Stavropol Cossacks took to defend

Stavropol Cossacks took to defendIn the Stavropol region, with the blessing envoy Alexander Khloponin Cossack guards begin patrolling jointly with the police. This decision is approved by the Directorate of Internal Affairs after the collision of the Cossacks and the Chechens in Zelenokumsk. According to the views of the professional Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Abdulhamid Bulatov, arms Cossacks — not the best way to resolve the ethnic conflict. However, local authorities have promised to bring to patrol and other national communities, and they say, as if no tension in the region do not.

Stavropol Cossacks authorities were required to pay increased attention after the night of November 27, seven members of the organization were wounded during the conflict with the Chechens. This collision is very soft-spoken characterizes the situation in the region on the basis of the separation of two SFD neighborhood — with the union and the Russian region of North Caucasian republics state in one territorial unit.

Russian men stood up for 15-year-old countrywoman, who tried to rape her brothers GAFUROVA. According to the Terek Cossack Ataman Alexander Falco, a lady was taken to the house where she was able to escape. But she told the incident to a close, and they tracked down the car offenders. "Go ask the local Chechens of those who tried to rape her. In response, we heard swearing -" you need to Beslan? Be your second Beslan "(Beslan — the name of the 1st of the suspects — Ed.) And set up an appointment at the Kalinin Street, where the house number 175 came armed men with travmatik with firearms and began shooting at naked ", — told the chieftain of the North-Caucasian news agency.

Version police said that law enforcement officials were able to prevent the massive mess Chechens were disarmed and arrested. But the records Zelenokumskaya bloggers sotrudnikiGIBDD and private security, arriving on the scene, surrounded the Chechens ring — back to them and face to the Cossacks, like protecting the minority from the public. Because of the spin "detention order" Chechens continued to shoot, besides waving crusts, calling themselves guardians of Ramzan Kadyrov.

The administration of the Chechen president has denied the troublemakers, and the three brothers were arrested GAFUROVA were local. But at the moment Stavropol police searches yet of the 1st of the Chechen participants hassle which, according to some reports, is hiding in the terrain of the Chechen Republic.
All this has caused excitement in the usually apathetic a provincial town. In the Cossack community entered a descent of 100 new members. Last weekend zhiteliZelenokumska gathered at the gathering. There also arrived at the head of the police department of Stavropol Lieutenant-General Alexander Gorova. He had to listen to a lot of stories about how the Russian police district refuses to take statements from the victims because of the arbitrariness of the Chechens.

Gorova told those present at the gathering Atamans that ATS Russian region increased by 3 cars that will be created for joint patrols of Cossacks and the enforcers. Immediately Zelenokumsk administration is considering the issue of funding is from urban Cossack brigade. These groups, according to the views of Gorovoy can be formed in all districts of Stavropol.

Initiative is the creation of urban Cossack brigades already been approved by the presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District Alexander Khloponin. The other day, he met with the young Cossacks of Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia, Chechnya, Dagestan and Stavropol. According to him, the support teams is run by the city government. Envoy promised to resolve the issue of security of life and health of the Cossacks at the expense of regional and municipal budgets.

So Makar, the Cossacks, who already have their own military units in the Russian army, now will work shoulder to shoulder for the police. But if in the Armed Forces Cossack units are on the same basis, but now they get a special status of "urban warriors" who sought for many years. Will it help to solve the problem of displaced Russian majority in the Stavropol region or, on the contrary, increase ethnic tensions? A second possible scenario, says a leading expert of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Abdulhamid Bulatov.

— This reaction could be expected, but it is not ideal. So how can begin a response. When one side is arming and begins to patrol, then at the theoretical level can be set up armed groups and on the other hand — the expert in dealing with NewsInfo. — There should be a municipal policies to prevent similar situations and their harsh suppression. In other words, if there is a clash blamed Chechens, they must be identified and punished, in spite of the face and communication. If guilty of the Cossacks, the same way. The punishment should be fair and transparent. We turns out that a lot of officials, and the country as a force that would protect the common man, no. And in the Stavropol region the situation is quite complex, there are many persons, including Dagestan. Incriminate them only that they move, it's silly. They are in the main lodge in deserted countryside. And the land is not empty, if it is applicable for processing. Should be the authority which, if necessary, could be hit and to the right and to the left, to punish the criminals and the one and the other.

— The Cossacks have long reach status which has permitted them to maintain public order.

— How to restore the status of pre-revolutionary, is unrealistic. It is necessary then to introduce the principle of social class. This is unreal. I'm generally not a supporter of having to create a form on the site, which can transform into any of the support group of local politicians. In 90 years, this story has been with public movements. At first, they really had something to razrulit and calm the situation, but soon themselves become a source of tension. It is a stick about 2-ends.
Administration Zelenokumsk and Russian Cossacks district initiative encourages, but does not recognize the existence of ethnic conflict. As highlighted in an interview with the head of the district NewsInfo Ivan Palchikov, Cossack guards will work "on the new organizational level, the issue will be worked on duty." Speaking about the funding of patrols, he said: "This issue will be considered in conjunction with the Government of Stavropol Territory and designate funds necessary for the maintenance of the Cossack warriors."

Fingers added, the authorities want to bring to patrol not only the Cossacks, and also representatives of other state communities. That they, too, "took part in the duty on our Human Fri and so makarom affected people, which could prevent the offense."

According to him, the patrol base groups should be the police and Cossacks, and other national representatives — to complement the composition of squads. Will the finance role Chechens Dagestan and other ethnic minorities as well as the Cossacks, fingers can not speak. "The Cossacks is already organized force, and for other categories of people, the question will be worked," — he explained in an interview with our publication.

— In your opinion, the situation has stabilized, the population Zelenokumsk has calmed down?

— Situation and 28 November, after the events was measured. But the media are trying to undermine it.

-You want to say that this episode is, in princip
le, could not go unnoticed?

— We do not have the facts of the area that could not be seen. But this fact has been highlighted over and grabbed the media, as if there is designated confrontation, the conflict on the basis of the state.

— From your point of view on the Russian countryside area of the ethnic conflict there?

— Meetings, meetings with the chief of police restored the population situation, and today in the quiet. Passionate about creative work and will work hard to make the best Law Enforcement.

— There is a perception that the situation was aggravated after the Stavropol region included in the North Caucasus Federal District.

— That they say those who are interested in it.

— That you do not share the point of view?
— No.

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