Stalin defended the interests of Poland

Polish political elite, as well as the vast majority of the intelligentsia, like "savor" transgressions "murderous regime" of Stalin. But do not like to remember his gift — a significant increase of the Polish countryside on the western border of the country.

April 21, 1945 Warsaw received a third of today's area of Poland. This is the day in Poland deliberately forgotten.

December 31, 1944 made on the basis of the Polish Committee of National Liberation (PCNL) interim government has asked Poland to Moscow with a proposal to compensate for the loss of Polish territorial, in September 1939, the Soviet Union annexed to discover Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. Provisional Polish Government has proposed to include in the Poland belonged to Germany, but had Slavic past, areas of Silesia and Pomerania (Baltic coast). In Moscow, it supported the proposal.

Stalin defended the interests of Poland

At the Yalta Conference (4 — 11 February 1945), which was attended by the Allies favorites USSR, the USA and England and open a discussion post-war issues, Stalin introduced the proposal. Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt responded positively to the restoration of Moscow's own western border transfer captured in 1918-1920. Polish lands. But here's the rise of Poland at the expense of Germany caused the protest. Churchill became justify that taking such large areas of Germany, the Allies will cause the growth of revanchist sentiment among the Germans. He remembered the Treaty of Versailles, when post-World War II Germany is very cut. This caused a rise in protest, nationalist sentiment among the Germans and the coming to power of the Nazis led by Hitler.

Stalin defended the interests of Poland

London and Washington came up with a very "brutal" plan — a plan Morgenthau these proposals "bloody Stalinist regime" considered incorrect.

Suggested that the Anglo-Saxons?

— Daily ration of German workers decreased from 2,000 kcal per day, so that's a lot.

— All the metallurgical and chemical industry to export from the territory of Germany.

— Kids in foster care UN to appoint teachers of the Jews. Write new textbooks, the content of which will be agreed between USSR, United States, England. Prohibit the Germans to pursue higher education, close all universities, libraries, research equipment to divide between the favorites.

— Apart from the destruction of military capabilities should generally deprive Germany of industry, mines and mine flooding.

— In reparation to include not only the foreign currency payments and property, but the resources of Germany, its terrain. Forced labor of Germans in other states. The confiscation of German ground supplies from outside of the Germany, though what type. Cutting down forests for the benefit of the German allies.

— Germany to ban foreign trade.

These activities, in their opinion, would have done away with the dominance of Germany in Europe. This and a number of other plans to become Germany's third-rate government came to life only because of Stalin's position. Stalin, "bloody tyrant and a despot," is not allowed to create similar to the German people.

About Poland

Moscow has offered to Warsaw and the Baltic coast — part of East Prussia, Pomerania and the city of Gdansk (Danzig). Winston Churchill was against it, proposing to make this area the second part of the divided Germany. In other words, the end of the war, the Anglo-Saxons and Moscow have not come to a common decision with regard to Poland.

21 th April 1945 the Soviet Union and Poland signed an agreement on friendship. USSR did not expect a "blessing" in London and Washington, and, taking advantage of the fact that these areas and so were under his control, gave the Poles in Germany belonging to the management area in Pomerania and Silesia area of 100 thousand square kilometers.

At the Potsdam Conference (July 17 to August 2, 1945) offers Stalin in Poland have been approved. It was a huge blow for Germany is estimated to German economists, for the period after the war Polish budget received only from deposits of minerals in these areas more than $ 130 billion. bucks, which is approximately two times greater than all paid by Germany in favor of Poland reparations and compensation. Poland received deposits of hard coal and brown coal, copper ore, zinc and tin, which put it on par with the big global miners of these natural resources.

Another great value has the receipt Warsaw coast of the Baltic Sea. If in 1939, Poland had 71 km of sea coast, after Potsdam — 526 km. Assist Poland and a minority government, the Germans simply evicted (about 4,000,000 people).

All these riches Poles and Poland should personally to Stalin, the Soviet Union and its successor as — Russian Federation. And if you start reviewing the results of the second world war, the Poles should return a third of Germany's own locality.

Stalin defended the interests of Poland

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