Spear Absolute power

Spear of Longinus or Spear of Absolute power — unlike other Christian relics. He was ranked as a variety of supernatural properties, such as the endless reign of owner spears over the world.

Legendary Spear of Longinus appeared on Earth before the advent of our Savior — Jesus Christ. Lance is the founder of Phinehas — the third high priest of Judea. As a military man, Phinehas often connected with a certain strength, which in those days was considered a god, passing his orders to people. When the owner of the Lance died, it was to travel from one person to another. Rumor, supposedly a man in whose hands the spear, can control the whole world. Says that Phinehas managed to combine in his gun two faces: the absolute good and absolute evil. However sharpened spear in power and might themselves have no direction, so they have to manage people. Since the creation of Phinehas named Spear of Destiny. Before the birth of Jesus were still many centuries.

Everyone wanted to become a master of the infamous Spear. When breaking down the walls of Jericho, it was in the hands of Joshua, Herod, leaning on his spear, and commanded to destroy innocent children, King Saul threw it to a young David. And then came the time when the Roman centurion Longinus Spear killed himself Savior. At that time, the subject was known simply enormous. As a result, medieval heretics started saying that Jesus is not the Son of God, he was no different from all other people, and the secret of its revival is in the same Spear of Longinus, which also granted him eternal life.

So on the murder of Jesus of the story ends with the biblical Spear of Destiny, which is converted to the real story is legendary weapons.
Longin finally believed that Christ was the Son of God has once made his terrible act. And after a while he himself began to preach the Gospel, laid the foundation stone of the Christian communities in Armenia. It is here and stored Spear of Longinus, until acquired even a single host in the face of the Apostolic Church. Incidentally, according to another version, the Spear of Longinus to Armenia were brought to the apostle Thaddeus. However, the result of one: artifact long resided in the monastery, which even then christened in his honor Surb Gegard (Holy Lance). In XVII century the Spear of Longinus again moved to Echmiadzin Monastery.

Its walls are relics left once.

When in the early XIX century the Russian army invaded Armenia to protect it from destruction by the Turks, Echmiadzin was spared from the enemy in the course of the operation of genius with minimum losses. At the insistence of monks, all values briefly transported to Tbilisi, where it was safer. Alexander I immediately recognized that it was delivered to Tbilisi Spear of Longinus and personally promised to give its owners at the first request. Word was kept and now Spear Absolute power is back in the Echmiadzin monastery. Every 7 years old relic goes out of their place of storage — the ark — and can see the all present.

But people with each passing day more and more are beginning to doubt whether this Spear contains Armenians. There are several reasons.
One of them — is that artefacts in the monastery, has significant differences with the description of weapons manufactured once Phinehas. Other — known and attributed Spear of Longinus properties would not leave anyone indifferent ruler of the world, which for some reason did not show to the sacred relics of special attention.

It is possible that in fact Spear of Longinus long ago stolen from the Armenians, but instead it was decided to make a fake, not to shock people.

Further proof of falsity can be considered an artifact that stores his church has not yet attained the status of the world. Any church that has at its disposal preserved since God's holiness, must receive this status.

But apart from the Armenian Spears has another, which also has an interesting history. Moreover, as the time it is considered to be a real spear absolute power, which once owned the Longinus. Today it is in Austria, in Vienna.

After studying European history, you can see that the weapons long after Lance passed around from hand to hand until it was lost by Charlemagne. Found him at the end of XI century in Antioch. Once in possession of the leader of the Crusaders Count of Toulouse, the Crusades began, one after another to conquer the enemy fortress, reaching most of Jerusalem.

There are almost two centuries kept a sacred relic, until it was taken away again in Europe. After that, the mighty Lance visited almost every great ruler of Europe, remain ultimately the property of the Habsburg dynasty in Vienna. Twice they were deprived of their relics: the first time when Napoleon took the spear Absolute power after Austerlitz. Bonaparte did not part with the artifact for as long as it is not stolen. Without the power and authority given to him by a spear, Napoleon was soon defeated.

Another time, the Spear of Longinus or Absolute power captured Nazi leader — Adolf Hitler, was very interested in magic and the occult. During the war, Hitler kept the Spear in Nuremberg, in a special cache. In the 45th Army entered the town Americans, who took possession of a relic of Hitler. Still, after a couple of years artifact returned to its rightful owners in Vienna.

During his wanderings Spear of Longinus has gained such fame that undermine people's confidence in his power to impossible. After all that, one of the world's greatest artifacts lying quietly in a quiet yourself Austria? No. Rather, Lance Absolute power in the United States. This is also evidenced that all U.S. governors were in the Masonic lodges, are closely associated with mysticism.

Some have suggested that the United States has a real spear, which they took during the Second World War, and after a couple of years gave a fake. And yet, it is difficult to believe in the fact that the Nazis were not able to save a great Spear of Longinus at the hands of the victorious Americans. It is believed that the Germans would have confused it with another relic — the sword of Saint Maurice, which they successfully saved with the Spear. But this is nonsense: all valuable objects transported Nazi officers of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Lance, perfectly representing the look of the Spear of Destiny. So the Germans, apparently, still have taken a real spear, leaving in its place a fake. And when the United States realized that they had been deceived, they quietly gave back Lance Habsburg dynasty.

But today it seems that the United States are the holders of ancient relics! Where and when it was over there?
Let's compare the behavior of Hitler and the Americans. Before the Nazi leader has at its disposal a great Spear of Longinus, he behaved quite calmly. Only by finding relics, he decided to start an open war. After the war, America and Germany acted as modest and uncertain. Everything has changed dramatically in the mid-80's. Most likely, the Yankees have power over Lance. But then where it acquires after its removal from the Nazis in Nuremberg and the time of its location by the Americans?

About 15 years ago there was a story, to explain the fate of the Spear of Longinus after rescuing his German from Nuremberg. According to the story, transporting artifact engaged Col. M. Hartman, brought him to Antarctica. In the 74th, he was again organized by the Order of the Lance, and five years on Hartman arrives in Antarctica to pick up the relic from its hiding place.

However, it is little doubt hiding place Spear — Antarctica. In general, the German sources indicate that Hartman actually managed transportation Spears from the country. He organized the new Order of the Holy Lance, after many years, which has been preserved to this day. However, there is no evidence that the storage place was Lance Antarctica. Perhaps hiding place have decided to keep a secret in view of the availability there any other important things. Perhaps, in fact, a cache was located not in Antarctica, and in Brazil, where he once wanted to find a home some followers of Hitler.

So, in the late 70's — early 80's legendary Spear of Longinus has returned to Europe. Hartman unfriendly attitude towards America and would never gave them sacred weapon, had died a few years. Treasure went to the Order, which could for good hand it to the U.S.. However, the possibility of destruction intractable Hartman U.S. agents or kidnapping of Lance secret vault.
One thing is clear — the U.S. now holds the strongest magical artifact. And who will get the spear Absolute power next time, tell us a time only.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Psi Factor" № 8 2012

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