Stalin asked for forgiveness from the Russian people

Stalin asked for forgiveness from the Russian peopleState Duma deputy Vladimir Medina, the doctor wrote MGIMO latest book "War"

State Duma deputy Vladimir Medina, the doctor wrote MGIMO latest book "War". This is the first volume of the series of Medina "Myths of the USSR." According to Medina, he was in a hurry with the book, "was driving as he could," as in the year of the 70th anniversary, in the 2011th, "black legend about the war will once again splash out on our heads." And the creator wanted to pre-empt, to debunk the legend of the Russian stateliness that appeared and take root in the world in the near future.

Publish excerpts from the book "The War."


Abroad, the main source of information on Russian steel majestically memoir … Nazi generals. The Nazis acted in full feather, with beautifully and artistically. That wander so far through the pages of journalism General Frost, polkovnichiha Mudslides, maniac, Commissioner, shot in the back his troops, and other weird characters.

Until 1967, the CIA (yes, the Central Intelligence Agency) has issued 1,000 books. What — no one knows. Where, in what countries they came out? What in their writing? Publishing U.S. intelligence was classified as everyone else. But it is clear that, in connection with the German generals in American intelligence stretched nearly to the preparation of the attempt on Hitler in 1944. after the war, the South American intelligence agencies could just use generals, including writing and making memories. Memoirs of Hitler's generals, the emphasis placed on the public all the rules of psychic warfare, neatly translated into various languages and published extensively.

Final conclusions I do not need to wait until the 1000 books will pop up a list of the CIA. But the concept of Hitler's generals live to this day. And often, as would a shame it did not sound overwhelmed.

Stalin's errors in the presentation of general secretaries

Khrushchev fundamentally nothing in Stalin's treatment of the war has not changed. Is that referred to another number of losses: No 7000000, and 14, and later — and just 20. For the rest, he just added his own idée fixe of the history of the war: in everything and always povinet Stalin.

The war began in a moment? So that Stalin did not want to hear any intelligence data nor clever tips. Reddish Army in the summer of 1941 has been broken? And that Stalin personally perceived the wrong decisions.

Army suffered huge losses? So Stalin not to save lives fighter. Destroyed a cohort of excellent generals: Yakir, Tukhachevsky, Blucher and other. But if they were commanded — no losses would not be, nor retreat. In addition, as before, he stubbornly did not listen to wise advice. Whose advice? Well, of course, Nikita Khrushchev. Here at Stalingrad — listen, there Khrushchev sent a member of the Military Council of the front — so immediately and overpowered. So there!

Brezhnev has brought only one small, but juicy addition. Since then, the most fierce and fateful battle of the war took place near Novorossiysk, on the Little Earth, where the main event was a party political officer, Colonel Leonid Brezhnev. Also gave a clever tips — Zhukov.

Gorbachev announced another great figure of losses: 27000000. Calculations do not really have presented, because we had the recollection of some, that figure is taken from the "ceiling" simply added "Stalinist" and "Khrushchev."

And Gorbachev could "could not find" hidden protocols of Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact, and the word "Katyn" stubbornly confused with the title of the Belarusian village Hatyn.

During his "gratitude" engaged in the work of "the architects of perestroika", of which the field of revelations especially famous for the second person in the Communist Party, and (as spiteful critics urge, to which the creator in no degree does not belong) recruited in Canada undercover CIA agent A. N . Yakovlev.

But regardless of whether Alexander Yakovlev hireling of the enemy forces, and if they had — they paid for it or the deepest moral conviction, a new myth about the beginning of the Russian majestically he was able to produce. The myth of a dark, quiet as a Ukrainian night.

The essence of the myth of the ordinary: we have only themselves to blame.

Themselves nurtured and cultivated Hitler. It was expected that Hitler would start a war and smash to pieces the whole of Europe, so that later on poruha weakened Europe and capture them.

We are no better than the Nazis … on their own bayonets we suffered enslavement and destruction. We conquered Eastern Europe … to establish there communist totalitarianism.

We apologize to the entire population of the earth, and now have to constantly ask for forgiveness and repent.

In the frenzy of self-flagellation on some creators descend just fantastic "epiphany": "… the people of Germany and the Allied nations of Europe to him under the auspices of the Third Reich merged into a crusade against communism." Gentile and mystic Hitler as a crusader? It was necessary to guess …

Where there are so dark legends? Maybe right was an old security officer Kryuchkov, saying that all of these mythmakers just love their motherland — Russia?

"I've never heard of Yakovlev warm words about the homeland, I never noticed that he was proud of something, for example, our victory in the war majestically Russian — wrote the hook. — I was particularly struck by this, because he was himself a participant in the war, was seriously wounded … And yet — I've never heard of him nor of the 1st good word about the Russian people. Well, the very notion of "the people" for it never existed. "

About the deal with Hitler

1938 September — "Munich Agreement". Britain and France at the request of Hitler gave him a free half Czechoslovakia. Let no one on the area — on the economic potential of Sudetenland — is, if we impose on our open spaces, exactly half of Russia, the Volga, but not in Moscow.

The case even looked shameful and disgusting human being. Excellent spoken about Churchill. Say, Chamberlain (UK Prime Minister) and Daladier (French Prime Minister) was calculated: it is better to get a shame than war. In the end, they got a first disgrace, and later to the same war.

Would not it be Munich, there would be September 1, 1939, there would be no war. The combined forces of France, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, then allied related contract surpassed Germany repeatedly. But the French do not want to help the Czechs, and to us — is not allowed.

1938, March. "Anschluss". Germany, without wasting time on empty debate captures Austria. So what? Fraternal reunion of the Germanic peoples. The reunification of the alliance — "Anschluss" in German. Even the word to the Russian ear, a slimy, the way it went down in history.

An analogy: if it's in the morning we woke up, and we have — Anschluss Ukraine. Brotherly country? Fraternal. And will meet with flowers and Kharkov, and in the Crimea and Kiev, for sure. Say, "Here, have reunited as brothers." Earlier, there were one state. By the way, Germany and Austria have never been one State, because Ukraine — a bad example. In Poland we also had some time one state, for example, is also not good … Who would rejoin us of the fraternal peoples? And lo! With all the countries o
f the former Yugoslavia. Fraternal? The fraternal. Even somewhere write in Cyrillic. Far away, but nothing else. And Ukraine, so she was not sad, even to attach themselves to Canada — there are many Ukrainians.

What are you laughing? In 1938, the specific kind of logic Hitler was accepted world society! As a further two years before …

1936. Germany had no right to have troops in the Rhineland — a demilitarized zone. But in 1936 it introduced in troops, violating all international agreements concluded. France close, but France is suffering. Even the face is not crooked. Although at that time was the German army more than once. Germany could crush a cockroach. But France did nothing.


Soviet authorities did abyss of languishing errors. One of them — the concealment of many pages of our history. We did not study history in general, the system — because our consciousness is simple to handle.

In the late 1980s, Russian people uttered, it turns out that it is a terrible Stalin before the war criminal made a pact with Hitler criminal … Started a couple divide Europe from Hitler.

But what the Russians did not say: vtochnosti the same "pacts" sign and other countries. And it is very nearly all the difference.

At first was the "Munich Agreement" under section Czechoslovakia. The act is much more mercantilist than the unfortunate "secret protocols" Molotov — Ribbentrop about the likely impact zone section of the USSR and Germany in Poland and the Baltic states. By the way, in the division of Czechoslovakia than Germany on the Rights of the hyenas padalschits-timers and Poland, and Hungary.
Immediately after Munich, 30 September, Chamberlain and Hitler signed the Anglo-German declaration of peace.

A little later — December 6, 1938 — was signed similar Franco-German declaration.

So what we litsezreem? No sooner had the ink dried in Munich, such as France and the UK are also signed a non-aggression pacts with the Third Reich. What then did the Germans shamefulness of our Contract of non-aggression from August 23, 1939?

USSR signed with Germany vtochnosti a contract of non-aggression, but did it last — August 23, 1939, in Moscow.

Why do Western countries shred the map of Europe was possible, and the Soviet Union — can not?

In general, if you create the whole picture, disappears somewhere naizloveschy USSR, the stronghold of anger. There is one of the states that just like the others, fussing about their own safety.

USSR wanted to turn the anger of Germany to the west, on France and the United Kingdom? Wished.

And that seemed good to France and Britain? For what fussed and to be obsequious with Hitler at Munich? Hitler wanted to incite the Soviet Union. How are they better? better than Stalin's despotic Democrats Daladier Chamberlain? Stalin had them beat.

The contract that gave us a nonaggression pact with Germany on 08.28.1939? Those that remained in the history of the world under malosimpatichnye naming of the "Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact"?

In 1-x, the country received 18 months of respite. 18 months of peaceful creativity — it's always a lot. In particular, when it burns global war. Every year, nearly a month, growing readiness of the USSR to the war.

In-2, Moscow managed to win the future "valiant allies." All I wish that Hitler was particularly friendly terms with them, and with them was at war. Stalin was luckier and smarter Chamberlain and Daladier.

On the "Soviet occupation" BALTIC

In particular, loyally accept Soviet "occupation" in Lithuania: the Soviet Union with characteristic bluntness when he simultaneously decided to junk the "Vilnius question." By the way, about the occupation: the Vilnius region and the city of Vilnius was captured by Poland in 1923.

And later — again! And in September 1939, and the entire city of Vilna dear Lithuania Vilnius region were returned, and with a little bit of land pribavochkami. It is easy to guess, like a lot of points scored in the sight of this decision, the Lithuanians Moscow — regardless of their degree of sympathy for the Bolsheviks.

So now the Lithuanian nationalists in a very difficult position. On the one hand, the language is scratched declare the Molotov — Ribbentrop illegitimate, criminal and other. And on the other — in the end it came back to Lithuania capital Vilnius, and even 2000 m. km (!) area in the boot. That usvoy what to do.

Once in the studio of "Echo of Moscow" in the broadcast dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the protocols of Molotov — Ribbentrop, one Lithuanian MPs savaged me on the phone about the historical guilt of the Russian Federation to Lithuania.

I asked, meaning that Stalin pregadky contract must be condemned? — Yeah, yeah, ya, ya! — To recognize the illegal and criminal? — Recognize! Recognize! — Denounce? Recognize all his points of no effect? — Oh, Jess! Of course! .. Well, I say, I respect your integrity! Only then let's return the old Polish Wilno degrees under yurispundentsiyu Warsaw …

Here, as they say, is curious place my opponent in the mobile battery is discharged. And more to the end of the ether is not fully charged.

I would venture to imagine that for 90% of the general population of the then Sovietization of the Baltic states was not something nightmarish. According to the last measure — at first. Vivid confirmation — no not that "guerrilla warfare" against the Soviets, and even the similarity of organized military resistance to the entry of the USSR.

For this discussion I probably obzovut "imperialist", accused of "imperial thinking." Name-calling. This does not change the head — I'm sure that the restoration of the borders of the Russian Empire took place not only in the interests of the ruling elite in the Kremlin Bolshevik.

Tongued Numbers

But what I'm even more sure, it's that we helped the Baltic states in 1939, from an even more terrible occupation — German.

Now in the Baltics "Soviet occupation" directly equated with the Nazi. Let's compare how much it cost the Baltic states stay within the Soviet Union and a small occupation of the Third Reich.

The loss of Estonia from Russian repressions were about 5-7 thousand people. Was exiled for 30 thousand. This is for ever, from 1939 to 1991.

The Nazis were in Estonia from 1941 to 1944. During this time, killing about 80 thousand inhabitants, more than 70 thousand Estonians fled the country.

In less than four years of Nazi occupation had destroyed about half of the industrial companies, destroyed much of the livestock, agriculture virtually eliminated. And in the USSR Estonia economically prosperous. Who are older, probably remembers this well-fed, according to those standards, fully backed by the country.

In Lithuania, the Russian government for 10's years of repressed 32 thousand people. During the Nazi occupation rather short killed more than 150 thousand of the approximately 3 million people.

From time to time, vicious, just hunt to those who equate Soviet Story to Hitler's "new order", were themselves living under Nazi rule.

In general, they came to live at least not for long.

The logic of the Soviet Union in 1939 — is not the logic invented by Satan's "evil empire." It is simply the logic of a belligerent country.

I wish to quote here again sworn friend of the USSR Winston Churchill, once in 1918 — the head organizer of the British intervention against the Russian Russia. Here is what he wrote about the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact:

"In favor of the Soviets, it should be said that the Russian Union of actual need to move as far as possible to the west starting positions of the German armies, so that Russia got the time and could gather strength from
all parts of its own colossal empire. In the minds of Russian hot iron imprinted disaster, which suffered its army in 1914, when they rushed to the coming of the Germans, have not yet graduated mobilization. Now their boundaries were significantly further east than during the First World War. They need to occupy the Baltic countries and a large part of Poland, before their attack. "

Limiting this was a realist Sir Winston.

In the Russian time in the Estonian town of Tartu (Dorpat, German, Russian St. George) was a monument. He portrayed the fortress wall, the wall were two: one lower-headed, for some reason with a crossbow in hand. Another Russian knight in chain mail, first demonstrated — where to shoot. That is to say, the brothers-in-arms.

In 1991, the Nationalists came to life: the figures-that persons deployed in the West! With whom is it going to shoot a crossbow Estonian? And launched a figure of 180 degrees, the parties to the East. There was a comic situation: the Russian Estonians Knight shows the direction of the fire — Our homeland.

Maybe it's time to deploy the figure in the same direction?

Individuals wherever they were delivered?


In the State Bank of the USSR was deposited gold in store Spain — 500 tons of gold. It seems to be such a prepayment — price guns simply written off. This was preceded by quite mind-boggling story.

October 20th chapter of our residency Russian embassy attache AM Orlov received a coded message indicating ensure the delivery of the USSR half kg of gold powder from the caves of the naval base in Cartagena. He was transported to the port of Russian tanks arrived in the military aid. A column of T-26 were in secret, night lights turned off, ran them our instructors. This went on for three nights in a row.

Next Gold Spain drove Russian court: "Kuban" — 2000 boxes, "Neva" — 2697 boxes, "KIM" — 2100 boxes and "Volgoles" — 983 boxes.

The newspaper "Pravda" said senior major GB Nicholas (one of the aliases Orlov) was awarded the Order of Lenin for the implementation of a fundamental government tasks.

We admire the noble nobleman VO Kappel, who has stolen a penny to get him out of the gold's Stores Russian Empire. Kappel — a romantic figure of a snow-white movement.

The officer Orlova GB had no ideological illusions confirmation — in 1938, he, fearing reprisals, fled to America. But he was a conscientious officer. When on orders of Beria in 1939 in Spanish gold Gokhran checked, everything was in place. All 500 tons — to the last ounce — cash, so to speak. At current prices — 20 (20) billion dollars in cash in gold.

According to legend, the Russian aid was disinterested. In fact, we blyuli own enthusiasm. But with all this, remember, Russian Alliance was the only state official who assisted the legitimate government of the country's self-contained euro when it was faced with a rebellion and foreign intervention. All the French / British — were volunteers, but the state-organized by Spain was not. Democratic West gave Spain a one on one with obvious predators. We — no.

Spain Russian people supported wholeheartedly, all heart, and the motions of fronts, gave their money for the country (and the one in which they had the means!).

In the spring of 1937 in the Russian Alliance of Valencia came first steamer with Spanish kids. Newsreel bouncer tear. In July, the Kronstadt was delivered even half thousand young refugees, all new ships with the children came to Leningrad and Odessa. Many families have expressed a desire to educate the Spanish kids, but the government is one hundred percent took care of them for you. For malehankih Spaniards in the USSR was created 15 children's homes.

Why waged war with the Finns?

The Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-1940 — the source of modern Yaroslavia crying, tearing at his shirt and strewing ashes on his head. Everyone is writing about how the huge Russian unholy alliance forces pressed a little proud Finland, but nothing was able to do about it. It is surprising that up to now nobody has thought, or maybe just the USSR and Finland did not want to win?

Think, close your eyes … and put themselves in place of Stalin in 1939. Or "no personality" — just to be "the place of the head of state." With all of this you will be able to adore Finland sludge frost adore, to be a communist or a specific anti-Soviet, respect or intolerable Marshal Mannerheim, take anger valor or barbarism — your business. But if in the midst of World War II, the boundary of the country hostile to you is just 32 kilometers away from the first to the size of the town and the industrial potential of your country — to try to push this limit you will.

How much more will that not a single case of Finland. With its location can hit the army even more powerful — for example, Germany or Britain. During the war, civilian specifically from the ports of Finland, the British fleet attacked Kronstadt.

I venture to recall — First Russian government peacefully once asked him to give the land to the north of Leningrad — that move the border. In return, offered twice a huge area in Karelia.

"We can not do anything with the geography, the same as you … — read Stalin Finns. — Since you can not move Leningrad. We'll have to move away from him abroad. "

Supporters of songs about the ill-fated Finland they say that this small country has lost 10% of its territory that 430,000 inhabitants moved to the interior of Finland, creating social problems.

August 1, 1941 Finns went to an old Soviet-Finnish border near Leningrad, the closing half-ring of the blockade of the town from the north. The Siege of Leningrad and starvation death almost million inhabitants of the town was likely because the Finns have closed their half of the ring.

430 thousand Finns had to move. My sincere sympathy. And in the besieged Leningrad died from starvation around a million of our fellow citizens. Especially since Finland intensively helped Nazis.

And there will be more of a snow-white and shaggy Finland. Great?

But the myth of the identity of Stalin and Hitler — is a myth about the identity of the sheriff and the bandit. Both vtochnosti in the hands of the same "Colt", and both allowed him to deal with each case comfort.


Stalin and Hitler can be compared with 2 breakable people to death. Each beat is not on life-and-death. One wants to chop up the corpse of a competitor in clumps and put to the torch, the wife of rape and bury alive in the ground, kids — to reincarnate into slaves, seize property, burn down the house, the site of the burnt villages — dig a lake and run back splash contentedly fat carp.

But the myth of the identity of Stalin and Hitler — is a myth about the identity of the sheriff and the bandit. Both vtochnosti in the hands of the same "Colt", and both allowed him to deal with each case comfort.

Stalin and Hitler can be compared with 2 breakable people to death. Each beat is not on life-and-death. One wants to chop up the corpse of a competitor in clumps and put to the torch, the wife of rape and bury alive in the ground, kids — to reincarnate into slaves, seize property, burn down the house, the site of the burnt villages — dig a lake and run back splash contentedly fat carp.

The other is also not a lamb, also covets the death of the enemy. That later? Later, his wife — to give to his wife's own brother, a house to rebuild — to your own style, with the neighbors — to merge the farm, because, as he seems to be a large common area on the tractor to plow more convenient than small. Part of their own family, he will bring here, on this earth, and put them in the houses of those who do not want to live under the new rules. But he nebudet kill other people's children. He adopted them, teach thei
r own language and give them an education. He defeated babies grow along with their like family.

Gushing blood, the crunch of broken ribs, households suffer, to empathize, to give his own father, the last piece of the soldier, are fussing about its usability for a moment of relaxation. And he has ruthlessly punishes them for their disobedience, reproach: "I fight for you! You see — the war! "

Still, the cost of these two very different fighting to the death. Since some of them are willing to establish their own new world order — and to adopt other people's children. He will deal with them angrily, as with the, despotically demanding recognition and obedience. But do not destroy, and to perceive their family and will not distinguish between who they are — Russian, Germans, Georgians, Jews.

The other is building its own new world, in which there is no place other people's children. For they — bad. It will strip the corpses of children, before send them into the furnace of soap factories, and will give other people jackets, dresses and shoes — their own, native kids. We add that the kids already know this fighter: they will get the property of the losing side. And the funny hoot, watching from behind a deadly battle.

And what, after all, the difference is: take away the loser pants or "luxurious black soil of Ukraine"?

Agitprop HITLER

During the excavation of the German graves of the war in the middle of personal belongings German soldier find annotation "Military training in the army."

"Remember the glory and the victory of Germany. For your personal glory you have to destroy exactly 100 Russian. You have no heart, no nerves — a war they are not needed. After destroying the inside pity and compassion, kill every Russian, do not stop — the old man in front of you, lady, woman or boy. Kill! It will save you from death, to secure the future of his own family and bring eternal glory. "

Memo soldier urged commissioners not to kill, and all the Russian — ladies, women, boys. This abstract is not to kakih-nibud SS thugs, not punitive. For ordinary soldiers in the field grayish form.

"180,000,000th people, a mixture of races and peoples, whose unpronounceable names and whose physical nature is such that the only thing that they can do — is to shoot without mercy and compassion."

So read Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler.

No, the aim of the Nazis was not the destruction of the Communists. The aim of the Nazis was a Russian settlement. Russian. Slavs. Tatars. Bashkir. Caucasians. Uzbeks. Kazakhs …

In the middle of October 1941 the Germans occupied the town were full of posters of the Russian language: "The German troops liberated Moscow." Under this headline font was given a small explanation. It turns out that the village was captured with an unusual title.

This action gave rise to persistent rumors that Moscow had fallen. How many people spit on everything after that went into policemen announcements? How much could not have helped the partisans? How much resigned to the fact that the Germans were defeated?

"The end of slavery collective farm", "22 June 1941 the liberation of Bolshevik terror," "Adolf Hitler — the liberator!" … These are the most popular with users of German posters for the Russian. They were made in the usual style of the Russian people. The unequivocal statement — and some image-illustration.

Place names — one more propaganda material! It Goebbels realized much better than segodnyaschy power in Russian Federation. I have already mentioned the massive renaming of Lenin in the prospectuses of Hitler. New names — new signs. In Kalinin (Tver) instead of the monument to Lenin was installed a huge swastika. In Pskov, a monument to "victims of the Revolution" pererablotali little too stuck to it swastika, and he became known as the "Liberation from Bolshevism."

Establish monuments have been for purely utilitarian reasons. Soldiers of the Wehrmacht as a real European culture media love to use any of the statue — that of Lenin, that Pushkin — as targets.

The largest circulation newspaper of the occupation had Orel "Speech."

In each issue published rework Russian songs. Katyusha urged "a fighter on the far frontier 'cross to the Germans. "Three tanker — three happy friend", killing Commissioner, have already done so. And it will learn:

Wide open spaces of my country,
Many are the concentration camps everywhere
Where millions of Russian people
Die in captivity evil and distress.

At the table, we do not hear of fun
And do not litsezreem happiness from their labors,
From the laws of Stalin breathe a bit,
From the domination of the Jews disgusting.

Broad is my home.
Millions in her soul cripples.
I have another such country do not know
Where is always moaning people.

We Lebedev-Kumacha from that level of editing, maybe happen to have a heart attack, but it probably would have finished off the "March of happy children" ("Easy on the heart of a fun song"). It Russian peasantry thanking Hitler for what was to become the owner of their own land.

The humiliation

The myth that fathers were more useful to surrender to the Germans, not only morally ugly, and just stupid.

One Czech tour guide, showing the beauty of Prague — he just beamed with pride for these beauty — showed our group a very typical look at the history of 1938-45. "You see what she is lovely, our Golden Prague — read it. — All survived the Middle Ages, all the churches and palaces. What are all the same lads our rulers that they got involved in this global war. The Germans entered without fighting, almost without fighting are gone, everything remains intact. "

I thought it was a series of reasoning: what my fellow dad, when did not quarrel with the evil uncle, broke into our house. Let this bandit robbed a house and raped my mother for a long time … but he did not cut off her hand, not crippled. What is the wisest my dad all live and practically intact.
Maybe from the standpoint of the Czech everyman in it there is a truth, but to us, the eastern barbarians do not understand.

PLAN Fascists

Europeans in the "new order" set aside the role of different, in full accordance with the racial theory. For category A "Nordic" peoples — suggesting a gradual Germanization and updating a people-winner. The theory of Nazism in turn considered "friends", in the sense of almost "Aryans": Norwegians in general all the Scandinavians, the Danes and the Dutch.

With the slip of the tongue by certain persons Nazis suffered Category B plus — the Anglo-Saxons (though they Saxons — the same Germans, only the island) and Category B minus — French (again same degenerated ancient Franks — Tainted Blood, of course, but also kind of "partial its ").

Where the situation was worse with the category C — those who, as a number, different from the "Aryans" — On the genetic level. Not lucky to be born a Pole? Well, your fate is already sealed.

Category C — those who a priori in the 3rd Reich was assigned to the fate of workers and farm workers, people without skills and education, rednecks. A little more literate rednecks, if the Western Slavs.

Poles expected to reincarnate into a working cattle. Chekhov intended or Germanized (blondes), or drive into the village and did not give education (dark-haired, dark-brown, and apparently reddish).

About the Jews, I believe, and do not need to read — everything is clear. For them the future of the Reich was going to live only in the form of raw materials for the production of wigs and soap.

It's not a horror movie. This — municipal program that alternately made.

At the Nuremberg trial the onl
y evidence of the plan "Ost" were only the "Comments and suggestions on the general plan" Ost "Reichsführer SS", signed on 27 April 1942 by E. Wetzel — Head of the colonization of the 1st Political Department head "east of the Ministry." Under the heading "Sovsekretno" located voluminous document that calls us now saddest association.

The first key to success in the defeat of Russian as a people — their division. Separatism, including regional, lack of centralization, the "vertical of power" insubordination Moscow. Is not all that we have followed in his own nedavneshnem past? In the wild and unbridled form?

The fall of the cultural level, the primitive orientation on consumer behavior model. All of this begs the day and night, TV, glossy magazines and yellowish press. Is not it? Dr. Wetzel would be pleased. Primitive poluevropeytsy — perfect slaves.

"It is important that the Russian people in their own country most people consisted of a simple poluevropeyskogo like …"

The population is shrinking … "Russian Cross" — mortality curve upward, downward curve of fertility. Diagonally crossed the future of the Russian people, and in the newspapers last debate on how much we have enough?

At 50 years old? At 30? At 20? At each corner of condoms sold — not less than 10-ka different species, and the voice of the anti-abortion raises only one church, the media and pop culture to impose a model of behavior "The Grasshopper dragonfly" no burdened, not burdened …

Remove from the "Comments and suggestions on the general plan" Ost "is actually Nazi rhetoric — and get the quintessence of the modern ideology of glamor.

In fact, what is happening in Russia right now, I would not find the ill-will. All the same to believe in Hitler's underground Russian establishment — it is very, even for fans of the theory komplotov. But sloth, greed, ignorance and incompetence — yes.

But — oh … television. Adolf Hitler: "In the Russian town we do not go, they should absolutely go extinct. We do not need to get used to the role of a nurse, before the people there have no responsibilities. To repair the house, catching lice, the German teacher, a newspaper? No! And the more we open our radio-controlled, and the rest of them quite know road signs to not get in our way! "

Television did not exist then … but one controlled by a radio station then — this is the same as the "Dom-2" in the ruins of the housing now.

Germans of Russian

In the years 1946-48, the Americans tried to find out from the German generals captured the secret of the invincibility of the Russian army. On the role of Malchish-Kibalchish these tattered warriors were not good, and answered the questions honestly. As a result of these or interview or interrogation reports and appeared book "The Fatal solutions Wehrmacht."

One of those who had to talk about their own defeats, — the chief of staff of the 4th Army Wehrmacht General Gunther Blumentritt. Surprisingly, but this fascist speaks about the enemy — Russian — still more positive than they are now some of our own liberal publicists.

"The war with Russia — a silly idea, which, in my opinion, can not have a happy ending. The behavior of Russian troops even in the first battles was in striking contrast with the behavior of the Poles and the Western Allies in the defeat. "

"From the Field Marshal von Bock to all the fighters had hoped that soon we will march through the streets of the Russian capital. Hitler even made a special demining team, which was to damage the Kremlin.

When we came up very tightly to Moscow, the mood of our commanders and troops suddenly changed. "

"Remembering the stateliness of Napoleon's army pursued us, like a ghost. The book of memories of Napoleon's General Caulaincourt, always lying on the table of Field Marshal von Kluge, became his bible. Became more matches with the events in 1812 "

"Oh my God, that after all these Russian conspired to do with us? We're all die! .. "

Colonel-General (later — Field Marshal) von Kleist, summer 41th — commander of the 1st Panzer Group, which occurred in the Ukraine:

"Russian from the start proved to be the upscale warriors, and our success in the first months of the war were due simply the best preparation. Having gained combat experience, they have become high-class fighters. They fought with exceptional tenacity, endurance had an amazing … "

General von Manstein (also a future Marshal)

"It often happened that the Russian soldiers raised their hands to show that they give us a prisoner, and after our infantry approached them, they again resorted to arms, wounded or feigned death, and later from the rear shot of our soldiers" .

WHY STALIN be silent?

"Stalin was in prostration. Within a week, he rarely came out of his own villa in Kuncevo. His name disappeared from the newspapers. Within 10 days of Russian Alliance did not have a favorite. Only 1 July, Stalin came to himself. " J. Lewis, F. Whitehead. "Stalin." New-york, 1990.

June 22, I recall the beginning of the war to the Russian people Molotov said. Why not Stalin? Hitler's speech on the radio. Even Churchill barged in, stuck my 5 pence. Why, then our silence?

I think it's the "why" and gave rise to the myth of the prostration of the leader.

I think Stalin addressed the nation on June 22 as realized: the very fact of such statements may give rise to more people great anxiety.

The fact that Stalin did not spoil the public performances of their own people. On average — one or two a year. Of them in the open air, on the radio — a couple of years, not at all. Not that public policy: Churchill, Roosevelt, even more so, with his weekly radio address to the South American nation.

If after a two-year silence Stalin spoke specifically to the first day of the war, this would not animation, and panic.

So, first of prostration Stalin, Khrushchev spoke. He himself was in Moscow in those days was not in, but he had a reliable informant — Beria. However, Beria, by the time he was shot. But this only increases the reliability of the source: Lawrence refute Pavlovich was nothing he could. Particularly impressive about the moral oppression of Stalin Khrushchev came to dictate his memoirs:

"Beria said subsequently, when the war began, Stalin brought together members of the Politburo. Stalin was morally very depressed and made this statement: "The war, damn it develops. Lenin left us a proletarian Russian government, and we do about … "and almost put it. "I, — says — refuse leadership" — and left. Left, got into his car and drove to the nearest cottage.

Then Beria Tipo said, as members of the Politburo went after — ask Coba back to the kingdom — and he is the face of Stalin saw that he was very terrified. According to the views of Beria (a retelling of Khrushchev), Stalin decided that the members of the Politburo came to arrest him. Dissuaded him, and he eventually returned to work in the Kremlin.

But it looks like all the same nafantaziroval Nikita. Some reason or other members of the Politburo who were really close to Stalin, did not know anything per se.

Except, in part, Anastas Mikoyan. Those who "from Lenin to Lenin without infarction and stroke, and that under Khrushchev himself passionately involved in the exciting fun" to bring down all of Stalin. "

"Molotov said that Stalin had such prostration that he is not interested in anything, lost the initiative, is in a bad condition … (Vot! word" prostration "uttered. However, Molotov always denied. — VM) arrived at the cottage to Stalin. Found him in a small dining room seating in the Kremlin.
He looks at us quizzically and asked, Why come? His appearance was measured, but a weird, more weird and had given them a question. After all, in fact the case, he should have been convened.

Molotov, on behalf of us said that it was necessary to concentrate power, that everything was resolved quickly so that the country on its feet. At the head of such body should be Stalin.

Stalin looked up in surprise, did not express any objections. Fine, says. "

Could be answered and the words of General Buldakova of "Features of state hunting", "Well, you fucking give!" If, of course, Mikoyan confused nothing, not rusty and not corrected in this story. And he could.

To put the point, I refer to the world-GK Zhukov, who, unlike Khrushchev, Stalin dealt with in the first hours:

"They say that in the first week of the war I. Stalin Tipo so confused that he could not even speak on the radio speech and instructed his speech VM Molotov. This proposition is not true. "

When the Germans were in MOSCOW

Stalin had not moved from Moscow and during the panic October 16, 1941. In general, about one day, more precisely, about a few days, reliable information is not very much. They say, did not work underground. They say garbage cans in Moscow have been inundated with reddish Tomiko of Lenin's collected works. They say even interrupted message Sovinformburo poured out of the speakers to the tune of the beloved "March aviators»: «Und hoher und hoher und hoher». In general, the Nazi version of the song. The ideological sabotage? Indescribable pad?

There were looters in the alleys. Mass layoffs at the plants. Refugees on road enthusiasts. And the rumors, rumors — each is worse. Creepy.

Muscovites decision to evacuate commissariats and foreign embassies have explained exactly Stalin left Moscow. The GKO October 19, signed by Stalin on the implementation of martial law Muscovites immediately sobered "provocateurs, spies and other agents of the enemy, calling for a violation of the order to shoot on the spot." Here in Moscow, opened a music hall, and there were posters on the tour Lyubov Orlova.

By the way, interesting. Stalin never left, but Lenin — was leaving. It was decided to transport his body.


Toddlers members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) engaged in the war.

During the war, did not have the separation of men and the elite that now. Yes, they were the leaders and the masses. If a formal approach — the gap was even more profound than that at the moment, when the so-called democracy. But here's an important difference: in the war of values and goals of the government and the people were common. One majestic common cause. And the sons of chiefs went to the front — as well as the sons of teachers, workers, and farmers.

Fought wars sons of the Supreme, the members of the Politburo, the other party and government control.

Stalin's son Yakov died. Babies died at Mikoyan and Khrushchev. Died son of the former People's Commissar of Defense, Timur Frunze.

There's a war on her killed. This is a disaster for the family: both teachers and farmers, and members of the Politburo. But as long as there is a war, everyone knows that can not be otherwise.

The mythology of the sons of chiefs for the most part already postwar.

We are so negative all kinds of propaganda that in the front-line routine offspring Stalinist elite somehow hard to believe. And regarding the current generals — as in society, and quite rigid belief that the general's sons in the hot point does not fall. Flaniruyut at the headquarters on the roles of aides, while will not get huge stars on their epaulettes.

In part this is true, but that's only …

I would have been a mathematician, would bring the formula. It would take into account the duration and intensity of the fighting, the number of troops involved in, the loss of the middle kids of military control. And would apply this formula to our own, the current old days. It would have understood that the war in Chechnya our generals suffered terrible losses. The loss of their own native sons.

"In total only during the first Chechen war killed 55 sons of senior officers, seven of them — the general's kids. Then the lost children of Colonel-General Jora Shpak, Lieutenant-General Gennady Anoshin, Vyacheslav Suslov, Pulikovsky, Yuri Schepin, Major-General Gennady raids, Anatoly Filipenok. Eighth, the son of Lieutenant General Victor Solomatina, died first second Chechen war in 1999. Languid wounded sons of Colonel-General Viktor Kazantsev, Lieutenant-General Alexander Tartysheva, Major-General Vadim Alexandrov and others. "

Infinitely sorry for these guys. One thing at a drop of consolation: the understanding that the concepts of duty and honor our military generals, all right.

But amidst all the political establishment and the entire top of the Russian magazine "Forbes" we do not know is that no one lost son in the Caucasus. Anyone whose kids are in general there were wars.

Lion cubs have gone to war. Cubs hiding in burrows. Dry and warm: on the ruble, in London, Switzerland and other places azure. "


And the world at large as ever lived, building on the results of the second World War, the decisions that were made the favorites at the end of the war and immediately after it. If you review the results of the war, the machine is reviewed and the entire apparatus of the known world.

Because doubt themselves Russian — as to what role they played in the war, will be very hands on in the revision history. Will not resist. If our homeland — historically the losing party, what should she do? That's right — to return the illegally occupied areas and temporarily pay indemnity. What there are three Kuril island? Shikotan, Etorofu, what else? Scat, Russian, all with the Kuril Islands — eternally Japanese countryside! Recognize themselves accomplices of Hitler recognize "complicit" in the outbreak of the second world — and, let's start all give. Themselves, and the gift of a crowd, as in 1991. The Kuril Islands, the Kaliningrad region, Sakhalin, and later — Karelia, Northern Caucasus …

Recognize — and Yeltsin Our homeland standard 01/01/1992, uzhavshayasya to the size of the kingdom of the young Alexis quietest — seem giant. Forget about the Empire. Forget about the Soviet Union. Give us — Lofty Principality Capital since Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible! If it is still retain Kazan and Astrakhan. It is true that the President is not threatened anyone, but so be it principality for himself — did not hurt stateliness.

This is the first — the party guilty of unleashing World War II, should be recognized and give the losing party — the resources and terrain.

And the second — to pay indemnity. And what they already thought. Officially referred to as — "damage caused by Russian occupation." Lithuania — $ 28 billion., Latvia — $ 18.5 billion., Estonia — $ 4 billion. (But that's only environmental damage from staying Russian army). Even Moldova managed to calculate the $ 27.8 billion

That the Germans stay in Russia

When, in 1942 came the German coming to the Caucasus, was published in Leipzig-reference guide for the German fighter. It carefully articulate the "goals and objectives" of the war "in the country", and in the end explained in the forehead, without any ideological Jewish-tinsel:

Baku — oil,
Severe — the best in the world of gasoline,
Kabarda — molybdenum,
Ossetia — zinc,
Zangazur (it is in Armenia) — copper.

Especially for those who have read a lot of fantasy, as if the Germans recovered personal property, and do not contribute to bringing a bit of emigration — the management of factories — former
owners — a couple of facts.

In the summer of 1941 in Germany were established "Eastern Company" — the German subsidiaries of large trusts. They have become "guardians" best Russian companies and entire industries. The company "Mannesmann — Rerenverke", say, "look after" Taganrog Metallurgical Plant.

Later decided to simplify the story — and already 27 July 1941 Göring gave the indication: it's time to "guardianship" and how you can stop faster to organize a "surrender of eastern objects for rent" German companies. In our opinion, in a modern way, it was a raider seizure with change management. Began mass "M & A". Note that nowhere in Europe is nothing like Hitler did. Personal property remained sacrosanct. Or is it — in Russia!

Russian businessmen rushed to plunder and other European states that were already under the Germans. There are "Dutch East Company", "Belgian Oriental Society," "The Danish wind Committee", the Norwegian company "Austrveg", "The French Eastern Partnership", etc.

Against Orthodoxy

Hitler: "That's just bad luck that we did not profess the religion. Why do not we adopt the religion of the Japanese, who believe the supreme sacrifice for the good of the glory of the fatherland? Well, the Mohammedan faith would suit us much more than Christianity, with its rag-tolerance. "

"Last majestic task of our era is to solve the problem of the church. Only then German civilization can be quite a measured for their future … You must wait until the end of the church will rot, like the body of an infected gangrene. Should be brought to the fact that from the pulpit will broadcast some fool, and will listen to them some old … "

Particularly aggressive Hitler spoke specifically against orthodoxy:

"The Church — it is always the municipal unifying idea. It is in our interest is best would be if every Russian village had its own sect with its own idea of God. If they start to appear there any witchcraft or satanic cults as blacks or at the Redskins, it will deserve every support. The more things that break on the part of the USSR, the better. "

That's it, witchcraft and satanic cults, their every village. When you hear critics of the current orthodoxy, adherents of the "spiritual diversity" and all sorts of unconventional religions, I always get deja vu. Liberal trepotnya, as usual, copies of utterance Fuhrer.

Forced AS ALLIES Wage war

Try to surf the western educational Web sites dedicated to the second world — there is Russian, consider, just do not. Included in life from a young generation of English-speaking interests absorb ringing absence of Russian in deciding the destiny of the world. English educational website in the middle of 30 with excess major events of the war in 1943, Reddish Army mentioned in the chronology of only three times. STALINGRAD not mentioned.

Stalin was well aware of the United Kingdom and the United States are interested in the defeat of the Red Army, no less than in her victory. The weakening of Russian Union in a fight with the "Third Reich" to meet the most extreme real strategic interests of future allies, and this has been confirmed by all the pre-war history. Relieve 2-dictators do not give them a chance to break up the world — that is the essence, the essence of Western policy in the late 30's — early 40's.

I think the day of June 22, 1941, after learning of the attack on the USSR, Hitler, Churchill encouraging sign of the cross. Or drank cognac. Maybe even set off on the joys of squatting. I do not know. Most likely — and this and that and the third.

However, neither Britain nor the United States had no interest in the final defeat of the Soviet Union, as the complete defeat of the Kremlin would make the fall of the Isle only a matter of time.

Stalin's plan was clear — as quickly as possible to switch the West with the actual neutrality at least some role in the European slaughter.

"I would be very grateful to you — Stalin, Churchill wrote — if I were able to come to the Soviet Union jointly to the pressing issues of the war against Hitler, the threat from that in respect of the United Kingdom, the United States and the Soviet Union now have gained special powers …"

In general, what was left to Stalin? To be nice? What he had the ability to force the Allies really take part in the war? We are constantly fooling. Roosevelt personally promised to Molotov that will open the second front in the autumn of 1942. And also — fooled. Churchill said, and prick again and again, year after year. It was obvious that this sweet couple not enter the war until the Soviet Union did not spend all of the forces. They were wrong. For power we only arrived.

But then, in 1942, in Moscow, Stalin, Churchill could only push morally. He made the favorite English Empire and angry crimson, like a little boy, who catch on unlearned lessons.

Churchill released the world. Stalin was "unexpectedly" called him to dinner and "drink a little na pososhok». There's ice, according to the laws of mental depression, a little melted. Goodbye heat.

Marshal AE Golovanov said: "The table was small, attended by 10 people, or a little more. Followed by toast, and between Churchill and Stalin appeared like an unspoken competition, who will drink more. Churchill, Stalin pouring brandy into a shot glass then, the wine, Stalin — Churchill.

— I was worried about Stalin and often looked at him. Stalin with displeasure looked at me, and later, when Churchill at hand carried from the banquet came to me: "What are you staring at me like that? When solved municipal affairs — the head does not get drunk. Fear not, I am not the RF propyl, and I have it tomorrow, like a carp in the pan will flutter! "

In the words of … Stalin was a reason, because Churchill got drunk on the eyes and started to read the excess. In Stalin's behavior … does not change anything, and he continued to direct the conversation. "

Did Stalin believed the promises of the allies? I think not. But still struggling, has overcome to complete — if only to drag them to the end of the theater of war.

Let's sum up. USSR in any measure was not due to the victory of the Allies. Even try to read so that means — mock historical truth.

Let's give a tribute to the soldiers of allies. Their lives for the cause gave 700 thousand of them. We can say that our loss reduced by that number. Their sacrifice and courage — out hesitation. Glory to the heroes!

The only thing it would be nice if on the other side — remember us.

But — hopeless. Far from Nice in May 2010, pass by the monument to the heroes of the second world war. Do pedestal flies three flags of the victorious countries: French, South American, and British. And the first set of flagpoles — also three. The memory of the Russian, 27 million Russian who died for their freedom, and today's French azure well-fed life — not even implied.

Coincidence of dates

In the month prior to the victory of Stalin accomplished conversation with the Patriarch and Metropolitan of All Russia Alexy I. Passover that year fell on May 6 — day ZHoru George, the patron saint of Christ-loving host. Namesday ZHoru Zhukov. He signed the Act of Capitulation is just in the middle of Bright Week.

George Ribbon, which we are attached to the clothes and the car in front of days
Victory — the direct descendant of the Order of St. George ribbon ZHoru St., St. George's Cross and St. George medal. During the Russian majestically she returned to the premium system under the title belt Guards — the Order of Glory and the Medal "For Victory over Germany."

Reception May 24, 1945 in honor of the commanders
of the Red Army, which sounded the famous Stalin's toast "For the Russian people!" Took place in St. George's Hall of the Great Kremlin Palace. Hall is named in honor of the Order of St. Zhora, his decorate marble plaques with the names of Knights of St. George.

And another coincidence — May 9 is the old one style of days the memory of St. Joseph of Optina, ie this day of St. Joseph. Flinch? You can relax: he was canonized only in 1996. So it's really just a coincidence.

Yet, equally, year after year, this is our main prazdnichek in fact acquired its own special, almost religious, sacred meaning.

Stalinsk TOAST

Stalin was a Georgian toasts and adored. This is the case — quite frankly, quite rare — when the stereotype coincides with the reality of 100%.

May 25, Stalin proposed a toast "For the Russian people!" Transcript of evidence: a reception at the St. George Hall of the Kremlin sounded toast 31, in what was discussed about 45 people. Far into the night, Stalin lifted last toast. It's small, but it lasted for almost half an hour — because of the applause.

"Comrades, let me raise another, the last toast.

As a representative of our Russian government wishes to raise a toast to the health of our Russian people and, above all, the Russian people. (Loud and prolonged applause, cries of "hurray").

I drink, first, to the health of the Russian people as it is the more remarkable civilization of all the nations that make up the Russian Union.

I raise a toast to the health of the Russian people as he deserved in this war and previously earned the title, if you wish, the guiding force of our Russian Union among all the peoples of our country.

I raise a toast to the health of the Russian people not only because it is — managing people, and because he has common sense, general political common sense and patience.

Our government made a lot of mistakes, we were desperate moments in 1941-42., When our army retreated, abandoning our villages and towns of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Leningrad region, the Karelian-Finnish Republic, abandoning them because they do not no other choice. Some other people might say, you have not met our expectations, we will supply another government that will make peace with Germany and will provide us peace. It could happen, keep in mind.

But the Russian people did not do it, the Russian people would not compromise, he had boundless confidence in our government. Again, we were wrong, the first two years, our army had to retreat appeared that not obsess events, not handling the situation. But the Russian people believed, suffered, and bided his hopes that we are all the same cope with events.

It is for this trust our government which the Russian people we had, thanks to him majestic!

The health of the Russian people! (Loud and prolonged earn standing ovations.) "

In my opinion, there is a common appreciation. Normal pride in their own people. And it is so rare for even the caliber of leaders, much less in vivo demi-tyrant Stalin's admission of guilt.

If you believe the Air Marshal Golovanov, "Stalin wished he was born Russian, I read that people did not love him, because he was Georgian. Eastern origin affected it only in the emphasis … "

This, of course, the lyrics. But what else was read Stalin, if the irreparable loss of the Russian Red Army reached 66.4%? Almost six million victims of the 8.7 Russian fighter?

The second big-name toast to the victory sounded exactly one month and also in the Kremlin. About the "cogs". Immediately say, no one likes to obzovut softwood or nut. And Stalin's attitude to people as dumb "human cogs" reflects the essence of its dictator and tyrant. This metalwork metaphor does not make him honor, and often cited as the 1st of the charges his regime … Cogs … graze. "It is the role of abuse and I ask her to me not to use" — as stated in the immortal Anton Semenovich Shpak.

All true. But only in this particular case, the word out of context.

Against this background, "the same" toast sound, sorry … sort of expression by no means inapplicable to the bloody dictator … but somehow it sounds — human beings.

Let's hear it.

"Do not think that I would say that-nibudt extraordinary. I have a very ordinary, plain toast. I would be willing to drink the health of the people, not a lot of public officials and the unenviable title. For people who are considered "cogs" stately Municipal mechanism, without which all of us — the marshals and commanders of fronts and armies, roughly speaking, not a damn thing we stand. Some "cog" in the disorder — and it's over. I raise a toast to the ordinary people, ordinary, moderate, for the "cogs", which are kept in a state of activity our stately municipal machinery in all branches of science, economy and military affairs. They are very many, their name is legion, as this 10's of millions of people. This is — moderate people. None of them did not write, they do not have the title, rank is not enough, but it is — the people who keep us as a base holding the tip. I drink to the health of these people pochetaemyh our comrades. "

"I'm sorry, but what are you all" slave "yes" slave. " What is it all the same word for it? "- Was sulking on the king John Severe citizen Shpak.

Neither slaves nor "cogs" in the evening, Stalin, to his credit, no one called. He remembered ordinary people, ordinary, moderate. And to call them friends.

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