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Well, for example, you wish to learn the characteristics of the Summer 7520 creation of the world in a star temple (2012 AD), or any other Summer. For that, open the program "Carols dar, krugolet Chisloboga ours, printed version of the Slavic calendar", etc. see the name of the 7520 (2012) summer, and it would be "144 — Holy Temple of God — houses of the kind." Next is a description of this summer (below). Similarly, you can see the description of the Summer 7521, 7522 (2013, 2014) ….

1 Earth Path
This year indicates that a person born in this year, has a great test, as well as the powers of the dark band passing crises, failures, and becoming. This year is the beginning of beginnings, and is always difficult to start, but whatever the origin, always followed the accomplishment of the goal and the embodiment conceived ideas.

2 Black Priest

Year determines strange mixture of religion and anti-religion, good and evil, there is the emergence of concepts such as Good and Evil Evil Good. In a year of very pronounced the unity and struggle of opposites, which leads to the birth of people with manic ideas that are beginning to create their own programs and exercises; who reject all spiritual and emotional, and recognize only the idea and materiality, their credo — to become the master world.

3 Star Virgo
Year increase of activity in different areas of society. This year there is a population explosion, ie women have as much as they can, because for them the revelation comes from heaven. In every child it leaves a part of themselves, and this particle is shown in such a way that does not leave his parents without supervision, and does not expose, for these children a strong sense of honoring one's parents. Women born in this year, are spiritual and religious leaders. Men — prolific, they try to have as many children and all the cases referred for an increase of sorts, and for what cause they would not take it, they do it with ease.

4 Star World
Year of Spiritual Transformation, the greatest discoveries in astronomy and other sciences connected with heaven. Year intellectual development powers, as well as the year of happiness, peace and prosperity. In that year, children are born with obvious signs of paranormal abilities: clairvoyance, levitation, instant moving in space, various psychic senses, etc. As a rule, this year there is an exchange of knowledge between civilizations. This is a year of free contacts.

5 Scroll of Fire
Drought year, when prevailing high solar radiation, there is plenty of water evaporation, which leads to the death of people and animals from heat and thirst, in addition, the heat and windy conditions are favorable conditions for fires. Case of heavy invasion of beetles, grasshoppers, and others, who devour crops and foliage in the woods. In the year of the Fire Scroll, people are born with a mystical turn of mind, to which the fire and fire rituals are a symbol of inner transformation.

6 Fiery Phoenix
Year of Spiritual refinement of society, when people find it hard to knock out of the way of the Force of Light. In that year, there is an increase of spiritual, intellectual and physical power in power. In that year, the high-born spiritual people who can lead people.

7 Yellow Fox
Year favorable for expanding the territory power, it will be non-violent in the year and through the voluntary merger. In the year of the Yellow Fox celebrated the dawn of the productive forces. Those born in this year, people who seek not only to the spiritual harmony, as to the creative. These people are very fond of children, they do not see life without a family and children.

8 Yellow Dragon
The year when the public tired of the constant strife and people come together in the fight against disasters. Correct to call this year, a year of protection from the elements. This year brings drought, dust storms, fires, famine as a result of crop failure, which burns in the bud. This year people are born — by an extraordinary talent for healing, so all their lives is to use this gift. In addition to the healers of these people received and sorcerers do not tolerate cursing in his address, and the consequences for the people of their exposure and punishment are terrible.

9 Green Snake
Year of realization of the ill-conceived ideas that people impose alien psychology, which brings confusion in the public mind, with all the ill-conceived ideas bills fail. This year people are born apathetic, with a pessimistic psychology, they tend to expect that some of them solve their problems. As a rule, their whole life is a dull mundane atmosphere. The only useful thing they can do is that they have many children, who is not like them.

10 Forest Eagle
Year of peace, harmony and tranquility, any attempt to make changes to the current state in a society are doomed to failure. This year people are born with a sense of psychological dependence on the outside world, any of these people in the room, artificial, unnatural conditions of life, is a sense of isolation and irritability or brings them into a state of apathy, which often leads to a psychological breakdown, up to very destructive manifestations aggression. They make excellent gardeners, foresters, their hobbies — hiking, sometimes causing them to take geology.

11 Heavenly Dolphin
Year of philosophical development in the community, when they begin to bloom beautiful flowers, all kinds of intellectual creativity, art, and all areas of scientific, religious and spiritual life. This year people are born with a keen sense, and the perception of subtle energies, with an unusual attraction to the occult and mysticism. Usually from people walking on the bright path to receive spiritual and enlightened leaders, PhD, humanities scholars. People walking on a dark path, there is a persecution, Napoleon syndrome, ie desire for world domination. From the dark, and poor people born in that year obtained sadists, tyrants, maniacs, despots, etc., because they are selfish and they like to watch someone else's grief, humiliation, and suffering.

12 Celestial Steed
Year critical turn of events and unpredictable decisions of the rulers. In that year, the rulers of nations, we must pay attention to the increase in cases of violations of the laws of the state. In this year of born people who are trying to achieve anything on their own, and they are considered neither a tradition nor the laws of society. They see themselves as always right, and it could be dangerous for them.

13 Sea Dog
Year of chaos, confusion in the minds, when top can not run society and the lower classes do not want to live in a world of chaos. In this Year for the case of replacement of rulers come back door, but none of it goes: no clearance, no development in the society. This year people are born narcissistic, selfish, to be a "center of the universe." They believe that the whole world should revolve around them, and all have to admire their intelligence and beauty. Such people are usually bad end their lives.

14 Sea Tur
Year of small uprisings, flu epidemics, limited wars. In this year are born talented people that their skills, talent and hard work is exchanged for trifles, as a rule, they have no business started not follow through, but from the midst of these people, sometimes appear a great ideological doctrine.

15 Lunar House
Year of heavy changes in the economy, when activated, industrial production, due to the outflow of workers from agriculture. This is also because of the fact that the dark forces promoted the rapid accumulation of wealth. This year people are born with a distinct religious and philosophical turn of mind, they tend to fill up the various sects of the cult of the Moon, where they raised a pronounced bigotry and chauvinism.

16 Lunar Temple
Year of active growth of various — sects and movements Moon cult. In addition, this year is actively developing religious and philosophical activity and spiritual Vedic thought. Centres have spiritual unity of people. In the year of the Lunar Temple, the most popular people become: astrologers, soothsayers, prophets, false prophets, etc. This year people are born with the religious-philosophical turn of mind, rejecting the narrow, materialistic form of understanding the world. They were unlucky in his personal life, they choose the path of asceticism and become ascetics, monks, hermits, ascetics.

17 Pilgrim of God (White Way)
Indicates the potent activity of forces of light on the mental and spiritual development of society and man. People born in this year are Servants solar cult, as they are called prophets, the Messiah, the spiritual master, Wanderers God. Such a man does not live for himself, but for others, and when he is working for the good of society, he helped the gods and ancestors and the man raises his spiritual potential.

18 White Priest
Year paradoxical changes in the psychology of the consciousness of society, as a rule, this leads to a revolutionary change, which leads to disruption of the evolution of society. The symbols of this year: some people's desire to go to the Shining Path, but Dark Forces using light calls, try engaging people on pyt destruction and chaos. This year can be called a year of struggle Antiboga God and, in any case where the bright start winning. In that year, born inspired people who embody their lives are good and right, and on the spiritual path, they attain great spiritual heights. These people became the leaders of various religious denominations or Priests high level.

19 Black Priestess
Year, which is widespread, efforts to achieve prosperity. This is a year of women's emancipation in this period can be of great benefit, than the man, for in that year for a woman to open the secrets of nature that every woman used to improve the family home. This year, women leaders are born by nature and man philosophers. Women born in this year, pulling in the exact sciences, and men in the sciences abstract, abstract.

20 Earthly Peace
Year improvement and creation, prosperity and discovery. Year spiritual and 4zizicheskoy harmony, development and prosperity of art. Reinforce its powers, prosperity and happiness. This year people are born with the ability to manifest the creative, any job for which they are taken, being accomplished easily. The only thing to keep in mind the parents of these children, that children work being carried away, do not care about their health.

21 Red Scroll
Year of chaos and confusion in the minds, the year when it is very hot show themselves, the society of black mysticism, which are practiced bloody rites, until human sacrifice. In that year, the world's shed a lot of blood, not only people, but animals as people senselessly kill animals and animals for pleasure. In that year, people are born, which was originally laid dictatorial power and a sense of selfishness that to achieve their goals are willing to shed the blood of others.

22 Star Phoenix
Year of society out of hibernation, it leads to a previously unknown phenomena in the life of the people, when the newly revived forgotten traditions and crafts, when stories are true story. In that year, people are born, which little concern their own lives, and are most concerned about the life of society as a harmonious body.

23 Fire Fox
Year of peace and prosperity, when solved various problems posed to the community, any power to fulfill its plans. People born in this year, from an early age have already formed their vision and psychology, it is difficult to knock off the right way. An innate sense of duty gives them the ability to recognize the cunning and false enemies.

24 Fire Dragon
Year of progress and psychological reformation of society. In this year of change in the psychology of management of the company. But the society is trying to get rid of the innovations by fighting and rebellion. This year people are born leaders, they need to look out for the life of the accumulation of wealth, for dragon devours those who want to make money. And people seeking justice, while fighting with the government (with the Fire Dragon), getting into the corridors of power, he can turn into a dragon, because developed sense of self-interest, these people may be harmful to others.

25 Golden Snake
Year territorial enlargements powers and colonial wars. In that year, a lot of people are killed, as if to make room under the sun for the birth of new people, gifted solar wisdom. They have a sense of duty and justice, they are not affected by the forces of darkness. Of them grow great discoverers and creators. Even if they do not do any scientific discoveries in the field, they create the perfect home comfort.

26 Golden Eagle
Year harmonious transformation of life in a society where all people share a common goal powers, which will lead to the greatest power of power. Any social injustice is perceived as something alien. In that year, people are born, endowed with a distinct ability to express their thoughts through art. The only thing that you need to pay attention to these people, it is their own health, and behavior, and to communicate with people, because people born in the Year of the Golden Eagle is very poorly tolerate criticism.

27 Green Dolphin
Year harmonious peace and apathetic state in society, in such a year are rarely any change, and even if this year is a war, the battles take place with varying success. In that year, people are born, always dissatisfied with something. The world around us with an apathetic society, where everyone is busy just irritates these people, for they are in the world of apathy, feeling like "a fish out of the land."

28 Forest Horse
Year of the Quiet of powers, when the people, as if there are no obstacles, so the development of a peaceful society and its prosperity can dull sense of vigilance. This year people are born with a clear desire to work in agriculture, their excellent hard work manifested in farm labor, because they operate on the principle that "a rich family, rich in power."

29 fox (Sky Dog)
Year of unrest, rebellion, intrigue and cunning, both in public and in the spiritual life of society. Year decline in manufacturing and agriculture. Often, epidemics, disease, plague, famine. This year people are born endowed with a tendency to survive in all conditions of life that confronts them Fate. They live by the principles of guerrilla: come, grab and go.

30 Heavenly Tur
Year of intrigues and deceptions. Year, when activated by the dark forces, and there are various conflicts, small and palace coups. This year people are born of intellectual work, who love to work brains. If they fall under the influence of dark forces, they make great scam.

31 Marine House
Year to intensify the fight against the forces of Light Forces of Darkness, in which, as a rule, are winning the Forces of Light. In that year, people are building churches thrive, especially those related to water, fisheries, the structure dams, weirs, shipbuilding river and sea. In that year, people are born, for whom the sea — sweet home, about them saying that "they have soul wide open." They are ready to help everyone, take up any work, and they all get.

32 Church of God of the Seas (Temple Nia — temples of Niya, Nij)
Year of happiness, joy and development in various areas of science, culture and production. In that year, collected the most abundant crops in agriculture. In that year, people are born, of whom say they are revolutionaries and always in a hurry to implement their ideas ill. About these ideas, even they find it difficult to speak, because it is unclear to the end of the main objective. People born in this year, always strive to be in the thick of social events, and do not pay a lot of family time. Therefore, in old age, they are often left alone.

33 Lunar Wanderer
Year, which begins bright development of secret occult teachings, across-the fascination with mysticism, because the moon defines spirituality and mysticism. This year also brings unprecedented dawn of science and culture, which radically changes the whole life, and most people feel that a new era. People born in this year, as a rule, are: servants of the Moon cult, mystics, and will use his philosophical turn of mind for material goods. Such people, in the pursuit of material goods, do not stop at human sacrifice and service of the forces of evil.

34 Lunar Priest
Year of Wonders and mystical transformations in the year, like mushrooms after the rain, there are various sects, the goal of which struggle with the main religious groups, which gave rise to this sect. This is the year when there is a lot of false prophets and missions. Year, which begins implement absurd and unrealistic projects, appears abstract art, but the growing power and prosperity of the people, who with a smile looks at all, for the people living on the principle of "high up to the king of the gods far and own shirt closer to the body. " This year people are born with an increased tendency to occultism and mysticism, they are endowed with certain abilities that they do not know what to do and enjoy, they subconsciously. Subsequently, most of these people fall into the sect, where they do have Servers Moon cult.

35 White Virgin
Year, supporting the development of stability, purity, relationships and understanding. This year there is a growing prosperity in a society where all connects community service for the benefit of power. In such a year are born, enlightened people, of whom said, "nor have bestowed the grace of God". Those born in this year, always open and honest soul, watch, keeping his eyes and always keep your heart open to others.

36 Reality of God (White World)
Year of Spiritual transformation and the development of intelligence in society. Year, when the gods are actively helping the people who asked for help. This year brings people born pure thoughts and dreams of a bright future. In that year, children are born, who have the grace of God, their whole future life is illuminated by light of the Faith, which resulted in the child's parents.

37 Black Scroll
Year ordeal, epidemics and pandemics, revolutions and coups. In the year people are born with a subconscious feeling of fear, with understated sense of duty. They are, as a rule, are selfish by nature, they are inherent properties of nature such as opportunism and hypocrisy.

38 Black Phoenix
Year of revival in the national consciousness of the people when the people wanted a quiet peaceful life. In that year, shows the conflict between the branches of government and the people. In this year of the people's power is reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. In the year of the Black Phoenix born people who are ready to build their own paradise on earth, and do not want to wait for the authorities will arrange a happy life for the people.

Star Fox 39
Year of trial, blood and terror. In this year of actively grow in the society various delusions. People born in this year, endowed with extraordinary ability, even lies and cunning, they share, they refer to a good cause. They have a very strong sense of rhythm. Their psychological ability to help win confidence of the people.

40 Red Dragon
Year of popular uprisings and great fires, it is a year of chaos and confusion. Changing psychology and consciousness in society. People are born creators, they can not live without work. Their work for the benefit of Rod and society absorbs life. Thus, in their souls, the fire could break out when they see the obvious injustice that sometimes leads to violence. Besides the fact that they are endowed with hard work, they are trying to eliminate all the evil that they see around them.

41 Fiery Serpent
Year of rest of the population, after the victory over the dark forces. But dark forces, licking their wounds, continue to gather new strength under his banner. In that year, people are born, endowed with a sense of duty, their fiery outbursts, cunning and agility provided with the wisdom that will help them to survive in any environment.

42 Fire Eagle
Year decisive change in the economic sector, the human mind finds the best option for the harmonious development of society. If society does not go on this way, he will face social upheaval. And if the company uses a harmonious system development, it is waiting for prosperity. In that year, people are born, endowed with the greatest sense of harmony and justice. Any business "disputes" in their hands. These people, with nothing to do can not live without.

43 Golden Dolphin
Year economic development in all spheres of power, is the welfare of the people, which in turn leads to a consolidation of all of the Dark forces of society to fight the order. This year will be a good ground for the emergence of various occult and philosophical societies and Orders subject to the influence of the cult and the cult of the Moon Antiboga (atheist). This year people are born with a high sense of duty and justice, with a strong work ethic. These people do not see themselves outside of work, idleness to them worse than death. And it is on the welfare of the people holding power.

44 Zlata horse
Year of high development and flight of ideas. "This year gives people the opportunity to equip your home and your life. In that year, people are born, can not imagine life without creative work outside the public service. These people work not only in the field of social labor, but also at home. Constant work gives them additional strength, which lead them to longevity. Their many years of age is considered the norm of 80 to 250 years.

45 Forest Dog (Summer Wolf)
Year under the symbol Wolf brings prosperity for the state when all things being accomplished in a single spirit, and life goes on in this year, according to happily and peacefully. People living in this time of grace, relax and lose vigilance, not knowing what awaits them impending trouble. In that year, people are born, endowed with a special form of hard work, they work not for themselves, but for their clans. Their goal is to create the blessed comfort in their family, and their life principle: "Wolves foot feed".

46 Forest Tur
Year of trial and unleashing the great wars that take the lives of millions of people. This year people are born endowed with hard work, but they have limited ability to think about vnematerialnyh areas, and therefore in their lives, they know one thing: work and work.

47 Heavenly House
Year of war between the forces of Light and Darkness. All the battles take place with varying success. This year people are born with strong military capabilities (soldiers) and, as a rule, these powers give them the Forces of Light. Mystical, philosophical thinking helps them to learn the Ancient Wisdom, but their age is not long, because almost all of them are killed in battle with the forces of Darkness.

48 Celestial Temple
Year making difficult decisions and very bloody wars. Oblivion and the opening of Wisdom. In that year, people are born, able to master several professions at once and are able to do several things at once. Idleness to them worse than death. Their only drawback to teach people from their mistakes and are always in any matter to be a counselor.

49 Water Way
Introduces confusion in people's minds, any call, slogans, programs do not have with him. About them the saying that: "They fork over water Nisan." This generally leads to chaos and destruction of statehood. People born in this year, followed by another's ideas, not in pondering the consequences, which leads them to an unwitting life. Those who go for the bright ideas, basically, become fanatics of this idea, and do not spare themselves or others in support of this idea.

50 Priest Sea
This year does not bring improvement in the life of society, the state of society can be described saying "pouring out of a sieve". Any attempt to change the situation leads to chaos and civil war, due to the terror and bloodshed of innocent people. In that year, are born clever people who go to their goal, no matter what the obstacles, they find a way out of any complicated situation, because they have the support and strength of the Elements. They try to show their skills in public speaking.

51 Priestess of the Moon
Year, supporting hunger, blood and hard tests, changes in personnel and public life, in the way of life. There are new social strata and classes, in which the emphasis is on power, not on reason. All managed some great mystical idea that declares itself as a bright path of development, but in fact, this idea leads people into darkness and chaos. Active role in human sacrifice (war, murder) takes Priestess of the Moon, for the bloody sacrifice ce elements. In that year, children are born, wounded animal (with a keen sense of psihovospriyatiya World, and the lack of protection from the effects of the world), which is inherent in both religious and fanatical service atheistic ideas.

52 Lunar World
Year mystical fight the forces of Light and Darkness. Year of the war on religious grounds, over the company reigns not the force of reason, and the forces of religious doctrine, leading to fratricidal wars and bloodshed. Those born in this year, people are endowed with sharpened religious feelings and philosophical turn of mind. Before parents have a choice, which give children a religious education, and in which the cult will receive religious education, the God he will fanatically serve the rest of his.

53 White Scroll (Harati)
Year of radical changes and the formation of the society. In that year, the people manifested a sense of collective creative work. They sickened feeling lazy, they are tired of war and turmoil, the main aim is for the people of creative efforts. This year people are born with extraordinary mental abilities: brilliant scientists and engineers, talented artists and writers who are their direct actions for the benefit of society.

54 White Phoenix
Year to enhance and strengthen the power of power, when replacing one social structure comes another. In that year, begin to grow abundantly various cooperatives for production of consumer goods. Born in that year, inspired people, the purpose of which lead society on the path of Light, and they do it if their faith is not divorced from nature and society.

Earth 55 Lis (Black Nav)
Year of radical changes and tests, when the society prevails lies and deception. During the Black Navi thriving adventurism, forgery and fraud, speculation, mistrust. In this year of active forces of evil, is the manifestation of various demonic entities. In addition, the dark forces in society unleash all sorts of forms of terror. This year people are born endowed with cunning, endurance, filled with a penchant for the dark forces of the service, and from other people they have bright manifestation of selfishness, vanity, cruelty.

56 Black Dragon
Year of fundamental changes in the society, while strengthening the power of the minority over the majority, provided that the minority has a powerful idea. If the idea of a weak and ill-conceived, the minority to achieve benefits for themselves, trying to sacrifice the most. People who are born in this year, endowed with the ability to translate ideas into light, they have a sense of compassion and justice, but rarely of them live to 60 years, for "Black Dragon always eats her brood."

57 Star Serpent
Year ordeal, the year when the dark forces are satisfied with the reign of terror, creating an artificial famine, when the bloodshed of innocent people. This year people are born subject to the influence of any ideas, up to the absurd, and this influence, plus self-sacrifice do not allow people to cross the 65-year mark. But while people are constantly thinking about the purpose of again, and if society does not exist in the Light of the Faith of God, people stand under the banner of the dark forces.

58 Eagle Star
Year of establishment and strengthening of the State, is the dawn of the productive forces in society, with priority emphasis on the principle that "prosperity depends on the creative work of man." Any economic system, which is based on different principles, is crumbling, and the power flow into the Great Depression. Very pronounced flight of human thought. In that year, people are born, endowed with unusual powers and a burning desire to bring people together, to create a paradise on earth. But all their trouble is that the dark forces do not want the appearance of a society of social justice, why the forces of darkness are doing everything to these people just to destroy.

59 Fire Dolphin
Year of reform and change in the military-industrial sector. In this year of actively developing various crafts, and is providing all the power necessary goods. But, on the social position of the country affected by the impact of war Forces of Light and Darkness in the fine structures of the World Navi. This year people are born with a fiery temper who give all their strength, the embodiment of bright ideas, but since. Dark forces of these people in the way, they are trying to destroy them, if not physically, at least psychologically.

60 Fire Horse
Year of change, natural (fire) coups, rebellions small and minor wars that erupted not because of territorial claims, but on the principle, "they have a different way of life that should not exist." This year people are born with an extraordinary work ethic, their lives are in constant work. They "burn at work", so few people are experiencing a 60-year mark.

61 Yellow-Dog
This year is the most active in the struggle against the forces of Light and Darkness. In addition, this year is intensifying dark forces that do not stop even before the destruction of a large number of people standing in their way to power. This is a year of economic sabotage, chaos and crisis in the manufacturing sector. In that year, people are born, is actively promoting a brighter future, the kingdom of light, heaven on earth. But they, in their words do not believe. They use his eloquence to achieve a warm place in the sun for themselves, and it is desirable that this place was in the corridors of power.

62 Golden Tur
Year of hardship and crisis, this year the dark forces arrange the great famine, when many inspired people dying, massive, bloody murder become, as it were part of the environment, that against hunger can lead to phenomena of cannibalism. This year people are born endowed with qualities that can be described as the accumulation of value, if not spiritual, but at least the material. If such a person would be under the influence of the dark forces, then all his life he devoted to the accumulation of material wealth, will become corrupt man and serve the forces of darkness.

63 Forest House
Year ordeal for the people. In this year of the dark forces in the government artificially create a lack of food, causing famine begins, emerging diseases, and the forces of darkness using the given position, engaged robbery society. This year people are born with only his clear outlook, this single, all eager to prove themselves outside world, they are organically reject pressure on myself, so it is always in opposition to the government, which brings disharmony in society.

Helix 64 (Temple in the Forest — Forest pagan temple)
Year of hardship, violence, hunger, created artificially, repression of the authorities, this year increased infant mortality, for the powers of darkness over actively bring other children as a sacrifice to their gods. This year people are born hard-working, initially living only by his work and his mind, but if he falls under the influence of the dark forces, it is freeloader and parasite living at someone else's expense.

Svarog 65 Way (SMAD)
Year of the changes in society, the year of revival of national identity and the hardships, the year of revival of connections between people and the powers of heaven (the flowering of mysticism, occultism, various religious faiths, leading to a revival of the ancient folk beliefs). In that year, there is an active support of believers Gods and care of people in the worlds of Navi and the Government. At the same time, in different powers is a phenomenon Wanderers and spiritual teachers, this year people are born with a certain spiritual mission on earth.

66 Priest of Heaven
Year of trial and becoming a powerful community, and the year when the heavens abundantly summons his followers, who are trying to destroy the forces of Darkness. This is a year of development in different areas of production, year of solidarity in society and the revival of the Faith in his heavenly powers, even the community reject these forces. In this year, people are born with a purely philosophical turn of mind, it is abhorrent to rudeness in a relationship, they tend to ennoble the life around us, to support any seeds of spirituality and faith of these people get real priests and clerics. The only disadvantage of these people that they not subject to the family fortune.

67 Sea Priestess
Year ordeal, fractures in the minds of people and natural disasters. In this year are feuds and civil wars. Great bloodshed, are a manifestation of a higher resistance and the struggle between Light and Darkness on the fine-material plane. If this year in power Power is a woman, all of the above does not happen. This woman has to be spiritually developed and born under the element of water. In the year of the Priestess of the Seas born people, who are called "rolling stone." They are like waves moved from one place to another, beating on the rocks, but the rocks are always in place and they have to always look for yourself.

68 Sea World
Year of hardship and disasters. This year is not uncommon accident, flood, floods, tsunamis, typhoons. Occur confrontation of government and society, which leads to repression of genocide, psihotsidu, mentitsidu etc. This is the year when the Earth (planet) are arranged in a specific sequence, and thin-energy radiation Lands cause conflicting emotions in people, leading to clashes and the blood flow. In this year are born clever people whose only ability — to adapt or survive in any circumstances.

69 Moon Scroll
Year of disasters and destruction of the people, and at the same time the flash of intelligence in society, the rise of the general welfare and development of the nation. In that year, are born very hard working people who have no desire for the top, as a rule, their favorite activities is reading books, gardening and horticulture, and they choose professions in which there is the creative agency.

70 Lunar Phoenix
This year the society are the trials, it is connected with the strengthening of the lunar influence. In humans, there is suspicion, fear, mistrust, betrayal, etc. This year, companies are mass terror and repression on the part of senior management powers in relation to the people, this is due to personal gain of the rulers, the overlapping interests of various powers. This year people are born with an increased desire for creative work, because for them doing nothing is worse than death, as well as, a person endowed with religious and philosophical turn of mind, it is his public work feasibly help any that is close in spirit of worship.

71 White Fox
Year ordeal, fighting the Forces of Light against the forces of darkness. In this year of the most bloody wars begin when the people, entangled lie natravlyayut each other, but at the same time, it is noted an unusual growth in the industrial sector. This year, two-faced breeds of people with double standards, one for himself and one for others. This mentality leads to the fact that these people get clogged or the pessimists, or bright adventurers.

72 White Dragon
Year of lies, intrigue and treachery, otherwise — this is the year of unfulfilled hopes. Any attempt to return to the past or to arrange something new, is doomed to failure. Year produces people with extraordinary power and traction to the light. Any obstacle in their way will be swept away by their ability to translate their goals in life. All of their ideas have a chance of realization.

73 Black Snake
Year of war, hardship and fratricide. This year expect any power ordeal. Also, this year, the people rallied some idea, especially the protection of the fatherland and the people's interests. In the year of the Black Snake born strong, courageous and inspiring people who have any business on the back, because their consciousness seizes mundane reason, because they live only terrestrial, purely material interests.

74 Black Eagle
Year serious bloody wars, very harsh and cold winter. Earth-Sun system Yarily build Black Prism, which vividly recalls an eagle. Is a radical change in the age-old struggle of the forces of light and darkness, when fortune sides with the Light Forces. But this fight is happening in the world, Navi, and the earth is only the echoes of the major battles. This year people are born with the mundane material senses and pronounced flight of thought, they may later become distinguished scientists.

75 Star Dolphin
Important year of reform and revitalization of the spiritual power of the people when the people rising in unison to achieve a goal. Any attempt to destroy society from the outside, are doomed to failure. In that year, people are born, endowed with a great sense of duty, which can not be stopped no difficulties, because their credo — "through adversity to the stars", ie, after going through the trials on earth, with a clear conscience to appear before the ancestors, in the heavenly courts.

76 Star Horse
Year psychological breakthrough and revival of the national spirit, this is the year of the great victories in the fight against the Forces of Light over the forces of darkness. This year people are born with a strong attraction to astrology, astronomy and other sciences associated with the stars. Their whole life is spent in an effort to reach the stellar heights. These people are born with extraordinary qualities, which can be defined as the possession of a psycho-suggestive power.

77 Fire Dog
Year grandeur of thought, new inventions. Year when the dark forces in the war pitting two people, after the victory of one of them describe themselves as an ally of the winner, and eager to start sharing out the property of the vanquished. This year people are born with a fiery, hot-tempered character who can not tolerate even the smallest hint of an insult can not make in relation to itself. Good brawlers who, by their cries any mouth to shut up. Convince people with a loud voice, and the power of psychological pressure.

78 Fire Tur
Year of hardship, chaos, crime heyday, purification of the Dark Arts, and revenge for the destruction of the Dark Forces in their ranks. This year, people are born with the innate ability to achieve their goals by any means, sometimes stepping over obstacles that do not cross on moral grounds. Their fiery temperament often explosive and affects not only stand in the way, but close friends.

79 Solar Home
Year restoration of the destroyed economy after the great battle. This year has been an increase of production, agriculture and science. In that year, people are born, endowed with bright ideas and with great potential implementation of various ideas, but, as a rule, these people are trying to confuse the Dark forces.

80 Temple of the Sun (temples of Yarily)
This year, summarizing the results of global decision-making. Year of the emergence of new powers on the scene, and the year of revival of old powers, which in the past culture faded. This year people are born with a clear pure thought, they subconsciously tend to clean, light in human relations. Growing up, they become committed to the solar cult, if not caught in the network of forces of darkness that create all sorts of sects with white names.

81 Forest Wanderer (The path through the forest)
year of spiritual and psychological reformation, in which the government is trying to bring everything to a state of harmony. As a rule, this year is understanding all the past stages of development of people born in that year. A person born in the Year of the Forest Wanderer, reaches for Mother Nature, and if the society around him engaged in a struggle with nature, it is to protect it. These people work: rangers, foresters, gardening and beekeeping. If you do not understand them, then they go away from the people and become a hermit, because for them the spiritual harmony with nature is more important in life than trying to reason with the surrounding community, to protect nature.

82 Summer Druid (Priest Woods)
This year the society pronounced desire for harmonious development of the laws of Nature. In a society newly emerging from its folk traditions associated with the cult of Nature, and herbal treatments. Like mushrooms begin to appear Society healers sorcerers, people tend to go into nature, which leads to an imbalance in the environment sector states (countries), and as a consequence, there are territorial claims from one country to another. This is the year to address various systems when the system is exposed to the Harmony of Discord. People born in this year, depending on the environmental conditions, such people are extremely counter-change of residence, it is very impulsive, well everything is known, strong-willed people. Care of people in secular society, we drop the only one, if that person is on the path of the Priest of the Forest.

83 Heavenly Virgin
Year suspension test society which begins to remember, that there is the Virgin Protectress. In that year, an outbreak of religious activity of people who are turning their eyes to the heavens. These people get a response in the form of changes in the way society, some time later. Those born in this year's ambitious initially, their mind will not accept violence against the person (but only in relation to itself.) Of these people, if they subsequently go on a dark path, will despots and dictators. Men are hard to engage in politics, a woman's head in the clouds and live for fun, and just a sense of duty to the Rod, forcing them to get married and have children. In this case, they do not care whether they have a full family or not. Of these people obtain single mothers or single fathers, as their thoughts are in heaven, not on earth.

84 Heavenly Reality
Year of onset change in the development of society. Year of a new spiritual and social values, the year of the great revitalization of the Lunar Cult sects who do not tolerate change and, as a rule, is committing mass suicide of cult followers. All of this is explained by religious authority, as a departure from the Earth to Reveal Reality Heaven. This year people are born with high religious sensitivity, many of which become prophets or false prophets who, as they can interpret the messages and revelations that come to them from above.

85 Blue Scroll
Year of the fundamental changes in the public mind, when some ideals are crumbling and new, the year when the psychology of the individual and society is particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of self and greed. This year, people are born with a keen sense of justice, but they can not express their feelings in words, so all of them can be called a rambling speech. They rarely reach a high position in society by using his "eloquence", the greatest success in life, they achieved when they are able to express their thoughts and feelings in art (painting, literature, etc.).

86 Sea Phoenix
Year revival of creative and productive forces in society, after the horror of chaos people seeking to build a brighter society and live in a world of love and peace. But this year their wishes will not come true, because they differ from reality. People born in this year, endowed with unusual plagiatorskimi skills, ability to pour water on someone else's wheel of his mill, but often these people are born of opposite types, who do their best to give to others to develop. This is a year of hardship for creative people.

87 Moonlight Nav (Lunar Fox)
Year of change and growth activity of the population state. Undergoing fundamental change in the psychology and consciousness of society. This is a year of new achievements and ideals. This year people are born with extreme narcissism (selfish), inflated sense of importance, demands on their appearance, attention to how and what they say. They like to take the money in other people's pockets, and above them a sense prevails accumulation and consumerism. That would achieve material prosperity, they go to the deception and cunning, to the creation of various pseudo-religious sects, to people who believe in them and carried them to their savings.

88 Moondragon
Year dangerous omens and expectations, this is the year when the darkness rushes to the power going Light Ones ways of life. This year is hunger, death, bloodshed, humiliation, which unite people to fight the darkness and lead it to victory. This year people are born able to use subtle energy to benefit people or harm them. They have a very strong sense of rhythm and harmony, but if they go down the dark path, their sense of creation, into a powerful force of destruction and devastation.

89 White Snake
Year civil war and conflict, war, where Light conquers darkness, for the wisdom of God, which is stored in the depths of the people of society, can not be destroyed by any reprisals. In that year, people are born, endowed with divine wisdom, their whole life is shrouded in an aura of mystery. These people do not like to talk about myself and a holy life, they try to do everything not to perpetuate his name for centuries, but in order to thrive, a society in which they live.

90 White Eagle
Year of psychological change in the consciousness of society. The ruler powers manifested "star disease", they begin to think that everything that they say to the people, is true and correct. This year droughts occur, natural disasters, which often lead to famine, epidemics, etc. This year people are born with impaired sense of proportion, their thoughts wander among the stars, so from childhood they need to bring a sense of psychological dependence on the outside world, and then they will turn out true professionals.

91 pilot whales
Year of fundamental changes in the social sector, which often leads to success and big victories. In this year of power, following the path of social change for the benefit of society, the global reach of greatness. In that year, people are born, endowed with many good qualities. In any case, they feel like "a fish in water." Even the earthiness of their work, can not affect the height of the flight of thought, for all their thoughts fixed on the heavens were given a sea horizon.

92 Black Horse
The outcome of the final year of any offense. Year of the war. This year is called the year before the reforms. All cases of the past events this year, aimed at improvement of life on earth. This year people are born hard-working and tough, so talk about them, as they plow horses.

93 Dog Star
Year rise of creative thought, the global changes in society. In that year, are actively developing the production, science and art associated with the cosmos and star medals. In that year, people are born, endowed with special psychic abilities that help them understand the various mysteries of occult teachings, their philosophical turn of mind will give them the ability to perceive not only the real world, but also irrational surrounding reality.

94 Star Tur (Zimun)
Year ordeal, wars, coups, internecine clashes at the instigation of the representatives of the dark forces. In that year destroyed the ancient relics and traditions of the people. In that year, people are born, endowed with mystical, philosophical turn of mind, they tend to become analysts, who do not take the words and to only reach his head. People born under the symbol Zimun, very hardworking and quickly master any profession. They are subconsciously attracted to Antiquity, they make beautiful antique dealers, librarians, clergy, professionals that is associated with the study of antiquities.

95 Stars and Earth
Year marked by economic chaos, hunger, misery. The dark forces in power in this year's attempt to take away the last piece of bread products, which leads to an active folk performances and a change of leadership. This year, people are born testy, are active in the community, directly influencing the changes in the status quo, they have a sense of tact and fairness and the ability to find out in any environment. The only problem they have — family life.

96 Ingle Temple (Temple of the Primary Fire)
Year of trial, reform, restructuring in public life, it often happens drought, famine, the reason they are not so much in the climate, but in a crazy manual was in power. This year people are born with an unusual mystical materialistic thinking. They do not take any new or old as long until we try it out and learn. And after them know of the bright enemies can become bright adherents. They are not aware of problems with the family comfort. They equip their family so that the family was the family nest. By nature a very loving, always find a common language with people around them, especially with family.

97 Sunny Stranger
It is also called a year of change, for this year is changing the power structures in society. For the people, gray weather as it changes on a sunny day. In this year are born enlightened people who want to change the world "around him. They tend to reject all the old and believe that only brings a new development. Sometimes the obsession with these people on the material plane, such that "Instead of warming heat of the sun, they are destroying all life Solar Wind." Such people are locked on their feelings, and if they move out of the spiritual community, then they make selfish.

98 Priest of the Sun
This year is a desire, to light the development of society, to improve the welfare of the people, to light the reforms for the benefit of the people, the emergence of new forms of art, trends in religion, music, and philosophy. psychology and human relations. This year, the rulers of states, referred to as: the time of liberty, equality and fraternity, but under the supervision of the "higher hierarchy." People born in this year are very sensitive, are drawn to the light, but their psychological mentality and provides them with a lot of problems, but they see these problems and overcome them. Their inner psychology based on the fact that everything that surrounds them, should be subject to certain laws of Light Forces, Shadow should not exist. This categorical rejection and denial of Darkness interfere in their lives, as denial of something does not mean lack of it. These people, by their nature, do not see themselves outside of society and of the Faith, and so are good at Priests of the Sun.

99 druidessy (Priestess of Forests)
Year when Mother Nature starts to recover their rights, destroying all forms of artificial antiprirodnye. Year earthquakes hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, and droughts, sand and steppe storms that occur in places where a person violates the natural balance and losing touch with nature. In this year are born Magi — Spiritual — Harmonizer, which fivefold (fusion of body, soul, spirit, conscience and Nature), is an essential way of life. They can not be separated from nature, from the work on the ground, free time they work, growing plants. Of them say that "it is important not result from the offense, and the process of creation and creativity."

100 Forest World
Year of realization of harmony between man and nature. This year there are all sorts of community organizations that are committed to the complete preservation of Nature. In the midst of this year, the forest bestows upon all who live with their abundant fruit. That people are born harmonizers, endowed with the makings of the wise men, people with an ascetic character which nature gives special talents. This year, if the person is irrational life, nature destroys it.

101 Heavenly Scroll
Year of war, disasters, revolutionary actions and attempted coups. This year people are born with a sense of detachment from reality of earthly life, their thoughts are flying in the clouds, it is very difficult to keep strictly within limits, therefore, are very often obtained offenders.

102 Phoenix Sky
Year of heroic deeds for the good of society and the powers that are not confined to a society, but also in other communities in need of assistance and protection. People born in this year, shows a marked tendency to find their place in life. But sometimes, decreased sense of perception of reality leads such people from the road leading to the light, the path that leads into Darkness. In that year, for such people always important to support loved ones, not only in the family but also in society.

103 Sea Fox
Year of the Quiet and balanced existence of society. As a rule, this year does not make any outstanding events. People born in this year, have a terrible skill — turn different concepts, white issue for black and black as white. They were at a crossroads and are subject to search, and methane from light to dark and back again. They achieve results and there, and here. In the positive sphere: there are good and right people, and in the negative: dirty and disgusting people could not see land. They are either light or dark personalities. Their selection will develop only when their paths will mentor, and all future life of these people will depend on what will be the mentor, light or dark personality.

104 Sea Dragon
Often, this year takes place in a calm atmosphere, the people shall dwell alone, and rulers — by themselves. This year there are slight climatic difficulties in the form of freezing winters that cause damage to agriculture. This year, no major changes in society can not be held. Born in the year of the Sea Dragon people with no inherent ability to smooth out the corners in various spheres of life. But a sense of harmony with the environment they will find only when they serve the forces of Light, for the service of the forces of darkness will destroy not only their spiritual and emotional structure, but also the physical sphere of life.

105 Lunar Serpent
Year psychological wealth in society, serenity and tranquility, lead to decay of society, weakening its moral and ethical principles, to various cultures and pseudo-pseudo-philosophy when arrogance, jealousy, narcissism, greed and fear strike at the very root of society. This year people are born with a strong attraction to various natural philosophical teachings based on natural cultural traditions. People all my life to revolve in the cycle of life problems, looking for an outlet for itself, in the form of a religious doctrine, but sooner fire later they come to understand that the best of the religious and philosophical teachings, this ancient faith of ancestors and ancestral form of philosophy, if which life is in harmony with Nature.

106 Lunar Eagle
Year radical transformation and consolidation state. Active this year, is developing a philosophical movement. Simultaneously, there is religious propaganda different teachings and cults. This year people are born with a philosophical turn of mind, self-sacrifice and the desire to serve God, of these people make great leaders, priests, clergy and temple builders.

107 White Dolphin
Year of stable development of society, when prosperity comes to every family, every family, and for many people this year, is seen as a year of paradise. This year people are born with the absence of the earth, mercantile interests. They are called pure or God's children, they grasp everything on the fly, they have an inexorable pull on the Shining Path movement and a great curiosity, curiosity is often placed them in a network the dark forces. For them worth much effort to break out of these networks, and those who are not able to do so, seek solace in the surreal world of illusions (alcohol, drugs), in societies spontaneous meditation, or end their life by suicide.

108 White Horse
Year of economic recession and the stratification of society, when the powers that live by themselves, and the people themselves. In that year, rarely occur any discovery, and the development of society is likely to inertia, rather than from a social idea. This year people are born with the apathetic nature, which is difficult to make a choice in life. Even in his personal life, they try to turn all ogak to someone for them to decide something. But if they do, there is a real mentor who will give them a purpose in life, then moving from that goal, they have done well in their own backyard.

109 Black Dog
The absence of any reform in this year. Authorities are only a talking shop, transfusion of a sieve, and down to your hands do not reach. Be a slight military campaign that quickly run out due to the fact that severe and changeable weather conditions. This year people are born speakers, with the ability to persuade, to argue about the people they say that "laziness in front of them was born".

110 Black Tur
Year of hardship, disease and epidemics. This year people are born endowed with stubbornness and selfishness. These people tend to have a down-to-earth mentality, all perceive straightforward for them normal perception of reality, this division of things into three main forms: the good, bad and normal. If such children from childhood not to instill skills to creative work, then they make the greatest slackers and lazy.

111 Star House
Year of sharp confrontation of different systems, there is an increase of military production and activation of forces to unleash the unjust wars. All means of production are filled by military contracts. This year, people are born narcissistic that are in constant search of the scope of his powers. If his path will be bright teacher, that person becomes a stranger Star — Star wafting truth to ordinary people. If his teacher belongs to the forces of darkness, then that person turns great egotist and destroyer.

112 Star Temple (Summer Basics)
Year to make important decisions in order to dot the «i» in the territorial-political issues. In that year, or wage war or make peace, that is, is a breakthrough in resolving any issues. This year people are born with a strong desire to be the center of attention. The most complicated and difficult for them is to be alone. Therefore, they come in different societies, organizations, groups and companies. No matter what the goal of this society, and which way is the company.

113 Fire Wanderer (Path of Fire)
This year indicates that there will be fire of purification, which contribute to the elimination of degenerative (weakened) species. In such years, are strong, epidemics, pandemics, such as plague, smallpox, cholera, influenza. Salvation from such diseases only through fire. A person born in this year, as a rule — the fire-worshipers, children love to play with fire, with matches, fire for them to the water. In psychological terms, they are very irritable.

114 Fire Priest
A turning point in the public consciousness, changing the relationship between different levels of the hierarchy of people, the year of the Fire Revival Cults, the year when a person looks at a new way to use the power of fire, the year of transformation and purification of the consciousness of people. Children born in this year are bright, open, expansive character. From childhood, they perceive the world as if through rose-colored glasses and see that the whole world belongs to them, and only exists for them to live for fun. But if these children in a child brought up in spiritual and creative environment for foundations and principles of the ancient ancestors of the Faith, the more reliable people in the future could not be found, and, as a rule, these children, in the majority, are the Priests, the Keepers of the Primary Fire (Ingle)

115 Solar Priestess (Virgo)
Year of Spiritual insight and enlightened people. This year there is a change in society, and it begins to actively create, and it begins to show the great power of creativity. People born in this year, endowed with the ability of creation in various sectors. If a person born in this year, do not have the ability to create, it begins to struggle for its existence, gathering like-minded people, creating hostile to the regime existing structure.

116 Solar World
Year of calm and awareness of its business in such a year never pass any reform, for the case and the initiator of any reform will drown in the flow of the sun's light and no one sees it. In that year, children are born with a sensitivity to fluctuations in solar energy, they can not tolerate darkness and loneliness. Often, they develop various forms of phobias: fear of loneliness, of closed or open spaces, fear of not being understood, cave, etc. They are called "mama's children," as they can not imagine their life without the help of the parents.

117 Green Scroll
Year of radical change in the public mind, when society begins to develop a sense of national dignity. In these years, there is an active struggle for the preservation of identity, national traditions and cultures. This year people are born with special patsificheskimi moods and mind, with a keen sense of harmony with nature. In the further development of these people, dominates the desire to create naturalistic societies, where people live in harmony with nature.

118 Phoenix Woods
Year pathological apathy of the people, when the lower classes of society does not want to live in the old way, and the upper classes of society can not operate in a new way, leading to a split in the society into two opposing camps: on the one hand the rulers of the other — the creative members of society. In this year of born people who want to change the world to be a harmonious part of the world of Nature. But due to the fact that many people can not express themselves, they fall under the influence of pseudo-teachers and pseudo-culture. The only way for them not to fall under the influence of chaos is communion with the faith of their ancestors.

119 Celestial Nav
Summer is the turning point in the public consciousness, but it is under false ideas when people promise paradise, but in fact they are preparing the chaos of the underworld. This year people are born with a keen sense of the truth, they do not tolerate lies organically, but are endowed with extraordinary visionary, it is expressed in such a degree that their imagination become a reality. These people can not stand when they are accused of insincerity and lies, because they truly believe in what they say.

120 Heavenly Dragon
Summer fundamental changes and reforms, when destroyed ancient ancestral culture and traditions, imposed an alien ideology and psychology. This year people are born with a sense of justice and unwillingness to serve evil. But due to the fact that psychic abilities are these people from birth, their view of the world and reality often do not match with the surrounding reality, they are at a crossroads between the forces of Light and Darkness.

121 Sea Serpent
Summer crash powers and public order, mezhduusobits and civil wars. When there are false prophets in society and "teachers" who lead a society to a standstill. In that year, people are born, endowed with a philosophical turn of mind, their whole life is to be subject to certain religious and philosophical aspirations. Otherwise, they will turn into a life cycle solutions to the problems that will follow one after another. These people are born with a good memory and the ability to remember both good and bad.

122 Sea Eagle
Summer social change and experimentation, when broken links and some are new. This year there is a condemnation of the people of government power. In the year of the Sea Eagle born people, of whom they say that "the eyes of love to pull the chestnuts out of the fire by proxy." These people can not live without the constant "washing of another's bones," they are great "advisers", and strive to show everyone that everyone knows all sorted out, and in all the conversations they have solid water. They aspire to be judges and lawyers, or go into politics just to do nothing. The only exception to the general rule, it is those who are born on the waterfront, as they devote their lives to working on the water.

123 Dolphin Moon
Summer wars, coups, frustration and occult-mystical rhetoric. This year is nothing but frustration and loss of faith in the proclaimed ideals. In that year, actively strengthen its activities Lunar cults. This year people are born with the philosophical and religious turn of mind, which in the sphere of faith and religion feel like "fish in water", they are very susceptible to the influence of the moon, and so the task of parents and the community, to send the children to the development of the Shining Path.

124 Moon Knight
Year of change and economic collapse states where rulers thrive on lies and corruption. In this year of active dark forces that are trying to take over all powers, or claim that they do not own: this wealth power, mineral resources and means of production. If it needs to shed another's blood, and they will go for it. This year people are born with a particular philosophical turn of mind, they subconsciously reject the evil and dark. From birth, they tend to go on a light spiritual path, and their spiritual development helps them to survive in a difficult physical world.

125 White Dog
Psevdoreform year, ie when held in words but not in deed. In that year, the dark forces are trying in every way to undermine the economy and destroy the means of production, especially agriculture. But as a rule, all these unseemly cases concern people to revolt against the dark forces, because people need stability, not just talking the rulers. This year people are born with a clean, clear, analytical mind and an ability to find a way out of any complicated situation, they try to prove that they are wrong, and it's time to listen to them, and not to consider them for naive children. The only thing that should not be allowed in respect of people born in this year, it's the indulgence of their whims. If parents and society do not, then the child will grow selfish, very strong personality.

126 Caucasian Tur
Year of uprisings against the tyranny of the Dark Forces. In that year, as a rule, shed a lot of blood of innocent people and commit ritual murder, with human sacrifices. In that year, people are born, endowed with a sense of justice and creative hard work, ready to go to the end, for the sake of a bright happy world for their children.

127 Earth House
Year recession and economic crisis. This year there is a collapse of the productive forces, huge inflation, epidemics have not driven disease and high mortality of children. In that year, people are born, who are trying to bring prosperity to the family, hard working, but at its core are closed, non-contact with other people.

128 Earth Temple (temples of Mother Earth Raw)
This year there is a change in the leadership of nations. This is a year of economic collapse, famine, hunger and armed conflict. This year people are born with a strong sense of justice, an intuitive sense lies and falsehood. All life is based on their fight against tough negative world that are promoting and imposing dark forces.

129 Star Trek
This year, indicating understanding of past experience, the establishment and strengthening of spiritual power, both spiritual and physical, for the revival of the Forces of Light and raising them to fight against the forces of darkness. A person born in this year will live more spiritual interests than the material, and of these people say that "their mind wander among the stars" in their professionally drawn to astronomy or astrology, aviation and space, to mountaineering and philosophy.

130 Star Priest
Year of powerful spiritual victory, education and development of new year of life principles and rules reform. Year, when the human mind is awakened and rejects religious dogma that keep develop this idea. In that year, there is a revival of Light Kin Cults, craving for Antiquities and Archaeology, which leads to the birth of people with extraordinary abilities, such children is popularly called — Star Child. In ancient Slavic-Aryan priests "selected" all star children and raise them in a special program, the children later served the forces of Light and Good. This was due to the fact that getting a powerful life force of Nature and the Stars, a person could do both good and evil, but in a large scale.

131 Priestess of Fire
Year wait for change in society is not always what is expected of him. This is a year of strife, wars and fires. This year is no true hope of improvement or worsening of life, but the purification of the influence of the Dark Forces. Beginning year of the powerful creative forces of degradation and decline of parasitic forces. In this year are born gifted people that their lives show others the way to go. Lives of these people ends tragically, but after their death, they will be read along with the Gods. Girls born in this year are servants of the Fire Cult, and the men-dominated professions that are somehow related to the fire.

132 Fiery World
Year of the spiritual powers of where society is raised to a higher level of development. Year when opened Ancient Wisdom, which leads to a sharp uplifted. In that year, children are born, "the fiery children," they are called so because they "burn like candles at work" and their diligence infect others. Of these people make great reformers, who carry out reforms in the creation, not destruction.

133 Gold Scroll
Year of Spiritual Transformation, where, despite the chaos unfolding around the loss arising from the destruction of the foundations of materialism, and when the bright color (golden lotus Flower Fern) reveals the spiritual essence of people. In the year of the Golden Scroll born Solar prophets aimed to lead the Society for Spiritual Path of Development.

134 Sunny Phoenix
Year of prosperity and intellectual development. In that year, created the greatest works of art and architecture, this is the year for the birth of new genius, gifted Divine Wisdom.

135 Forest Fox
This year there is improvement on the basis of Power, "Prosperity in every family, it is prosperity in the whole state". In this year of developing various production areas, build up people in any environment feel like home. People born in the Year of the Forest Fox, endowed with a sense of beauty, their favorite form of recreation — outdoor recreation. They always feel that the forest — it is their element, where they know every trail and never get lost.

136 Forest Dragon
Year development, hardship and rebirth Shrines, usually the summer is hot, winter is cold. People are born with a vivid sense of service nature. They are endowed with a sense of harmony with nature, these people from birth to madness love children. They are for the most sacred thing in the world. Spiritual mapping is the year of Heaven on earth.

137 Sky Serpent
137 year of reform and change in society. Going off of intellectual thought people are masterpieces of culture, which subsequently glorify powers, the whole life of the people is built on the dreams of a brighter future, the bright sky and pure serenity. This year people are born — with a strong philosophical psychology, so these people think that the main thing in life — to live for others.

138 Sky Eagle
This year brings a radical transformation and change, which gradually leads to a change in the way of life of people. At this time, very slowly and are hard economic and social reforms, and the society is moving away from perfectly-natural way of life and move to the society of social and ideological dependence. This year people are born with an unusually light imagination. They head in the clouds, they inspired a sense of the flight of thought prevents focus on one specific goal, which sometimes leads to a very complicated relationship with these people, not only in family life, but also in society.

139 Sea Dolphin
Year ordeal of society, because of ill-re4) 0rm held by the authorities. In this year, no suffering of the people, and they call for help, are not heard by the rulers of power. This year people are born with a poetic worldview capable to perceive through rose-colored glasses.

140 Sea Horse
Year decay of military conflicts, civil strife. Year operation of punitive power. In that year, law enforcement agencies are struggling with the criminal elements and walk people, all work is carried out, by violent means, because it does not carry a particular purpose, and people are forced to work, not for any high ideas, just for the sake of work. In this year of born people who speak more than they do. Of these people obtained agitators, councilors, politicians.

141 Moon Dog
This year there is a spiritual dawn in society, and every one believes his God and thus there are many different saints and the "teachers" who pull undecided people in their religious sect or movement. In that year, people are born, endowed with religious fanaticism, they are closed in themselves, but once they cross the barrier of isolation and alienation, they become fierce advocates for their religious teachings, and thus reach a degree of narcissism that declare themselves gods or God's representative on ground.

142 Lunar Tur
Year of popular uprisings and wars on the grounds of religious clashes. In this year of active fighting between the forces of light and darkness, but these battles take place with varying success. In that year, people are born, endowed with religious and philosophical turn of mind, the nature of these fanatics rather than believers: if they do not bring in the spiritual atmosphere of light, some of them can get the Grand Inquisitor.

143 God's House (together the Gods)
Activates Light Forces, supporting the creative agency, is the impressive growth of the economy, through the development of agriculture production hours, is favorable to end the war between the states (Länder). This year people are born with a light is to be built beginning, an analytical mind and a desire to help their loved ones.

144 Holy Temple of God (houses of the kind)
Year summarizing and understanding of life. In that year, life goes more or less peacefully, because Dark forces are hesitant to manifest their activity. In that year, people are born, endowed with extraordinary abilities and qualities to learn and recover the lost ancient wisdom. Such people tend to become Priests and clerics. About them: Their whole life is under the protection of the gods.

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