removal of all forces, except those that serve a constructive idea. " Managing people, domination over them, which aims to be subordinated to all — that is the main spring Himmler mysticism.

"I'm sorry — he continued, turning to Wolfe — that I had to expose you to the conclusion, but I just had to stop public astrology. More, they can not be tolerated in public life. Everything connected with astrology, should be banned … Frederick the Great is also banned astrology during the Seven Years War. He issued a warning to all predictors of fate, astrologers, palmists and pastors, threatening them with imprisonment if they say anything against his policies. He recommended an itinerant palmistry predict victory and long life of his soldiers to those fought bravely and deserted. Astrologers have also been warned by Frederick the Great and intimidating prison if their predictions would be contrary to the will of the state and state reasons … "

So, Germany above all! And let the days of Frederick was not yet a "Greater Germany", his experience can not be discounted. But mystifying to others, even those of the leaders of the "Third Reich", which did not experience Himmler-personal desire for mysticism, were ready to reach out to him in a difficult moment. In any case it is known that, in April 1945, Hitler and Goebbels began to seek solace in the horoscopes for which seized as the last straw in the maelstrom of a lost war. Their interpretation was more comforting than Wulff secret forecasts.

Generous horoscope, like the good old fairy tale, the most heralded rainbow to the Reich outcome of the war. According to his promises of Germany was in April of this very well be "able to transfer to the Eastern Front all his strike force, and after fifteen months, Russia will finally conquered Germany … Russia will disintegrate into small states. " Although light and hopeful, but the Allies did not want to be with the will of the stars and irresistibly crushing Nazi defenses. War, as we know, ended in the collapse of the Reich.

(YY Bondarenko. "Prophets can fail" — the magazine "Knowledge")

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