Stones oblivion

Stone Devillers in Kolomenskoye, Moscow

Before the days came a distant

The reflection, the proud stone

And the feat of current Russia

Let it be the future of the Brain!

A. Twardowski

The history of ancient times, a very difficult thing. We well know what happened in Russia in the last 350 years. Delving deep into the centuries for another 500 years, we begin to gradually lose the connection to time and generations. There is not enough historical data and archaeological findings. Gradually, there are myths and legends. Trust the church and monastery writings, whose authors were men, limited knowledge of church dogma and do not go in their research on the monastery gate, hardly worth it. At least, the study of these works need a very powerful internal filter to weed out unnecessary and wrong. Perhaps there were other independent sources of biographies of those times. But where are they? Hidden or destroyed? Answer is hard to find. Recent series of some literary works as pigeon book or Veles book, can not shed light on the history of Russia, but it seems they have created much later.

But if you dig deeper to 10-13 centuries, what happened there? The introduction of Christianity, the emergence of the principalities, the beginning of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. Many confusing and uncertain. Saviors of the Kiev principality — Vikings. Hostility among the princes, Kulikovo, where she still held — is unclear, violent, bloody baptism throughout Russia, the construction of Orthodox churches, fairy tales, the hero of Russia Ilya Muromets — where he is buried? Lay, Chronicle. And almost all of the information and some questions. What people lived at that time in Russia, the thoughts, ideas and concerns owned by our ancestors? Why not save the information about those times?

And if you move into a more distant past — in the older ones. Only myths, and taken from the Greek or Indian folk tales. And a large number of modern historical and literary imagination, in which uncertainty is no doubt.

Are there any traces of those ancient times? Left …. Burial mounds, and stones of unknown purpose and origin. The stones are silent, but they can talk, if they are treated not as a piece of the rock, but as a witness to historical periods and events. The most ancient mounds of our ancestors spread from Altai, in the Southern Urals, North Caucasus, south of Ukraine to the Balkans. Some excavation mounds showed that the device, character, finds and human remains, we can safely say that they belonged to the same people — the ancestors of the Slavs and the Slavs. In mounds found weapons, gold jewelry and some household products. This means that our ancestors fought, probably with neighbors to protect their possessions. Weapon level was quite high. They were nomads, and were sedentary people. Ceramic containers for storing grain nomads had. A high quality gold jewelry are telling us about their artistic taste, the ability to mine the gold, melt the metal.

And most importantly — why people were buried, though important for the genus, in large mounds? With great labor costs. For whom they were intended? Out of respect for the dead? For themselves? In only one of Kalmykia, the former Khazaria, is a hundred burial mounds. In Rostov-on-Don mounds are even in the city. Response time is unexpected. Mounds created for us — distant descendants. This is a reminder to us that we have — the Slavs — were great ancestors who sent to flight invincible army of Alexander the Great, pushed back the legendary Roman army dispersed Semitic Khanate with its mercenary troops. Forced to respect the neighboring people, drove into the mountains of the most aggressive and militant tribes Lezghins, Chechens, Circassians, Turks. And finally — given modern Slavs life.

In the area of Pyatigorsk is somewhat majestic mounds. On one of them was set stone obelisk monument called Booth — a great military leader, kind of Slavs. For many centuries, the monument stood on top of the mound, recalling the greatness of our ancestors. Obelisk first shot in the 19th century and set in Pyatigorsk, then shamefully hidden in the vaults of the local museum, and in the Soviet era monument was sent to the Historical Museum in Moscow. Did not fit the ideology of the Soviet monument in person — the builder of communism, and the church he eyesore. After all, we led to believe that our real history began with the arrival of Christianity. Before that, our ancestors were barbarians. Yes, the obelisk Busa is not artistic value. But the meaning of the stone obelisk lies elsewhere — in the sacred content of the monument. Mound set over a strong geoactive energozonoy and the monument is unique antenna scattering during ejection of physical energy, and also a reasonable, to fuel the spirit ancestors — you and me. What the mechanism laid under a mound, is unclear, probably, this phenomenon is beyond the limits of our knowledge. Destroy a monument to the human figure, feared for itself and others. Would be a simple stone — it would have long since demolished. Use the same course as the installation on energozone Sphinx in Egypt — which is now the obelisk, he survived?

Even more mysterious stone structures are dolmens Caucasus. Their hundreds, scattered in different areas of the Caucasus. Built of huge stone slabs and processed blocks, they are dazzling. Many blocks weigh up to 40 tons, have smooth geometric dimensions. Some board surface so tightly fit together, that the gap between them is not recorded. Who built these buildings, how, and for what? Guides tell about the dolmens blatant nonsense. Whether magicians, dwarf, or the Giants, or the ancient inhabitants with elephants created these megaliths. Nonsense! Dolmens were built by our ancestors — the ancestors of the Slavs. Magi built top-level built using the power of thought. Believe it can not be a modern man. But remember the words of the ancient poetic work "The essence of being: Chakra — Muni":

There is the mystery of mysteries in the universe:

In the tomb of brain power lies,

Away was capable through

Transform matter.

Ability and potential of the human mind are great. But we are block diagrams of various machines. Replacing the natural human ability computer thinking. And the result is obvious — the degradation of the mind, body and mind.

Dear friends, dolmens played an important role in the evolution of the dark period of the Earth. These were the building with the functions of advisory, information and health authority. The thing is that in the world there is one particular method of preserving information and knowledge of times past. This method is used not only by Slavs, and other peoples. The method consists in the voluntary immurement living person in dolmen, who died a few weeks without food and water. The body dies, the soul remains, do not leave it in the designated worlds. In this state, the soul could exist in dolmen millennium, helping people. Of course, these people could only be highly spiritual human consciousness. Slavs they were wise men — teachers, sages, builders, doctors, keepers of knowledge and folk traditions. For many years, the Slavs came to the dolmens for advice, help and rehabilitation. Almost all the people of our time, who came to the dolmens, which were still the soul of the Magi, felt energy and presence of someone. With oral treatment for the soul they received a response in the form of emerging ideas in their head, or even speech sounds. People left with gratitude and inspired with the spirit answers dolmen. Some people get healthy, especially women. Unfortunately, at the end of the last century, the dolmens were empty. It's time the souls of the Magi to return home, then to be translated into Russian!

Strange rocks can be found in all regions of Russia. They might look like just a stones flat or vertical, in the form of human figures as processed stelae-menhirs, in blocks or slabs are clearly man-made. Only no one can remember what they mean or what was in the old days in this place. Stones oblivion ….

Some of the stones called them idols or boobs, giving them humiliating. With idols was relentless struggle — they are overturned or destroyed. Who they really interfere, these silent witnesses of crimes against Russia. But if we look at the outstanding monument of the history of our ancestors — the city of Arch, the city of the Magi, we can see that the stone statues stand at the burial site residents. Some of the stones are on the giant energozony geoactive points on which the village was located. One of the best geo-active zones in the world. The two roles of stones is here indicated.

It's safe to say that there is a third function of the installed gems. They stood in the steppes and forest-steppes of Ukraine and the North Caucasus. There have been very few natural landmarks. Therefore, in the way of travelers set benchmarks — direction signs. But there is a stone or group of stones, whose role is not clear. Take Moscow — no doubt a city sacred to Russians. In the Kremlin on Borovitsky Hill standing stones, which a hundred years ago, people came. What role do they play? Their history is deeply rooted in ancient times. Perhaps the stones to keep the secret of finding nearby relics of ancient ancestors, and not only them. Historical Moscow was dotted with underground passages, departing far deeper. The most extensive and deep network of underground tunnels under the Kremlin. Scientists using equipment inspected the underground part of the Kremlin to the depth of about 100 meters. At the bottom of the cave they found. The moves went deeper. In some parts of the dungeon reveals ancient, quite clever, masonry — wall and some small rooms. Masonry dates back several thousand years. What are they stored? This is probably something deeper is stored. On the territory of Pashkov House or the historic building of the Lenin Library, standing next to the Kremlin, the country was a well with a diameter of 6-7 meters. Pit again the ancient masonry. Bottom of the well is very deep, a stone thrown down, not making a sound when it lands. What is the depth 150-200 meters? Why was it created? To lower down bulky items, or, conversely, to raise loads of dungeons? And maybe for the flight flying machines? This variant is not excluded.

Near the Taganka Square on Taganskaya street was once a group of stones. This place is called the disc. What secret were those stones! They carefully removed from someone's feed and taken to an unknown destination.

In Moscow, Kolomenskoye Park — amazing in its beauty and history of natural landscape park — in a ravine called Votes (modern sound — Voice ravine) are two large rocks that are often people come for healing or just stare at the strange stones. A large impressive stone Devillers (see photo). A block of stone, consisting of separate round boulders. The picture is impressive, but even more impressive method of attachment. Stones held together not a solution, they are fastened by welding! Hard to imagine that people in ancient times the possession of this technology! The second stone — Gus less expressive. Common to both is their position on the slope of the ravine. And perhaps they were thrown "fighters" with paganism. So it turned out. At the top of the ravine found two geo-active zones with positive energy with a diameter of 6 and 10 meters, where once there were stones. It seems that the stones acted as amplifiers of energy. And the residents of nearby settlements (only in Kolomenskoye Park found traces of four settlements, the largest settlement Djakovo ceases to amaze experts archeological findings) come to these places for improvement. I wonder why they knew about the healing properties energozon, and we are not? Only the author discovered in Moscow on 6 energozon, and almost all are in the parks. One zone in the same Kolomna different, it geopathic. Not far from the river bank is circular flat stone with a diameter of about three meters. It marked patterns. Energy volley emissions is very strong, so the area is enclosed by a fence. Neither her down if Ivan the Terrible, by making a few days stopover in Kolomenskoye with its library? Maybe this place is the news channel, where the king received instructions over the burial place of the necessary books? Possibly.

Known in Russia another stone near Pereslavl, Blue-stone, 12-ton stone damn strange structure. Next to them are a few small stones. And there is no doubt that the stone was thrown on top. So it turned out. On the platform at the top, where there is an Orthodox cross, is positive energozona diameter of 8 meters. And nearby is the ancient fort. Stone was on the site for centuries and people get healthy. But here come the "servant" of God and threw stones down. Why Christians health, let Jew praying to Jesus, He can and will help! Surprisingly different — stone responds to the signals of the detector. It seems that the artificial stone, and inside is a metal construction. Similar rocks are found in the Urals, standing singly, often on the tops of mountains.

On the territory of Kiev during excavations in the historical center found the stone platform on the dais and stood around the stone blocks. At this place held public meetings — Veche. Ancient society was truly democratic. On the stone dais were elected representatives of the people, who communicated with the townspeople. In a strange way, this place was destroyed and covered with earth. Once at St. Vladimir's Hill burial were invited to rule the Vikings, but rather the Slavs from the north of Russia birth Vary Yaga. It is known that there are graves of Rurik, Askold and their associates. They were stone-monuments. Probably the famous Kiev "Idol" was on one of those graves. It got rid of the Dnieper. And all traces of graves have disappeared. In the so-called tomb of Askold remains missing. Many burials of Russian princes disappeared. Also disappeared from the St. Sophia Cathedral of the sarcophagus might Yaroslav the Wise. And no wonder, that the disappearance of monuments, and with them the remains of the princes, was and deliberately. God forbid that anyone in our time would have spent the genetic analysis of human remains and found that many of the princes were not related. And Ivan the Terrible, the last prince of the kind of Rurik no kinship with himself Rurik has. Was a constant substitution of princes. Strong and independent princes killed or persecuted. Weak and foolish offspring voluntarily suspend and put their new puppets. Who led this lawlessness — easy to guess.

Classical concepts of the Slavs primitive tribes on the houses of the altars or place sacrificial offerings, and practiced their religious rituals and worship. Total lie! These belong to the Semitic tribes! Unfortunately, these are the official representation in the historical and archaeological sciences. However, many findings refute these ideas. Well, that was not flooded Arkaim. This is a wonderful place to preserve the history of our ancestors. Excavations at the site are continuing and are certain to find new artifacts that shed light on the history of our ancestors. Arkaim is located close to one of its settlement of a similar structure — Sintashta. And in Bashkiria and Chelyabinsk region are more than twenty ancient sites of our ancestors. And everywhere, stones … There are even small analogues of Stonehenge: a circle of large vertical stones. And they are on a powerful geo-active area with positive energy, as well as their counterpart from Britain. Archaeologists have recently stepped up their activities. Therefore, it is hoped that the new findings will add clarity to the history of their ancestors. And while waiting for their turn to study the strange artificial stone blocks, slabs, stairs and land on paved road Seido-Lake on the Kola Peninsula. Whose age exceeds the known man-made monuments of the past several times. Again, there are powerful energozony.

Parking Sunghir under Vladimir 22-23-thousand-year history. The finds in the graves are dazzling. Do the people living there were leather and jewelry, clothing with embroidery, pottery. Probably not all finds are on display in museums. If there is a large cemetery of ancient people, and should be near the village. But someone put a taboo on further excavations. Naturally, not far from the parking lot near the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl found small energozona.

The construction of new buildings in Omsk at a depth of 5-6 meters were discovered stone slabs and blocks of artificial origin. Further excavations and studies have not been conducted. Official information about the findings absent. A relative of the author, who lived before the war in Omsk, told the story. In the courtyard of a private house decided to dig a well. At a depth of five meters stumbled on a stone slab. And not just on the plate — it was a polished marble slab of dark red color with applied gold letters on the surface of an unknown alphabet. Bypass plate failed due to its large size. Invited experts from the museum threw up their hands and walked away. A well dug. But in place of Omsk was once the legendary fortress city Tula. And this story shows not only ignorance of our generation, but also the fear of the new, the unknown.

Zhigulevskogo over mountains sometimes had briefly hronomirazhi: Lada hills appeared fortified town with stone walls and buildings. A ghost town on the letters appeared as an unknown alphabet. The vision disappeared quickly, and residents and tourists looked at each other dumbfounded, what was it? Scientists can not give an explanation. But hronomirazhi just not there. These are our ancestors, prozhivavschie in the fortress city set incomprehensible to us a mechanism that periodically fires and creates a hologram. Incredible! The author suggests that the letters appearing above the city means "Remember us." Zhiguli Mountains and Samara Bend — a fantastic place in Russia. Thousands of tourists flock there every year. Attracted to the beauty of nature, the mystery of the terrain and numerous caves. But most importantly, they do not notice. Bitumen for settlement on the hillside are overgrown and mossy stone man-made slabs and blocks. Lie far away from roads and trails. And no one pays attention to them. But in vain! This is probably the remains of the ancient city, depicted a mirage. Fantastic!

Go back to Moscow. The construction of new buildings in the seventies in the Taganka Square at a depth of 5-6 meters discovered ancient stone buildings of unknown purpose and the specific masonry. Were invited experts who examined the find, took samples of rocks. Surprised. And left without further excavation and research. Official announcements about these artifacts do not. The case was hushed up. No one wanted to break the conventional notions about the classic history of the ancestors of the Slavs. Only one scientist in the lobby said that Moscow is probably much older than we think.

Historical stones found in the territories of many regions and countries, home to the Slavs, give an idea of what the history of the Slavs much harder and more important than the classical representation. There is great hope that in the near future will happen in the history of the Slavs revolution, due to the new findings.

To have a program for the development of modern Russia, it is necessary to know the true history of their country.

AV Denisov

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